2014 F-100 Supernationals Pigeon Forge TN

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f100 supernationals pigeon forgeThe 2014 F-100 Supernationals Pigeon Forge TN is one of the largest Ford F-100 truck shows in the nation and will be held May 15-17, 2014. If you love Ford F-100’s or just classic vehicles, then be sure to check out this incredibly popular Pigeon Forge truck show. There are all sorts of F-100’s from all-originals to completely modified. Also, numerous vendors will be available selling not only F-100 parts, but all sorts of products to use on your own vehicle. The Pigeon Forge F100 Supernationals is one of the few Pigeon Forge car shows that isn’t held somewhere on the parkway in Pigeon Forge, which lightens the traffic and makes it easier to get in and out of the truck show!

When is the Pigeon Forge F100 Supernationals?

The 2014 F-100 Supernationals Pigeon Forge takes place May 15-17. These dates are about as perfect as you can get in Pigeon Forge as they fall just before the summer traffic starts picking up on Memorial Day. The weather is typically excellent and traffic is fairly low making the F100 Supernationals in Pigeon Forge an excellent truck show.

Where is the Pigeon Forge F100 Supernationals located?

The F100 Supernationals Pigeon Forge will be headquartered at the Pigeon Forge City Parking Lot and LeConte Convention Center. We’ve provided a map below to get directions from Google. The Pigeon Forge Municipal Parking Facility is located on Teaster Lane sitting next to The Island in Pigeon Forge (with the huge ferris wheel), which runs parallel to the Pigeon Forge Parkway.

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How do I enter my Ford F-100 in the Pigeon Forge Nationals?

f100 supernationals pigeon forgeIf you plan to participate and register your Ford F-100 in the Pigeon Forge Supernationals, you can visit the links below to get to the official website and entry form for this Pigeon Forge truck show. However, if you just want to cruise your Ford F100 into town and get in the mix without winning prizes and such you can just ride on in. You can cruise the Pigeon Forge parkway or find parking spots along the street to park your ride so others can ooh and awe over it. You’ll find that many people do just this and even place “for sale” signs in their windshields… after all, there are thousands of potential buyers walking by each day!

Official website for the F-100 Supernationals Pigeon Forge:

Official Contact information:
Contact form: http://www.f100supernationals.com/
Office: 423-623-4644
Charlie Cobble: 423-465-5855

Where should I sleep?

The F-100 Supernationals has posted a page for lodging options, which can be seen at the official F-100 Supernationals website at: http://www.f100supernationals.com/lodging.html. We also have a guide on some of the best cabin rental companies in the area as well if you prefer a great place to stay off the parkway in Pigeon Forge.

Does it cost anything to attend as a spectator

If you do not have a vehicle to enter in the F100 Nationals but just want to check out all of the trucks and vendors, the spectator fee is $10 per day and free for kids 12 and under.

How is the traffic?

Believe it or not, the traffic in Pigeon Forge isn’t too bad during the F-100 Supernationals (compared to traffic during the rod runs and Shades of the Past). This event is held on Teaster Lane, which helps show trucks and attendees avoid the Pigeon Forge Parkway. As we mentioned above, having this Pigeon Forge Truck Show in the middle of May is fantastic as the traffic is about as light as it will be until September.

F-100 Supernationals Video of the 2009 Knoxville, TN Show

Final Thoughts

The 2014 F-100 Supernationals in Pigeon Forge TN is one of the largest truck shows to take place in Pigeon Forge, TN all year long. It’s definitely something to witness if you have any interest in Ford F-100’s. Just be sure to plan for travel time, lodging, eating, and weather to make your visit as enjoyable as possible. Also, charge those camera batteries as there are thousands of photo opportunities!

If there is any info that we haven’t covered, let us know in the comment section below. We want this to be the ultimate guide to the 2014 F-100 Supernationals in Pigeon Forge TN as we’ve covered the most asked questions that locals tend to get about this Pigeon Forge truck show! Finally, be sure to check out our Pigeon Forge car shows schedule to see other car shows and rod runs in Pigeon Forge, TN.


  1. Mike says

    So……..Is the show a go or not? I’m reading on links to the show on Google that there was a problem with the sponsoring hotel being foreclosed. The F100 SuperNats site is listing no events. Other are saying it’s on for 16-18 May…….at the foreclosed hotel. Anyone actually know for fact what the story is? Thanks



  2. Tonya says

    I need to know about registration for the F100 Supernationals. We have made plans to attend and bring out 1968 F100. Do we have to pre-register or will we be able to register at the gate?

  3. Pigeon Forge TN Guide says

    Thanks for the tip, Carolyn. It looks like they’ve moved their website to http://www.f100supernationals.com/ and have also changed the location of the show to be back at the Pigeon Forge City Municipal Parking Lot. We’ve updated this guide with the new website and location.


  4. Gene says

    It would be nice to know which vendors are signed up so we can contact them and order parts in advance..
    Year ago they made the show a FORD show with cars and all trucks. Is this now a F-100 show again ??

  5. Carold Bennett says

    Is there going to be a F100 Parade down the main street of town this year? And if so can you give me a time? Thank you Carold Bennett

  6. dave iverson says

    It used to be that the date and location for the following year’s F100 Supernats was given during the current year event. Why does this not happen anymore? Is there an organizational issue? When Pat Ford ran the event it was as smooth as silk but not anymore. The F100 Supernat website is a joke. Anyone else feel frustrated?

    • Jimmy And Betty Dobbins says

      Yes we are having the same problem. Don’t have any idea where it is going to be in 2014.
      Help, if you have any information. I believe we heard that Dennis Carpenter is sponsoring it this
      year. That all we know.

      • Shane Eubanks says

        We’ve been told that the 2014 show will be “headquartered at the Pigeon Forge City Parking Lot and LeConte Convention Center” and provided directions in the article above. The city recently approved the location and date, so hopefully it won’t change.

  7. leroy hayes says

    already made plans for 3 days must know for sure before
    I drive my old 1954 to the event ,all the way from lasalle Ontario Canada ,please reply Leroy hayes

  8. gregg stigleman says

    this will be my first time attending the show have a question maybe someone can answer, do i leave my truck at the show area all weekend or drive it back to hotel every night?

  9. ronnie says

    Do you have a designated sale coral for this event. I mean a place where all vehicles for sale are located, for easy viewing. thanks

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