2015 Fall Grand Rod Run Pigeon Forge TN

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Pigeon Forge Fall Grand Rod RunThe Fall Grand Rod Run in Pigeon Forge, TN is one of the “big 3” car shows that takes place in Pigeon Forge each year….the other two being the Spring Grand Rod Run and Shades of the Past. This Pigeon Forge Fall rod run 2015 is one of the most popular car shows in Pigeon Forge simply because of the cooler weather, lack of summertime visitors, and the slight chance of seeing some fall colors start to show! This Pigeon Forge rod run features thousands of hot rods and muscle cars of a years, makes, models, colors, and sizes. It’s eye-candy for car lovers!

When is the Pigeon Forge Fall Rod Run?

The 2015 Fall Grand Rod Run Pigeon Forge is tentatively scheduled to take place September 16-19. Many participants and visitors to the fall rod run roll into town earlier in the week to “claim” parking spots along the strip and enjoy some of the restaurants and attractions before the majority of the crowd arrives on the weekend. If you have a vehicle you do not want entered into the actual car show, but want to park then we highly suggest arriving early in the week to get a spot on or near the parkway.

Where is this Pigeon Forge Rod Run 2015 located?

The Fall Pigeon Forge Rod Run 2015 will be located at the LeConte Center which offers free parking and an incredible amount of indoor space for vendors, entertainment, etc. If you just want to see cars (and not participate), you can also plan on sitting along the parkway or take a stroll down the sidewalk to see the thousands of vehicles that will be in town. If you want to head to the LeConte Center to see the best show cars, vendors, and entertainment, we’ve provided the address below if you need to put it in a GPS.

The address for the Pigeon Forge LeConte Center is:
2986 Teaster Ln
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863

Here is a map where you can get directions to the Pigeon Forge Fall Rod Run:

How do I enter my hot rod in the Fall Grand Rod Run?

If you plan to enter your vehicle in the Pigeon Forge Fall Grand Run, click the links below to find the official website and registration form for this popular Pigeon Forge car show. Of course, you don’t have to “enter” your vehicle in the actual rod run to be a part of the fun…you can simply cruise the parkway or find parking spots along the street to show off your ride. You’ll find that many people do just this and even place “for sale” signs in their windshields! There are always some incredible vehicles available for purchase.

Official website for the Fall Grand Rod Run:

Where should I sleep?

While staying in one of the numerous hotels and motels in Pigeon Forge is a popular choice, another option is to stay off the parkway in a private cabin and enjoy things like hot tubs, fireplace, multiple rooms, etc. It’s a great option especially when with traveling with other people to split the cost for a great cabin rental! We have a guide on some of the best cabin rental companies in Pigeon Forge to help you pick the perfect place to stay.

A word of advice about lodging:
There are a couple of things to take into consideration when choosing where to stay in Pigeon Forge during a car show:

  1. Choosing lodging along the parkway is definitely convenient to the action, restaurants, attractions, etc. During a rod run weekend, though, it can also be loud. Throughout the wee hours of the morning you can hear engines rumbling, tires squealing, people talking/drinking/partying/etc. If this is your thing, then you’ll love staying just about anywhere along the parkway.
  2. If you prefer a more peaceful stay and don’t mind being slightly further from the action, then there are plenty of options as well from motels to cabins that are available just a short drive away from the parkway…close enough to get to but far enough away to muffle the noise.

There’s not really a right or wrong choice on whether to stay along the parkway or off of it. It just comes down to personal tastes…and actually wanting sleep!

Does it cost anything to attend as a spectator

There has been a $10 fee in the past that gives you access all weekend at the official show location of the LeConte Center. We’ll confirm this as the show gets closer. If you don’t go to the actual “show” at the LeConte Center, it costs absolutely nothing to check out the cars throughout town! Many people setup lawn chairs along the parkway and just watch hot rods cruise by all day and night. Most vehicles park in front of hotels and motels so be sure to walk the parking lots to see everything. There’s a video below that shows a bit of what you can expect to see.

What about food?

Many visitors of the Pigeon Forge Rod Run bring their own food and snacks…especially the repeat visitors, because they know how busy the restaurants can get. If you plan to eat out, either plan to get fast food or try to call ahead to a restaurant to see if their either take reservations or call-ahead seating. Wait times during lunch and dinner at many restaurants throughout the weekend average over an hour. Again, just be prepared.

How is the traffic?

The weekend of the 2015 Pigeon Forge Fall Rod Run (or any Pigeon Forge car show) is not a good time to “be in a hurry”. If you visit Pigeon Forge during a car show weekend, then do not plan to be anywhere at a certain time…unless you’re walking and know how fast you can walk. Seriously. But the scenery is spectacular..so relax and enjoy it!

Pigeon Forge Fall Rod Run Video

Final Thoughts

The Pigeon Forge Fall Grand Rod Run is one of the largest events to take place in Pigeon Forge, TN all year long. It’s definitely something to witness if you have any interest in muscle cars. Just be sure to plan for travel time, lodging, eating, and weather to make your visit as enjoyable as possible.

If there is any info that we haven’t covered, let us know in the comment section below. We want this to be the ultimate guide to the 2015 Fall Grand Rod Run in Pigeon Forge TN as we’ve covered the most asked questions that locals tend to get about this Pigeon Forge car show!


  1. Susan Kelley says

    I’m wondering how bad traffic will be on Sept. 15th the last day of the Rod Run. I trying to plan a vacation and want to drive in with a camper on the 15th.

    • Pigeon Forge TN Guide says


      Traffic is mostly heavy going out of town on Sunday after a car show. After that, the traffic is much lighter and it’s much easier to get into restaurants, attractions, etc. Should be a good time to come in!

  2. brandon,RAT,stephens says

    if any one needs any pinstriping or lettering done let me know i will be at both sring and fall rodrun if u want to set up a apponment call me and we will set one up 404 556 6843

  3. Bob Bruner says

    I see the old Grand motel has been sold to marriott and is being renivated, will the show still be held there?.

    • craig says

      I took a golf cart down last year thinking it would help get around. While I was walking the strip I seen an officer had one pulled over in a motel lot. When he was done harrassing them I asked what the legal stipulations were for having a cart. He pulled out a book and showed me a whole page of rules. Headlights, tailights, horn, seat belts, turn signals,mirror, license plates, ins., stop lights, and a few paragraphs on how to act in one. Basiclly, everything your car has your cart has to have. Since I didnt spend $8,ooo onmy cart, I just left it on the trailer. An electric handicap scooter seems to be the way to go.

  4. Rus says

    I am wanting to buy a ’67 or ’69 Camaro at the rod run. What is the normal method of payment for those selling on the street?

  5. Janie says

    Omg!!!! We had a blast it sure did put a bang to the end of our summer I was down there for Sat. for the Rod Run with my two sons an three of there friends It was soo much Fun!!!!

  6. Dee dee says

    It’s getting out of control. No place to park. Young people are the ones making it to the point that it’s not worth going. The ones with the stacks on their trucks covering people with smoke. James manor just jacked up their prices 20.00 more. So for 2 nights its 550.00… next spring and fall 2014 in heading to a cabin. That’s even if i go. It will be the 1st one missed. Young people are trying to turn it into sturgis.

  7. Carl Pounds says

    Have found a dog that was probably lost at the car show. He is probably Great Dane mix, fairly old, very good boy looking for home. Had a camouflage Band-Aid on his leg. PLEASE contact me if you lost a dog at this car show, or if you know someone who lost him. He wants to find his family!

  8. John evans says

    I plan on bringing my customized all steel 55 Tbird. Beautiful car and I plan on selling it there this fall. Enjoyed the past Rod Runs.

  9. alan strickland says

    if cars are your thing do not miss this show–ben coming since 1990 in my old blue 1949 chevrolet convertible–allways a wonderful time thanks

  10. Kachel Gibson says

    Me an my husband go every year, we love it. …All the Dodges are awesome the Barracuda,the 69 charger, a 70 challenger,but my favorite of all a sassy grass green 70 Dodge Dart…..we LOVE all the car there. …..everyone should go at lease one time in your life

  11. ken says

    What is the sept show date for 2015 so i can make my plans ahead of time to come to the show never been before and look forward to seeing the show and bringing one of our muscelcars.

  12. Don Reynolds says

    I have a ruby red 56 chevy and won 1st place in the tri 5 category at the corvette expo fall car show, I also was in the top 25 at the fall rod run at the lacont center as well as the top 25 at the shades of the past fall show, but I cant find any pictures, could you sugest where I may look?

  13. john wyrick says

    plan on being there day after fall rod run on the 20th. will there still be a lot of classic cars there?

  14. Jackson says

    Avoid Pigeon Forge at all cost during rod run. Traffic does not move and people cant handle their alcohol. Unless u enjoy being shoulder to shoulder…skip rod run dates…should only have it once a year or somewhere else.



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