Pigeon Forge Fire Info, Photos, Map, and Video

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pigeon forge cabins fireA massive fire in Pigeon Forge, TN quickly spread due to dry weather and windy conditions on March 17, 2013. The Pigeon Forge fire was located roughly 3 miles away from the parkway in Pigeon Forge around Black Bear Cub Way off Lost Branch Road, near Wears Valley Road and engulfed cabins in Black Bear Ridge Resort and Trappers Ridge. The latest reports say that 59 homes were destroyed, 6 homes damaged, and 1 vehicle destroyed along with around 200 acres burned in Black Bear Ridge Resort.

This fire is one of the largest (if not the largest) fire ever recorded in Sevier County and Pigeon Forge was on high alert as winds picked up.

Authorities were advising everyone to stay away from Wears Valley Road as emergency personell used it heavily until the Pigeon Forge fire was contained.

Below are the major updates that took place for a look at how it all unfolded.

UPDATE: Monday, March 18 9:45am – Black Hawk helicopters have been flown in to assist in fighting the fire. Firefighters are being rotated out to provide rest and nourishment. Numerous fire departments from surrounding counties are assisting. No injuries have been reported as of this morning. Heavy rain is in the forecast beginning around 1pm. This fire is not at nor near Dollywood as various news stations have reported. There was a separate fire at Dollywood the night before this one began, but that fire was contained and much smaller as an estimated 10 acres burned.

fire in pigeon forge tnUPDATE: Monday, March 18 10:28am – Local news WVLT’s Sharee Gilbert posted this photo from a helicopter this morning showing the latest conditions…numerous cabins destroyed, still smoking, but much less flames! The firefighters, volunteers, and everyone involved have been doing an amazing job. With rain heading in soon, we’re hopeful this fire in Pigeon Forge, TN is breathing its last breath!

UPDATE: Monday, March 18 12:17pm – Black Hawk helicopters are scooping water from The Sevierville Golf Club next to Wilderness at the Smokies Resort to fight the fires in Pigeon Forge, TN. WBIR out of Knoxville is reporting new estimates of 65 structures destroyed and 160 acres burned. Rain is VERY close and should provide relief very soon!

pigeon forge fire cabin rental

Photo from WATE showing the cabin where the fire began.

UPDATE: Monday, March 18 12:27pm – Fire officials say this is what’s left of the cabin where the massive Pigeon Forge fire originated. Investigations are taking place to determine the exact cause. Once the cause is officially determined, we will update this post with the details.

UPDATE: Monday, March 18 1:00pm – Pigeon Forge Fire Department officials are calling the fire “contained” but not “controlled”, which means they are concerned mostly about the wind causing flare-ups. The rain is starting to roll in, which should help the fight the Pigeon Forge fire quite a bit. At this time, we’re optimistic and hopeful that the worst is over with. The current damage is 59 homes destroyed, 6 homes damaged, and 1 vehicle destroyed…still no injuries reported (amazingly).

pigeon forge fire update

Photo by Kyle Grainger of WVLT

UPDATE: Monday, March 18 4:01pm – THE RAIN HAS ARRIVED!!!! The rain started pouring down just before 4:00pm and has helped – especially in hard-to-access areas that helicopters were attacking. The rain should help slow down new flare-ups and help firefighters get this Pigeon Forge fire under control.

UPDATE: Monday, March 18 6:55pm The fire has been reduced to just 5 acres burning as rain pours down and crews are finally getting to go home and get relief while mother nature takes over for a bit!

A crew of firefighters will return later tonight to monitor hot spots. The fire chief says he “feels good about the situation”.

FINAL UPDATE: Tuesday, March 19 8:00am State forestry spokesperson Tim Phelps says, “We have the fire 100% contained, and we are calling it 80% controlled.” Basically, the fire is practically “out” but there remains a few hotspots that the forestry service is managing and clearing out. Displaced property owners/renters are being escorted back to their cabins/homes to assess the damages. The fire is out, and now the cleanup begins.

DAMAGE TOTAL – Damage estimates were released stating that 53 buildings were completely destroyed, with an estimate damage of more than $11.3 million. Six other buildings had minor damage with $215,832 in damage. 14 buildings suffered light damage, totaling $263,680 in damage. Approximately 48 agencies responded, totaling nearly 270 responders.

Final Thoughts

Our immense gratitude goes out to the firefighters, emergency crews, law enforcement, first responders, volunteers, spouses, children, and everyone who made sacrifices to keep this fire from spreading more than it did. It was an amazing, coordinated effort by numerous individuals that we are extremely grateful for!

THANK YOU to all of you that have prayed, supported, commented, shared, and kept everyone involved in your thoughts. You all are fantastic and the support is felt! Please continue to keep all involved in your thoughts and prayers.

Location of the Pigeon Forge Fire

Many have asked where is the Pigeon Forge fire located and if the fire is near Dollywood, so here is a map showing the location of the fire, distance from the Pigeon Forge Parkway, and where Dollywood is located in relation to the fire:
Where is the pigeon forge fire located

Here is a link to Google maps with the exact location of the Pigeon Forge fire:

View Larger Map

Photos of the Pigeon Forge Fire

pigeon forge cabins firepigeon forge cabins on firepigeon forge cabins on firepigeon forge cabins firefire in pigeon forge tnfire in pigeon forge tn78017_594395633908689_143694962_oblack hawk helicopter assisting pigeon forge firecabin on fire in pigeon forge tnpigeon forge firepigeon forge tn firefire in pigeon forge tnfire in pigeon forge tnfire in pigeon forge tnfire in pigeon forge tncabin fire in pigeon forge tncabin fire in pigeon forge tnblack hawk helicopter assisting pigeon forge firepigeon-forge-fire-1pigeon forge fire updatepigeon forge fire cabin rentalfire in pigeon forge tn

fire in pigeon forge tn cabins

View from Pigeon Forge taken by Bra Justice Photography

fire in pigeon forge tn

Smoke from the fire so massive that local weather radars are showing it

fire in pigeon forge tn cabins

View from Sevierville taken by Dave Lam

Video of the fire in Pigeon Forge, TN


  1. Christine Bowman says

    I am very sad to see this, just breaks my heart. Praying for the firefighters and all that are involved. What a tragic thing.

  2. Patricia Crain says

    I was very sad to see this.I did not see the news,so I was not aware of it .Our prayers are with the ones fighting the fire and for all the people involved. I an sure Pigeon Forge will take care of eadh one involved,MAY GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Janet says

    Fighting back tears as I remember the friends made this past week during the Smoky Mountain Quiltfest and how every one tried to make my stay the best possible and their devastating loss now.
    Prayers are for everyone touched by this disaster and sharing that loving mountain spirit that I received with each of you in your hours of need.

  4. Joanna says

    Scary! We just checked out of the moonlight cabin on bear cub way Saturday morning! Praying this fire stops! I’m sad to think that our cabin is gone … does anyone know which cabin was the original one to start the blaze?

  5. wendy says

    My heart is sadden by this turn of event’s praying for everyone, Pigeon Forge is a beautiful place that God has taken extra time in creating! God Bless you all in Pigeon Forge!

  6. says

    our prayers and thoughts are with each and everyone involved in this time of loss and trouble. We love the mountains and this is upsetting. God will restore and be with all.

  7. Mona R says

    So sorry to hear about fires in Pigeon Forge, TN ………..hopefully everyone is safe and there is a end to it very soon…

  8. says

    my thoughts and prayers go out to ever one who are fighting this huge fire .I can understand what they are going though.me and my wife lost are home to fire 3years ago.GOD is still in control and will always be there for love peace and everthing you need lean on him for all your needs.

  9. Tricia says

    Very sad to see this. I’m also very thankful no one was injured, an god bless to all of the fire, rescue and police and any others who risked their lives to helped to keep the public safe and battle the fire. My husband and I have been vacationing there every year for the past 9 years and now we bring our son. It’s a wonderful place with the most amazing people and I hate to see any of it destroyed.

  10. jamie townsend says

    very saddened by the events taking place. Husband and I have been visiting the area for many years for the Grand Spring Rod Run. This year I will be bringing items to donate to the Pigeon Forge community. The residents of the Pigeon Forge area have always made our visit enjoyable. So now it’s time to say thank you!!!!! If anyone knows where we can donate please email us @ jtownsend@tds.net. Hopefully others visiting the area for the Grand Spring Rod Run will donate as well.

  11. James & Sandy says

    Visit the area several times a year. It is like a second home to us. We love the people and are so sorry to hear of this. Our hearts and prayers are with you.

  12. Julia says

    My heart and prayers go out to the brave firefighters battling this huge fire. Thank God no one was seriously injured. These people are some of the bravest men and women!!! We love Pigeon Forge and are down there often. Bless everyone involved…

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