Pigeon Forge Car Show and Rod Run Schedule 2015

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Pigeon Forge Car ShowsPigeon Forge car shows are among the most popular events in the Smoky Mountains drawing in visitors from all over the world to see incredible hot rods, trucks, classic cars, and other vehicles. The number of cars and people are simply mind-boggling and it’s definitely something to experience…especially if you love cars! The car shows in Pigeon Forge are among the largest cars shows in the United States each year with the biggest being the Spring Grand Rod Run, Shades of the Past, and the Fall Grand Rod Run. There are many more car shows, truck shows, bike rallies, etc in Pigeon Forge but those three are the major Pigeon Forge car shows. Below, we break down various tips and info for attending car shows in Pigeon Forge and also provide a full 2015 Pigeon Forge car show schedule to help you figure out the best time to visit Pigeon Forge, TN!

Pigeon Forge Car Show Traffic

We won’t sugarcoat this…Pigeon Forge car shows bring lots of cars…therefore lots of traffic. Lots of traffic. Locals often refer to it as “gridlock” and visitors who roll into town not knowing a car show was going on end up leaving and saying they will never be back. Simply put, make sure you know the dates of Pigeon Forge car shows! We even provide “traffic alerts” on our Pigeon Forge Calendar of Events to help people plan their visit accordingly. Pigeon Forge rod runs and car shows can be a ton of fun if you just know what to expect and come prepared.


During car shows and rod runs in Pigeon Forge, it’s common to see fold-up chairs lined up and down the parkway with people packed shoulder-to-shoulder with coolers, cameras, and friends. While there are official “locations” of the actual “car shows” (where they judge, award prizes, setup vendors, etc) the majority of visitors just sit on the sidewalks, parking lots, and hotel balconies as all of the action takes place up and down the parkway. Numerous cars park in spots lining the parkway making it easy to walk up and down the sidewalks checking out all of the rides and speaking to their owners. Just remember what your mom use to say when you were a child going into a fancy store…look but don’t touch!

Pigeon Forge Car Show Video

Here is a video that a visitor posted to Youtube of the Spring Grand Rod Run to give you an idea of the cars, people, sidewalks, parking lots, and everything else to expect if you were driving through Pigeon Forge during a car show.

2015 Pigeon Forge Car Show and Rod Run Schedule

Below you will find the list of every “official” car show and rod run in Pigeon Forge for 2015. We say “official” because we only list the ones that we can verify and provide contact information for whether it is a phone number or website. Dates, locations, and even cancellations can change at any moment so be sure to check with the official website/contact before making plans to attend any Pigeon Forge car show or rod run.

Pigeon Forge Car Shows in April 2015

April 17 – 18
Spring Grand Rod Run
Location: LeConte Center
Click for more info

Pigeon Forge Car Shows in May 2015

May 7-9
Yellow Mustang Show
Location: The Inn at Christmas Place
Click for more info

Pigeon Forge Car Shows in June 2015

June 5-7
Pontiacs in Pigeon Forge
Location: Music Road Hotel
Click for more info

Pigeon Forge Car Shows in August 2015

August 29
Great Smoky Mountain Jeep Invasion
Location: LeConte Center
Click for more info

Pigeon Forge Car Shows in September 2015

September 11-12
Shades of the Past Pigeon Forge Car Show
Location: Dollywood’s Splash Country
Click for more info
September 17-19
Grand Fall Rod Run
Location: LeConte Center

Pigeon Forge Car Shows in October 2015

October 17-18
Corvette Expo
Location: Sevierville Convention Center

Final Thoughts about Pigeon Forge Car Shows

If you know of any other cars shows or rod runs in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee that we may have missed then please let us know using the comments section below! Also let us know if you hear about changes or cancellations in any of the above mentioned car shows.

If you plan on visiting Pigeon Forge during a car show, then be sure to check out our ultimate guide of Pigeon Forge coupons to save some money during your visit!


  1. Cheryl says

    This is one of two vacations that my husband and I take because we both have antique cars.I really enjoy the car show and it would be nice if when the antique cars are cruising at night if they could be the only ones cruising on the inside lanes so that when we are sitting in our chairs we could see only antique cars.We could respect those who want to get to there Motels and let them in so they could get to there rooms.We really can`t see them cruise because of all the newer modle cars.That would be great to see them cruise up and down the strip.We have to be careful not let our cars overheat so therefore we have to get off the road because of traffic.

    • Dan says

      I agree totally if people want to look at the cars they need to get out and walk the street or sit in a lawn chair and watch them ride by. You can’t even see the cars that are cruising in the evening because there are so many new cars in the outside lane just riding around.

        • Bethany says

          Absolutely agree, Stacy! Insofar as people saying “all we can see are new cars,” it is true that we do take “new” cars to the run. Some of us love old cars but aren’t lucky enough to own one.

          • Mekeys says

            Also side note. Last year we came down during the fall show, completely unaware it was going on….. Just down there to stay in a cabin and got on the strip by accident. But once we saw all the cars we couldn’t stop to many and no parking spots! But it was amazing to see! We plan on coming back specifically for the car show this time! Point being maybe people are on the strip by accident…..

    • craig says

      I think a lot of the older muscle cars stay parked because of the way the police are. They act like they are on a mission to run the show out of Pigeon Forge.

    • vicki Georgiana says

      I understand your request but, and no offense, how on earth do you suppose the cities of Severville, Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg are going to enforce this…even just a little? It’s totally nuts over there and for miles around! Your just going to have to do the best you can…like every one else! Unless you can manage to get these areas to have an “Antique only” car show once a year! Now that would be a great idea….but having them stick to the right lanes would be impossible…it’s the lane where every one needs to go to turn down another street, turn into a hotel/motel or restaurant or shop or bank….it’s probably the most used lane on the entire street! And this is no matter what kind of cars are driving along the main road….plus you also have spectators that drive the same rads just to see cars as well! You could always walk or stand up for a while! Or maybe have special flags on the antique cars so those who are most interested will get a chance to see them better if they see the flag and know the cars are approaching! The problem is, is that it always ends up as an unorganized traffic mess and not enough room. Don’t know if you have ever gone the back streets in these three cities but they are dumps! Oh there are a few motels but they are not nice as well! These back streets give the place a bad name. These areas need to be cleaned up with new hotels/motels so that there can be more room and rooms! Plus a large area where these cars can be in one or several places instead of driving aimlessly around. Then there is the prostitution problem!! The one they don’t like to talk about…these “working people” are another traffic problem in addition to the legal problems they cause! They solicit on the busy streets and that holds up traffic something awful! And many are minors!!! A few years ago I read an article where they were trying to figure out a solution to these problems but so far they have done nothing! Nether were even trying to discourage a lot of these car shows and if you look at their schedule, there are a lot less than there use to be!

  2. Joel Wates says

    I grew up during the muscle car era when they were new. Always liked the sound of dual exhaust on a v-8 engine, be it small block or big block. My wife and I spent the entire week of shades of the past rod run in pigeon forge. luckily we have a time share there. Really enjoy walking both sides of main st. (Hwy 441), taking pictures and talking with car owners. So much to see. The Care taking on restoration is remarkable.
    A lawn chair placed along main st ( Hwy 441) permits a opportunity to listen to those v-8s. Late evening and at night is the best time to use the chair. I Don’t mine the heavy traffic, just love being there. Good luck everyone. See you in September!!

  3. Debra says

    I am wanting to take my mom out for her birthday, and have a good time my dad just passd away and she needs her own time now! how much am I looking at for you condo?

  4. Isaiah Kinsey Jr says

    My wife and I with another couple was down there from Cincinnati on 9/6/12 through 9/9/12 this was our 3rd time and we love the time we had the people are so very freandly and in one or two years my wife an I are going to fix up a car or truck and bring it down and join in with other car owners as people look at what we put a lot of work into.
    Its so nice to get away from time to time to do something you realy like.

  5. KRISTY says


  6. Judy says

    I have a nice condo, ground floor, at Mountain View. This is close to the Titanic. You can
    walk to all events. 2 bedroom( King beds) 2 bath, queen sleeper sofa. If interested contact
    me or Sunset Cottages-800-211-4599 to book property. Unit is 5102. Great rates.
    You can view condo on the Sunset Cottaages website.

  7. Scott says

    Used to drive one of my old cars down during the Spring & Fall show weekends, but gas prices have put a halt to that in the past few years. Driving from Indiana costs enough in a car that gets good gas mileage let alone something that gets 13-16 mpg.

  8. don small says

    I would like to know if the 55,56,and 57 car show that is usually in may around the 16,17 and 18th of may is going to be there. it was at the new Christmas hotel last year. I would appreciate if some one could email me and let me know what is happening. it was not on the car shows for 2013.we have been coming down for the past 6 years to see it. please let me know

  9. Bill says

    For about 10 yrs. straight I attended the rod run in pigeon forge ,tenn. to only see the motel rates grow higher and higher, They will keep this up until people get enough and stop coming, like the bristol race track, prices out of sight, along with messing up the track now fewer attend. Yes the way it was a few years ago, folks would park their new cars and watch the rods and classics. That is what we need back and more support from the police instead of harassement.

  10. Bob says

    it would be great if people wrote letters/e mails to the ten governor.the city mayor..yes the police ruin so much.i have stayed at the smokey showdows many times.i saw the police stop many for some unknown reasons.and I also saw police come up and throw lawn chairs off the edge of the parking lot.the people had been sitting their, and went to get something to eat.i stopped staying at the hotels because of such high prices.and Fuel driving from the ft knox area..

    • Bob says

      I stayed at the smokey shadows as well.many years.plus I brought my t bucket……no more.the cops..the prices.at a fixed income.(.retirement) just priced me and a few friends out of the car shows at pigeon forge..so now instead of the big bucks… the cops harassing & being so awful to car drivers & owners. …a few of us go to sommerset ky..and have as much fun..lots and lots of cars…Bob

  11. Kimberly Taylor says

    Will really miss the Sept. show in Pigeon Forge this year. My husband and I have been coming there for about 20 yrs..and now the past 5 my son loves to come but he starts kindergarten the week before. We are all sad to not be able to come. Have a great time everyone it’s a great family place. We will miss you. See you in 12 years.

  12. jerri says

    I am so glad I get to be in the area while these car shows and special events, and other fun n exciting things, go on. Mom and dad were always up here for the rod runs, bringing a few of the old cars he had and now that my kids are grown I get to see all the things they loved about pigeon forge, Gatlinburg, and Sevierville.

  13. Jason Baldwin says

    I made the mistake of going to the mountains during one of these car shows. NIGHTMARE. That is the only word to describe it. Never in my life seen a traffic jam like that. Never.

    • Dave says

      I agree Jason. The car shows are ruining the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge experience. If you vacation there during a car show, your entire time will be spent in your vehicle in traffic.

  14. Keith Gallagher says

    Driving up from Louisiana. Looking to spend two nights in pigeon Forge (10-16, 10-17) My wife and I, no pets, no smoking…just some quiet time

  15. Mike says

    Coming down to Shades with 2 other couples in our Classics, Coming from Ontario, Canada, looking forward to this show. Hope other Canadians come also.

  16. Teresa says

    I need a place to park a trailer with a 1971 Camaro for Spring Rod Run April 9-13
    I have a condo unit at Cedar Lodge, but they dont allow trailer parking on their lot.
    Any ideas???

  17. Mike Allen says

    My wife and I have been coming to the Fall Grand Run for at least 15 years, now we come to the spring show, fall show we have 2 other couples that come with us. If you enjoy cars it’s one of the things you have to do. GREAT Fun and people in Forge Forge and Gatlinberg are examples to live by.
    The only thing I would like the see corrected is Get the smoking diesel’s under control they have over powered the night cruise, let only cruising cars in far right lane and let the traffic flow to and from Gatlingberg, Center and left lanes for traffic moving though. This could easily be done,

  18. jim arrick says

    I cant wait we stummble on this meet. This will be our 2 time.. .the most friendlest people I ever met. And the cars are the best

  19. Mustang Sally says

    Why can’t you specify a time from like 8p to 11p for just the old cars to cruise the strip? Locals can use back roads and if you are trying to get to your hotel then use the inside lane until your turn comes up? We have been coming for several years and it keeps getting worse you can’t even enjoy yourself anymore! It’s a shame to have such gorgeous older cars and not be able to show them off for those of us that make a special trip here every year just to see them.

  20. Travis says

    I have been twice. The first time I went I took my diesel truck and cruised around. It does not throw heavy black smoke since it’s stock, but I had a dozen ask me to do it. I had one guy come up to the truck and wanted me to smoke his face (yes…stick his face at the pipe) and his wife would show her breast.

    The police were inconsistent in enforcement. We were stopped and told no one in the back could sit in the chairs yet there were dozens all around us sitting in chairs. We saw the same thing this year (2014) as well but they seemed more interested in those sitting on truck bed wheel wells.

    No revving your engines. No getting on it a little when the traffic opens up in front of you. No burnouts which is understandable to an extent.

    Nothing ever gets said to pedestrians jay walking which causes more issues than burn outs with traffic.

    Traffic was much worse this year than the previous time.

    Very little muscle cars were participating in any of the cruise. There were some more newer model muscle (mustangs, camaros) were out there but it was just to idle down the strip. If you did any more you got “polcified”.

  21. CONNIE says

    We couldn’t cruise because our car was getting hot because of all the traffic that was up and down the parkway, having a car with big motor on a hot day doesn’t go very far. I didn’t see many of the older muscle cars at all even trying to go out into the traffic only newer models were able to do this. but the car show was a great show.

  22. David Williams says

    Thank you for posting when the car shows are so we know when NOT to come. We love the car shows and the people that run them but the city of Pigeon Forge is so mismanaged on crowd control on the main drag. . We spend at least 4 weekends and usually a full week in the Smokies but always strive to miss the times of the car shows.. Surely someone has some smart ideas to fix the problems. If you cant get to a restaurant you cant spend your money at it so it cant be good for business.

  23. Edith says

    My husband and some friends of our go every year to the Rod Run. I just wish they would control all of the kids in the jacked up trucks from continually driving around and around thru the traffic. You can’t see the cars for the black smoke from the trucks.

  24. Michelle says

    Need to advertise this on Gatlinburg also. We did not know the car show was going on. Like lots of others we will never come back. Looks more like a used car lot than a tourist attraction.

  25. John Wofford says

    We love Pigeon Forge for our vacations but we found out the hard way about the traffic during a car show. We went to Pigeon Forge to go to a couple of shows and just chill out for a while not knowing there was a car show. Needless to say the traffic was terrible. we were going to a show that we missed because of the traffic. It took us almost three hours to travel six miles. I know that the car show brings in a lot of traffic and money for Pigeon Forge but since we had that terrible time we always check to see when the car shows are because we won’t go back to Pigeon Forge during a car show EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!

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