Dollywood Coupons and Discount Tickets 2015

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dollywood couponsWithin this 2015 ultimate guide of Dollywood coupons and Dollywood discount tickets for Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, TN you’ll discover just about every possible way to save money on admission, food, and more. If you’ve seen our Dollywood Ultimate Guide showcasing all of the new shows, festivals, schedule, hours, etc then you’re going to love this! Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, TN is a fantastic place to have fun with family, friends, co-workers, etc. As a major theme park, it can also get expensive with the cost of admission, food, souvenirs, etc. Locals get asked all the time how to find Dollywood coupons, Dollywood discount tickets, or even discounts on parking, souvenirs, food, etc. While discounts or coupons for Dollywood seem hard to come by, there are definitely ways to save money if you plan to visit Dollywood on your next trip to Pigeon Forge, TN.

This guide is broken into sections for official Dollywood coupons, discounts offered by others, and information about vacation packages where you can save money on discount Dollywood tickets when purchasing along with various lodging in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, TN. You’ll discover just about every “legitimate” way to save money at Dollywood through this guide!

Skip the Lines and get Dollywood Tickets Online!

One of the first things you’ll see when you arrive to the front gates of Dollywood is long lines at the ticket offices. Waiting in these lines can eat up a large chunk of time and will save you no money at all. Our first and biggest suggestion is to purchase your tickets online now and SKIP those lines when you arrive! You can easily purchase Dollywood tickets online in the link below and the BEST part about purchasing tickets from this link is you can cancel your tickets for a FULL REFUND if you are unable to go to Dollywood for any reason! The tickets can be printed immediately, so you can use them right away or you can have them mailed to you. It’s the best, easiest, and completely stress-free way to purchase Dollywood tickets from anywhere. Grab these fantastic Dollywood tickets by clicking below!

Click here to buy Dollywood tickets online:
dollywood discount tickets 2015

Dollywood Vacation Packages

There are some fantastic deals available for discount Dollywood vacation packages that have numerous hotels in Pigeon Forge to choose from. This can be a great way to save money on lodging when you bundle your reservation with Dollywood tickets. Or you can bundle Dixie Stampede tickets together as well. Check out the options in the link below!

Click here to view the discount Dollywood vacation packages

Pigeon Forge McDonald’s offers $5 Off Dollywood Admissions

The best Dollywood coupon is offered by McDonald’s as many of their locations have a $5 off “coupon” for Dollywood when purchasing tickets at Dollywood’s front gate. They have them available during the summer months (usually June-August). The $5 off coupon is on their large cups and is good for 4 adult admissions to either Dollywood OR Splash Country and cannot be combined with any other offer. Below is a picture of the cup showing the 2015 Dollywood coupon they have available. Some McDonald’s restaurants near Pigeon Forge offer the coupon on a cup and others have it on their bags, so be sure to ask how to get it before ordering as each restaurant may be different.

TIP: The cheapest ways to get a large drink is to purchase their $1 large sweet tea! Remember, you only need 1 cup to get the Dollywood discount for up to four people.

UPDATE: The McDonalds on the Parkway in Pigeon Forge is completely out of Dollywood coupon cups and bags and claims to not be getting more in this summer, but we spoke with other McDonald’s locations near Pigeon Forge who still had some available, so our suggestion is to check with McDonald’s restaurants near you and specifically ask for the Dollywood coupon cup or bag. We’ve heard of McDonalds as far away as Virginia having them available!

dollywood coupon 2015 mcdonalds cup

Official Dollywood Coupons 2015 and Discount Tickets

Dollywood special offers page
The very first place that is suggested to check out is Dollywood’s official “special offers” page. All of the “official” discounts offered by Dollywood are available at the following link. So be sure to check it out first as it may have the discounts for Dollywood in Pigeon Forge that you’re looking for.

Dollywood’s Vacation packages
On Dollywood’s special offers page is a link for vacation packages. There are various packages available to book lodging and get discount tickets for Dollywood as well.

Military Discounts for Dollywood
Active or retired military, disabled veterans, and military reservists, spouses and dependents can show a military or dependant ID and receive 30% admission at the front gates. Be sure to check out the link below to get more info on this Dollywood military discount.

Click here to learn more about Dollywood’s military discount.

Dollywood Season Pass
If you plan to visit Dollywood more than once per year then definitely check into getting a season pass as it is cheaper than the cost of 2 daily admissions. Also, the season pass for dollywood has numerous benefits such as:

For a complete list of benefits for the Dollywood season pass, click here.
The view prices, purchase or renew Dollywood season passes, click here.

Dollywood Group Discounts
Dollywood offers discounted admission for groups of 15 or more people. They also offer specials for:

  • School/Field Trip Groups
  • Company Outings/Picnics
  • Tour & Travel Groups

For information about group discounts for Dollywood, visit:

Other Specials Offered by Dollywood
Each year, Dollywood typically has a special offer if you enter the park after 3pm you can get in free the following day during the regular season. During the Christmas festival at Dollywood, this special moves to after 6pm.

Save Money on Dollywood Parking

If you drive to Dollywood and park in their parking lot, they charge a fee of about $10 for most vehicles and $15 for oversized vehicles. It’s a massive parking lot and they offer a shuttle to pick you up and take you to the front entrance. The parking fee is waved if you own a Dollywood Gold Season Pass, so there’s another perk of buying a season pass.

There is, however, a much cheaper way to get to the Dollywood front entrance. The Pigeon Forge Trolley picks up and drops off right at the front of Dollywood about 50 feet from the ticket booths. The best tip is to park at the Patriot Park trolley station, get on the Dollywood trolley for 50 cents per passenger (babies/toddlers that ride in laps are free) and you’ll be at the front of Dollywood in just a couple of minutes! It sure beats the $8 parking fee and the lines for the Pigeon Forge trolley are typically much shorter than the lines for the shuttles when the park closes. Great tip!

Dollywood Coupons and Discounts Offered by Others

AAA Discount Dollywood Tickets
AAA members can purchase discount Dollywood passes for around $4 off on the official AAA website at Example AAA prices can be seen by clicking here.

Dollywood Restaurant Coupons
Sometimes, local coupon books offer coupons for a couple of Dollywood’s most popular restaurants: Red’s Diner and Aunt Granny’s. Red’s Diner is a ’50s style diner complete with burgers, fries, shakes, etc. The coupon often offered is to buy one burger, fries, and drink and get another burger, fries, and drink free! Aunt Granny’s offers “southern-style home cookin'” and the coupon is usually to buy one adult buffet and receive a second one for free. However, at the time of this writing, those coupons are currently not available and usually appear closer to the spring when the park open. When you arrive in Pigeon Forge, be on the lookout for Pigeon Forge coupon books and vacation guides. They often have various coupons for Dollywood restaurants and games as well!

Lodging with Dollywood Discount Tickets

Various Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge lodging options offer discount Dollywood tickets for their guests. There are quite a few lodging providers that offer these discounts, so be sure to ask when you call to book a reservation somewhere. Below are a few examples of the available discount tickets for Dollywood offered by Pigeon Forge lodging companies.

(We are not affiliated with any of these Pigeon Forge cabin companies and lodging providers, so this is purely informational and not an endorsement)

Carr’s Northside Cottages & Gatlinburg Motel
Carr’s Cottages offers a two days for the price of one admission discount for Dollywood for their guests. Guests can purchase the discount tickets at the front desk. For more information and restrictions, visit their website at:

Brother’s Cove
Brother’s Cove Cabin Rentals is located just outside of Pigeon Forge and they offer basically the same Dollywood discount tickets as other lodging providers:

Ask When Making Reservations
The bottom line is that there are numerous lodging options in Pigeon Forge that offer discounts for Dollywood. Just ask when you are making reservations to find out if your lodging option has any special offers or discounted tickets for Dollywood.

Dollywood has a page on their website that lists all of the lodging partners in the area that offer discount Dollywood tickets which you can view by clicking here.

Anything We Missed?

We’ve covered just about every option for Dollywood coupons and discount tickets in this guide. However, since we are locals and don’t get out of town much we may have missed something! If you know of other Dollywood coupons or discounts that should belong on this list then please share it in the comments section below! We also have a Dollywood Ultimate Guide with the schedule and more tips and an ultimate guide of Splash Country coupons available with all sorts of ways to save money at Dollywood’s Splash Country water park in Pigeon Forge, TN. Finally, be sure to check out our ultimate guide of Pigeon Forge coupons for more deals on Pigeon Forge restaurants, lodging, attractions and more! Our goal is for you to have the best time in Pigeon Forge and save as much money as possible!


  1. Yolande Pace says

    we loved pigeon forge so much on the numerous visits we’ve made that we decided to retire early and move to Wears Valley to live and raise our granddaughter. Hayleigh loves Dollywood and asked us if we could buy it so she could live there all the time….she’s 3 yr old. Ha!

    • Pigeon Forge TN Guide says

      haha! Oh the minds of 3 year olds. :) I’m sure she’s THRILLED to be moving with you to the area! Lots of great memories are in store for you all. :)

  2. Missy says

    Buy the refillable drink mugs. This year they have 2 mugs for $19.99 ( you get 20% off this price with a gold pass) and you get $.99 refills all season.

    • JABrooks says

      Actually that is not really a deal. Two mugs won’t hold as much as one large drink will. It’s a good marketing scam on their behalf though. Most never catch it. Figure in the cost of the mug plus the refill and you’re having to deal with carrying around a mug all day for no reason. Just get a 44oz, tell them to only fill the cup a ¼ the way up with ice and you have 4 mugs worth of drink. The best thing to do is eat in one of the places that let you get your own drink. Eat a piece of pizza, drink yourself silly and you’re good for hours. Just to see what they would do I walked into one of those places once and started filling up a cup from earlier. One guy working there said that I wasn’t allowed to do that. Without stopping I looked at him and said “stop or I’ll say stop again” then I chugged half of it and filled it back up before walking out. As far as I’m concerned they should have put some coke in that cup of ice when I bought the drink to begin with. A 20oz cup full of round ice will only hold about 8oz of coke. That is the scam everyone should be aware of.

      • mwrnkls says

        It’s a great deal if you go multiple times a year. If you’re only gonna go once, then it probably isn’t as good of a deal.

    • Geckomac says

      I get mugs each season; it is a great bargain for those who go more than once.However, the past couple of years, I’d rather just get the free ice water. Don’t have to carry around the cup and water refreshes better (and better for you) than other drinks. Free cups of ice water are available through out the park at multiple concessions and restaurants. Don’t pay for bottled water – the ice water at Dollywood tastes great, plus you have ice to crunch on!

      When we do get the season drink cups filled, we ask for no ice, since they will give free cups of ice along with the drink refill. Then we share the drink. (Can get a discounted refill for lemonade and other drinks, not just colas.)

  3. el harrison says

    my local grocery store have a card that you must sign up to get their discounts. do the local stores in Pigeon forge follow this same practice and if so, do you have any links so I can sign up before my visit?

    • Pigeon Forge TN Guide says

      You mean like a loyalty card? As far as attractions and shows, we’re not aware of any that offer that. It would be a good idea though!

      • D. Allred says

        Yes, Food City has a loyalty card for grocery discounts plus you earn points to get a discount off their gas if they have a gas station connected to their grocery store. The one in Gatlinburg does.

        • joe says

          If you get a card from any food city, it will work in all food city’s in Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee. The pigeon forge food city is the only one in the area that doesnt have a gas station attached.

    • el harrison says

      food city? does anyone have a link? maybe I can sign up prior to our visit
      thanks for all comments:)

    • LRamsey says

      Kroger also has a discount card and less expensive than food city! It is in Sevierville on 66, coming in off of the interstate (will be on your right about 4-5 miles)

  4. Caren says

    Can the $5 off McDonal’s discount be used at the Splash Country park too? Or is it just redeemable at the main Dollywood theme park?

      • Geckomac says

        Knoxville/Pigeon Forge – Sevier County Wendy’s large drinks used to have a $5 discount coupon for use at Splash Country – but that was several years ago. If you’re are planning on going, call D’Splash and ask. if Wendy’s is still running that promo. (One cup/coupon was good for 4 people). BTW, Food City is still running “Bring a Friend for Free” pass with purchase of a season pass, Pass is good 4-23-13 – 6-20-14. Check out their (Food City) Facebook page and here : for more info. Pass cost is the same promo price currently running on Dollywood site, but you don’t get free friend pass on Dollywood . com.

        • Cynthia says

          The prices are actually higher than the Dollywood website. A Dollywood ticket is $58 for adults for one day and $46 for a child for one day. The prices on the Food City link were significantly higher.

          • Pigeon Forge TN Guide says

            Cynthia, looks like Food City’s prices are for season passes….it does look confusing because they don’t clearly say that anywhere on that page.

  5. emma herman says

    i wish there was more things at the dollywood park for older people.i used to injoy the train ride when they had a holdup and things to see.that was something older people got a kick out of.the shows in the park are the same for years .people that go down there year after year know them by please get new material for seniors. thanks

  6. Prudence says

    I too wish for discount tickets for those of us, especially seniors, that are not interested in the rides. I have never been inside Dollywood, for just that reason. I am sure they would make up the difference with us getting “things” and eating. Thank you for letting me post my feelings.

  7. Penny says

    My husband and I made our first trip to PF in May of 2012. We were not going to go to Dollywood because we don’t ride the rides and at over $50 per person, that was quite a chunk of money. BUT, we had our pictures taken by a professional photographer while we were there and the mother-in-law came along on the shoot and she had complimentary tickets for the both of us because she worked at Dollywood. AND they told us to park at Patroit Park and take the trolley and for 50 cents each it would take us right to the entrance of Dollywood and we wouldn’t have to walk the parking lot. So that is what we did. Oh, and they told us if we went after 3:00, we could go back the next day for free..did that, too, and good thing because it started to rain at 5:00 and the bald eagle show we wanted to see was we went back the next morning to see it. I too, wish there was some way to discount the price for those not wanting to ride the rides. Unless we had a discount or another complimentary ticket, I don’t think we will go back to Dollywood, but we do plan to visit PF again real maybe in the fall!

  8. KETTERMN says

    Don’t forget the great discounts you get at Dollywood for Military families.It is for both active and retired.We go every year and take our kids.We are older and do not ride rides either but our children do.You can even save on season passes if you are military.

  9. William Copher says

    I am handicapped and in a wheel chair. I enjoy taking my 12 y/o daughter to Dollywood because she enjoys the rides. It is really expensive for me though to pay full price when I can’t enjoy any of the attractions with my daughter. Is there a discount for the handicapped.

    • c rath says

      i would like to thank the people of dollywood the could not br friendlier.i am disabled in wheel chair when my family went to different shows they would acomidate us with out question.we would like to go again but money is tight.if you ever have coupons please email me so i can make plans thanks

  10. Fielder Family says

    We celebrated Thanksgiving at Pigeon Force. Very nice view from our balcony at Sunrise Ridge Resort. Lots of things to do. beautiful city. Definitely will go back.

    • JABrooks says

      Sunrise Ridge is a running joke among locals because it is right beside the city dump/landfill. The smell that permeates everything is not fresh mulch like the salesman there tell everyone, it’s rotten garbage. Just be glad you weren’t there in the summer. The smell alone could make a billygoat puke.

  11. Par says

    Hi, I wish Dollywood would include family dinner or meal tickets with purchase, its hard to feed 4 at the park even with the discounts. Have they thought about selling dinner bands with season passes. I have been to parks that sell the ticket band for half of the ticket price. just a thought.

  12. Patricia Crain says

    I have been through all of the Dollywood things on my computer,however I never saw anything about The Kingdom Heirs or the gospel singing that we go to ever year,so I wonder are they not going to have these things this year or did miss something?

  13. joicehonaker says

    my husband and i also enjoy going to dollywood but they have forgot the seniors the shows never change we have been buying season passses for about 12 years at food city but are thinking of not reuping thinking of buesh gardens i can/t ride most of the rides i enjoy the shows we realy enjoyed pam tillis and jeanie shepherd show if anybody gets a chance to see pam tillis you will love it she puts on a great show and cares about her fans .

    • Pigeon Forge TN Guide says

      Hi Serena, It looks like Dollywood changed their links so thank you for notifying us! We’ve fixed the links in the article and all should be working now. :)

  14. Nancy says

    We have Silver Dollar City Season Passes from Branson. I know we can get our tickets half price, but do we get anymore perks with these tickets. We also have cups from SDC can they be used at Dollywood?

  15. Lauren says

    Will Dollywood let you use Military discount on the Summer fun passes? Also, is there a promo that I could get to use on a cabin?

  16. Liz says

    I’m planning to visit Gatlinburg for the first time with my husband and 3 children all under 10 years old. All i know is what i’ve seen on line and it seems that Dollywood is the main attraction but after reading all these comments i’m not sure if i want to take my kids because the rides might not be appropriate for their age. I don’t want to spend alot of money if we won’t be able to get on the rides. What do you suggest or recommend?

    • Pigeon Forge TN Guide says

      Hi Liz,

      I’ll put it this way…my 5 year old son has been to Dollywood and Disney World and so I recently asked him, “where would you rather go between those 2?” and his reply was Dollywood! haha I wasn’t expecting that and I doubt that’s “normal” but it at least gives you an idea that kids love Dollywood. :)

      We also just posted this question on our facebook page as well to help you get some more answers so be sure to stay tuned to what people suggest!

  17. Martha Ottinger says

    Please change the shows. We have been season cardholders for 20 years and very rarely are there any changes in shows. You have great entertainers and we feel sure something new could be done from year to year. We truly love Christmas at Dollywood but we almost know all the character dialogs before they speak. Many of your cardholders probably feel the same way. Please Listen We Care!!

    • Earlene n ky says

      Yes my friend and I are also getting really tired of seeing the same old shows year after year after year Please pull some new tricks out of Dolly’s bag and change it for us old folks don’t forget we’re the ones with the old age checks thanks old Duddy on ky

  18. jules says

    I’ve lost my dependant id for the military discount. Will my husbands dd214 work for this discount as well or does it have to be his I.D.?

  19. Michelle says

    Can you purchase the stay and play deal from one of the listed properties without staying on their property? We would like to stay at wilderness of smokies but still get 2nd day free at Dollywood. Thanks!

  20. melissa says

    I seen where you offer discounts to military personal. I really wish that you offered the same discount to emergency responders/ firefighters. My husband and my self are both. We receive discounts from different places with our id’s. Wish that you would maybe consider this.

  21. Sherman says

    What is there to do for a couple 60+ year olds the week of 8/18 that have little interest in rides? Are there still shows being performed? I’m trying to justify the expense. Please help.
    Thank you,

  22. Gretchen Woolf says

    We rented a cabin in Wears Valley with friends for Christmas. We have two year old twins (boy & girl) we adopted and want them to have a really neat Christmas this year. Hopefully maybe some snow! We live in Texas. We would like to visit Dollywood while we are there and wanted to know what would be fun for them there and anything else in that area. Any suggestions?

  23. teena says

    my family of four is going to Dollywood this weekend.If I buy the mcdonald’s cup do we all get the $5 dollar discount?Or do we need to buy 4 drinks?

  24. Doris says

    I too think they should offer discounts for seniors. We take our 2 grandchildren but we do not ride any rides. They need to change their shows. They have been the same for years. Therefore, we (grandparents) buy a season pass just to sit while the grandchildren ride. We also do not eat there because the food and drinks are so expensive. Holiday World in Indiana offers free drinks. We are thinking of not renewing our season passes this year.

  25. teresa kinner says

    I was wondering why that you do have discount for seniors and those on disabilities. We would love to come back there but we are on a fixed income now and we can’t ride the rides anymore, but we would love to come for the entertainment and the shops. So we older folks we love a little discount too…
    Just a thought!!!!

  26. Darkflowery says

    Make sure to ask your hotel front desk clerks if they are any good they know all the best deals and some hotels sell discounted tickets to dollywood and splash country, last year the Super 8 I stayed at offered 2 full day tickets for the price of 1 day so you didnt have to wait til 3pm and also a 3 day pass for either park that you had 7 days to use…

  27. Angela Shifflett says

    Our family of 3 comes on Memorial day weekend usually the 24-27th and its the only time we can visit Tenn. so we are members of AARP and come every year, we can’t get discounts cups from Wendy’s because they don,t come out til June or July we always go to Dollywood Splash park and enjoy it, but was wondering why there isn’t discounts available for the memorial day Weekend we already have our room reserved and was wondering is there any discount tickets or any way for a discount to your park., My sister and her family are visiting that weekend as well it will be there first time to Dollywood Splashpark. Thank you and I hope you will consider discounts for that weekend.

  28. Mary grow says

    I don’t believe seniors go to any other amusement parks because of all the complaint I read that Dolly’s senior discount needs to be better. I am 70 when I take my grand kids to busch gardens ,kings dominion, disney world ,sea world I get no discount. Mary

  29. BRIAN says


  30. Lynnette Whitehead says

    I purchased four Season Passes for Dollywood for my family ths year but because of unforseen financial issues we have not been able to use them.. So I was wondering if it is possible for me to get a refund for the unused passes.

    • Pigeon Forge TN Guide says

      You may be able to get a refund if you never used the passes…not even once. You’ll have to contact their customer service at (800) DOLLYWOOD and explain your situation.

  31. Jennifer says

    Are there any discounts for retired fireman and police to get into Dollywood? We are going next month family of 4 and I am having a hard time finding ANY discount tickets to Dollywood.

    Thanks for any help you can provide me. . .



  33. Gail says

    Thought about taking my grandkids to Dollywood but decided that without a senior discount for those of us wno would not be doing the amusement rides that it was too expensive for us on a fixed income.

  34. Dale says

    Is there any discounts to Dollywood? AAA doesn’t sell them online anymore. Only way to get them is to get at there office in TN. We are passing through when offices are closed. Any suggestions. Going in May

  35. JPruitt says

    I’m always very puzzled at the comments of how expensive Dollywood is. We are a very frugal family, as in we literally save a year and even collect our change to pay for next year’s vacation, assuming we’re blessed enough to afford that. But I just purchased season passes for myself and my husband and, thanks to my 3 year old being free, it’s about the same price for my family as ONE day at Disney! For a whole year! A season pass is about the same price as a day and half’s admission. If you’re going two days or more that’s a no brainer. Three year olds are charged admission at Disney World and the daily admission to Universal is even higher. So I feel that Dollywood is a much better bargain that other big parks. If you don’t like what DW has to offer then that’s a separate issue than the entrance fee. I also purchased the refillable mug ($12 for Gold Pass) because no matter how you slice it my husband is going to drink it’s worth times over. I drink water, we are using the Gold Pass discount for what food we do have to buy in the park, and we don’t buy souvenirs or over priced things of that nature. We did spring for the Gold Pass for the free parking, which pays for itself in 4 days, because, although it saves you money and walking, we don’t care for waiting on the trolley every single time we go, twice a trip, for a year. The Gold Pass also gets you discounts, albeit nominal, to places like Stone Mountain, aquariums, GSMR, etc. The best part was the new Easy2Play payment plan, where our total charge is stretched over 6 equal monthly payments, with no fees or interest. It’s the most affordable vacation we’ve ever planned (aside from mooching off the in-laws at the beach)!

  36. Ludo says

    A lot of talk about drink cups. My stepson and his girl friend bought season mugs, and for them that was good as they drink a lot of sodas. But did you know that any vendor that sells drinks also has water on tap. And if you ask any of these, Dollywood will GIVE you free ice water (or without ice, as it is very cold form tap). This is due to their insurance, and keeping people from passing out due to dehydration. Great when you have the four grand kids that only want to drink between rides, and just sip and go (no wasting rest of drink, just water the flowers with it, ha ha).

  37. Susan Thomas says

    So very disappointed you don’t offer any discounts to WWII Veterans. Very sad that everyone else recognizes their military contribution to our American freedom, but Dollywood does not. Dollywood needs to re-evaluate their discount programs.

    • P. Stubbs says

      If you look on their website they do offer military discounts, for active and retired so you should be able to get a discount being a WWII veteran

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