Pigeon Forge Liquor by the Drink Vote Results

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Pigeon Forge, TN has formed a reputation over the years as being a family-friendly town that attracts people of all ages. It has also been a “dry town” in the sense that liquor by the drink has not been permitted at restaurants in Pigeon Forge. While there have been votes over the years to allow it, all of them failed up until last November when it finally passed, only to find out later that voting errors occurred and a re-vote would have to take place.

That vote went back to the polls on March 14, 2013 for locals to vote on whether liquor by the drink should be allowed in Pigeon Forge Tennessee.

Final Results of Liquor by the Drink in Pigeon Forge, TN

Here are the results from the OFFICIAL vote from Pigeon Forge residents:
Total Votes = 1,750
Votes AGAINST liquor = 798
Votes FOR liquor = 952

Liquor by the drink is now approved to be sold in Pigeon Forge, TN

Since the approval, numerous restaurants such as Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville and Hard Rock Cafe are lining up to open locations in Pigeon Forge.

What do VISTORS think about Liquor by the Drink?

We now know what locals of Pigeon Forge thought and how they voted, but nobody was asking a very important question…”What do VISITORS think about it?”

Well, we asked…and we have the answer!

We wanted to know how actual visitors to Pigeon Forge felt about liquor by the drink being offered in Pigeon Forge. People have loyally visited Pigeon Forge for years and are the foundation for the growth and success that Pigeon Forge has enjoyed throughout its history. If anyone should have a say in the matter, it’s the people that choose to visit Pigeon Forge year after year, which financially supports the livelihood of the majority of Pigeon Forge citizens.

We sent an email to our newsletter subscribers and simply asked them if they WANT or DO NOT WANT liquor by the drink in Pigeon Forge. Simple question…no campaigning…no biased reporting.

Our poll began on March 5, 2013. The response was staggering as we we received nearly 2,000 votes in the first 12 hours! By March 14, there were 2,512 votes and the breakdown of the results are illustrated below:

liquor by the drink pigeon forge final results

So to sum this up, 71% of visitors DO NOT want liquor by the drink in Pigeon Forge and it still got approved. There were more VISITORS that voted “no” than the entire number of people who voted in Pigeon Forge and it still got approved.

Please share your thoughts!

Please tell us in the comment section below how you feel about liquor by the drink now being approved in Pigeon Forge, TN. Will that influence your decision to visit Pigeon Forge? Are you more likely or less likely to visit?

Please post your comments below!

To all of you that voted in our poll, thank you. Thank you for taking a moment to show that you care about the future of Pigeon Forge, no matter which way you voted.


  1. Sharon Anderson says

    Do not like the sell of liquor. Do not think it is good for familes to sit down and see drinks served.
    To many children come to Pigeon Forge. Will the police monitor the drunk drivers?

    • Mike Black says

      Thank you residence of Pigeon Forge for the past memories of no drunks, no bars, crime, and a great family area to visit. No more and I mean no more last year to visit Shades OF The Past since 1992, no more Spring and Fall rod run since 1998. Family reunion each May down the tube. Let’s hope the voting residence of Pigeon Forge will vote for a re-count before it is to late and the once beauitful area of Pigeon Forge falls into ruins like so many other cities that voted likewise.

    • says

      I know there are people who may like a drink with their meal. However I feel that this ideal could be really hazardous amoung other things. First, are people really going to control it at one or two drinks? Most likely won’t. The crowd! PF as we know has many tourist coming through. Bumper to bumper traffice down the Parkway. Especially when there’s a car show, parade etc. So I can see tempers flairing, fights and accidents. Good Luck witih that!

    • Cheryl J says

      A drink at a restaurant will;keep my husband and I from driving into Serverville to get a drink with our meal. I do not believe it will change much of the traffic problems on the parkway but it will increase the probability of jobs, and better restaurants in the area. I know this for a fact because I have lived in a dry county for years with nothing but fast food to go out and eat, then they finally passed liquor by the drank in restaurants it did not change much in our area except added new restaurants and jobs . We are very happy with is vote

      • Margaret W says

        Cherl J… have you been to Pigeon Forge lately??? There ARE good restaurants there…. It is a shame that a person feels that they have to have a drink in order to have a good time or a good meal…

    • Walter L. Martin says

      My family is very disapointed in the pasting vote for liquid by the drink. We are a christian family and we believe that this is not a good choice for one with children and/or not good for adults. Drinking is bad for the community because it leads to other things that is not good, such as gambling, driving wihile drinking, having a accident and taking someone’s life. I do not want that to happened to my loved ones. We will consider if this liquid by the drink will effect our vacationing in Pigeon Forge.
      We see in the future more bad than good things that will occur which will lead to unfriendly situation for a christian family. We choice not to go to the beach in the last serveral years due to the same problems that we see will happen in Pigeon Forge in the future. VERY SAD ABOUT THIS VOTE.

  2. Missy says

    I am very disappointed in the results of this vote. Pigeon Forge has always been a family friendly town, but I think that will change. With the approval of liquor by the drink I see the potential for night clubs to open up and down the strip, drunk driving to increase, and the crime rate to increase. I think this is a sad turn away from the family friendly environment for which the town has always been known. I don’t desire to visit Pigeon Forge if it is going to become a night club town.

  3. Jack an Beverly Snelgrove says

    We would agree to liquor by the drink. So many times we have gone to Gatlinburg because we could get the drinks we wanted there.

    • Gerard says

      I cannot believe all the comments from people that think serving liquor will lead to an increase of crime. There will always be people who will over do it but I think the majority of people will be responsible and I personally don’t drink anymore, I won’t let that affect where I go to eat or vacation. I know Gatlinburg has served alcohol for a very long time, was there a lot of drinking related crime there? I don’t recall reading anything about it. I did read that both Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge were rated as Tennessee 2 best towns by the city journal. And Gatlinburg was rated one of the prettiest towns by Forbes magazine. I think we all make our own choices and to say you won’t visit a town because it doesn’t agree with yours is just narrow minded. I will retire in Sevierville soon and hope to enjoy every moment and not worry about such trivial things as someone enjoying a drink with a meal.

  4. shannon says

    Tha is nonsence..me and my family ,children come there every year, and I might not if this doesn’t get turned around, it will change it all together, and the type of people that it will attract…VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED!

  5. says

    I think it is a shame to bring Liquor into pigeon forge. I always enjoy coming there because it is a family friendly place. Now there will be bars opening and drunk drivers. I give it a year and Pigeon Forge will not be the same place it is now. I will have to look for another family friendly place to go for vacations.

  6. David says

    I will be less likely to vacation in Pigeon Forge because of them voting “yes” for liquor in any shape or form….Because my family and I have always considered the Smoky Mtn., Tennessee area as a family friendly location….We will reconsider our thinking and look elsewhere to vacation and spend our money…

  7. Kathleen says

    I think that it is fine to offer people liquor by the drink. I like to believe that most people are responsible; that will hopefully be the case with the drinkers, bartenders, and police officers. If you don’t want a drink, don’t have one. And if you want to keep your family away from it, I’m sure there will be plenty of places to go where there will be no liquor served. There are more important things to worry about these days if you ask me!

  8. Phil says

    I personally thank the local citizens of Pigeon Forge! I and my family have come to Pigeon Forge for 10 years now, my father has actually purchased a cabin in the Smoky Mountains ( Sevierville). We love Pigeon Forge and call the surrounding communities, being from Iowa that says a lot about your area and the state of Tennessee. It’s nice knowing we can dine in Pigeon Forge and enjoy a drink with our meal. Responsible tourists are not the problem.

    Thank you and see you in a couple months!

    Phil Wieneke

  9. Janine says

    I am also disappointed in this outcome. It’s the visitors who have made Pigeon Forge what it is now. I also think this will drive up crime rates, & drunk driving. My family visits often, as we live less than 2 hours away. We spend a lot of money in your town, and it it becomes another place with bars, and drunks, that will stop. Pigeon Forge is not a “walking” city, as Gatlinburg is…you can drink there without getting behind the wheel. I just hope I’m wrong, but we’ll have to wait and see.

  10. Bill Keith says

    Glad PF has joined the rest of America. Should have been approved years ago. This will help you tax base and family’s will continue to come to your great town. Not everyone drinks.

  11. Robin says

    Do not live there but think the voters who depend on visitors for their livelihood would have listened to our voice. Sad!! We will continue to visit Pigeon Forge and wait and see if the “family” aspect is foresaken. One thing is for sure we will NOT be patronizing restaurants that serve alcohol.

    • SHIRL says

      im almost sure you had endulged in a fabolus restaurant where those beverages you so dislike were served.business want loose cause you choose not to come .drinking sales like sex they want miss you because others who want a glass of wine where piegon forge was a dry state you had to drive elsewher or bring your own bottle,see the conduct is not always with drinkers ,we have idiots everywhere you go. i understand you and all others who posted on this site.i will say no more letsgive it a try

  12. Wayne D says

    I would say its a bad day in Pigeon Forge and over time the crazy people who voted this in Will be the ones who will have the pay the price when there family members gets killed by one of the drunk drivers .
    So they will have a price to pay for there bad judgement.

  13. Leona M. Smith says

    I DEFINITELY DO NOT APPROVE OF IT!!!!!!!! This will be our almost 20 years we have been coming and enjoyed every time but it depends how
    this year goes. Unless things go differently than I think they will, I’m not sure that we will be coming anymore. What in the world do people see in drinking anyway. The BIBLE says “Abstain from ALL evil.” Drinking does nothing but cause trouble and heartache and broken families. Driving on
    the road and killing people is at an all time high by DWI or DUI. Those doing it have no respect for other people, only for their own self and disgrace
    to society. My family that comes and has been coming feel the same as I do. It is a downright shame to think people have to have their way and ruin things for everyone else.I hate like everything to hear it has passed. It seems to me that the city could have some say and stand up and say the town will be dry forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOO BAD!

    • Mary says

      Do you all not realize that beer has been served all along in Pigeon Forge? Why do you think anything will change?

      • Kay says

        That is what I was thinking, Mary. We’ve been coming to PF/Gatlinburg for 20 yrs now and I have never read or heard about nor have I seen drunks on the sidewalks or driving through town. If anything, it seems to me that Gatlinburg is a little more sedate than Pigeon Forge in spite of the ability of visitors to buy alcohol in restaurants. I love both towns and will continue to enjoy my vacations there at least twice a yr as we always have.

  14. Pam says

    It saddens me to think that this family friendly town is catching the liquor for money boat. I have been coming here for years, in the summer and at Christmas. It was nice to come to a town where you felt the kids were safe and you didn’t have to put up with noisy bars and obnoxious drunks. I guess all good things do come to an end.

  15. Stella Fristoe says

    It’s sad that people can’t enjoy themselves without a drink :( Not even for a few days?? I’m glad I don’t have that problem :(

  16. Van Dale Hudson says

    What a disappointment! Never … Never has liquor paid its way! To accommodate a few liquor drinkers the citizens of Pigeon Forge have smeared their reputation as a family friendly tourist meca! For every $1.00 the LBD sales bring in … the facts in every survey show it costs the citizens a minimum of $13.00 in increased taxes, medical costs, lost work hours, and other fallouts from the results of the increase in booze consumption. But the drinkers and voters for drink aren’t interested in facts … they just want to glamorize and make more convenient the number one social problem in America! Lincoln had it right saying “Liquor has many defenders, but no defense.”

  17. Anthony P. Oliva says

    it grieves me that this referendum passed. We being a Christian family used to enjoy the atmosphere in Pigeon Forge because of the absence of liquor. When I was in law enforcement I saw the effects of alcohol on communities and hope this is not the beginning of Pigeon Forge’s downfall. We will still be coming to the Smokies but we will be on the alert for the signs that proceed a community disaster.

    • Tim Lonas says

      I really don’t post on these things but I must say something to Anthony P. Olivia. As a former law enforcement officer can I ask you a question? Can a person drink too many beers and fail a breathalyzer? Can a person have too many beers and get behind the wheel drive drunk? If you say no than watch out with your Christian value and do not lie. I’m gonna say I had a family member who died at the age of 46 from liver cancer and cirrhosis. I watched this man who was a Christian as well. He had fallen into an addiction and he was addicted to beer. He was my brother in law. He was once happy and received Jesus Christ in is heart and was so happy when he was baptized. Unfortunately he fell back into his addiction and died a horrible death. So I have a few questions for you. 1. Where were you in law enforcement that only served liquor and not beer? 2. Beer is sold in Pigeon Forge and has been for some time, the gentleman runs this website advertises the smokey mountain brewery, if you are so against alcohol comment under their advertisement that all the beer can be drank with no consequences!!! I dare you. That’s the way your comment reads. Now that we have liquor pigeon forge will go downhill. But beer is ok? Right? Maybe I read your post wrong. Also are you saying that Christians don’t drink? I grew up in a very good family that started their roots here during prohibition. And I’m almost done, Sevierville serves liquor, you drive through it. Gatlinburg serves liquor, you drive through it. I did not realize that you could get to pigeon forge, tn without getting on a road that has never had a drunk driver busted on it. Your post is absurd, and I grew up in a Christ centered home. I don’t recall In the bible Jesus only going to the priests home. No he went to witness to those who need it. I do recall in the bible when Jesus did get angry though, it was in the temple. Everyone of you on here condemning my home town please stop. Aren’t we supposed to be Christlike? Go witness to these people. Some of them may be lost grieving the loss of a loved one and finding the only comfort they know beer or liquor or worse pills. And Anthony next time you come to our town, stand outside a bar talk to someone drunk, give them a ride home. Then tell them about Christ whenever you feel like. I cannot believe I am even having to waste my time writing this. WOW. And please tell me where we’re you in law enforcement and when? You judgemental people. And to Shane who does this site. I respect what you tried to do with your poll, but I hope I read it wrong, but I’m sorry but I’ve been in business here for years. The last time I also checked sir with all due respect, out of all the millions of visitors coming through our town, your poll of a couple thousand people you cannot justify the results. The numbers cannot work out in the end. And to our visitors thank you for coming here and giving us all opportunities to make money, however, Shane, to say that the visitors should have the right to a say in anything political in our town is just for lack of a better word is strange. Go to Washington tell them that visitors and I mean visitors from the Middle East, Mexico, Russia, England, etc… Should have the right to vote for our rights and president. WOW do you think that George bush would have been voted in? I bet if our outside visitors from other countries could vote because they bring patronage to our United States, you would Beg for Obama or actually we all would rather beg for for a president because, our so called freedom would be gone. Say what anyone wants about my post, but don’t you dare say anything about beer not being as bad as liquor and don’t you dare say anything about my brother in law. You have NO right. And please stop throwing the word Christian around unless you are trying to be be Christ like. Because some of these drunks you are bashing are the very ones that may go to hell because I have personally witnessed to someone, a visitor, and he said I have stayed here in your town for two weeks. All I see is fighting the church against the liquor issue. I think I will find peace instead. WOW. What would have happened if God decided not to convict Paul? He was killing Christians. All I’m saying is if you truly are a Christian get out here and walk it, talk it, and don’t kick someone while they are down help them. Bunch of hypocrites.

      • kristen says

        I have been blessed to practically grow up in the Smokey Mountains. I believe it to be the greatest place on Earth preferring it to an all expense paid cruise to Aruba . I don’t think for a moment the citizens of Pigeon Forge would allow the family atmosphere to be altered in anyway. I can totally understand why you or any other citizen of your town would be highly offended by someone like me thinking I would have a right to voice an opinion on issue concerning someone Else’s community. That has been and should always be the right of the citizens that pay their taxes there.If people have a problem with that there is such a thing called free enterprise.You are welcome to take your business elsewhere.Having said that , I find your comments on other people’s beliefs every bit as narrow minded and judgmental as any Christian who uses God’s word to spread to spread their hatred and venom. Just as it is your right to decide what is and is not right for you town , The right Freedom of Religion is a right of every citizen of this country. That right is not just extended to where a person worships or if they worship at all , it also a protection of each citizens to a have a personal opinion on what God does and does not find pleasing.As far as exercising your right as an American citizen to hold a personal opinion whether or not a particular Christian is a “hypocrite” I would have to remind you that No one , not even Christians , have the ability.to perfectly ” walk the walk” If that were possible Christ sacrifice would have been quite unnecessary.I will totally stand up for any religious beliefs held by others hoping somewhere down the line that others will stand up for mine but I will not be silenced because some find my beliefs offensive.Yes, you are quite correct when you say that many Christians also drink alcohol . I do not think for a second this pleases God. I have absolutely earned the right to hold this opinion .If you doubt me come on to town and spend one week with me. We’ll start out with the 5 or 6 nights a week I spend in the rooms of recovery, The daily phone calls I make to my sponsor or you can help me everyday work on 12 steps of recovery just so I can figure out how to live life on life’s terms without the crutch of a chemical . Why do I believe that God is not pleased with drinking , because he knows where this can lead to . His will for me was never to be a slave to a chemical , it was always to live a happy,joyous , and free life.Now since I am stepping off my soap box , I would tell you, if you have not found the true loving God , I pray that one day you do. If Christ can show mercy to a miserable retched drunk like myself , he can do this for anybody. GOD BLESS

  18. Liz says

    My family has been coming to Pigeon Forge for 25 years. I personally dont drink, but see nothing wrong with it for those who do. If you dont want liquor you can go somewhere else or just dont order it

  19. Vickie C. says

    I am very disappointed with this decision. PF is a family town. The chances of deadly car crashes and pedestrians being hit by drunk drivers will increase greatly. We all know how children are, even doing your best, you can not keep your hand on them 24/7. Small children are so bad to pull out of their parent’s hands, and to think that there will be more intoxicated drivers is so scary. Drinking is a sin and there is enough sin around without legalizing more of it. That is the devil laughing at you when you turn that bottle up and drink it empty. Why mess up a city where families have been able to vacation for so many years with very little worry of drunks and drunk drivers interrupting their trip.

  20. Larry says

    now there will be drunks at the shows, and other places you go to have fn with yur family, i think it is wrong and should not have passed, i may stop a lot of families from visiting there.

    • Jeri says

      I agree, I grew up with what drinking can do to a family. When I’m near someone that has been drinking it makes me sick. I hope the shows refuse to sell it. I also know how it feels to lose a family member because of drinking and driving. This is not a good thing for our Wonderful Mountain Home.

  21. Gene Brock says

    Ya know my vote was a big No ! But i do understand it will bring more people and more revenue
    However I live in a place were at one time there was no liquor And now we had it for about 20 years
    and now we have all types of crimes just because someone wont’s to drink to much
    That’s a given its coming
    Me and my wife for the last ten years have been coming there just because its safe and this year on may 28 to june 4 we will bring 2 of our 8 grandkids We drive 13 hours from louisiana just because we love it up there and it safe We have been looking forward to bring all our grandkids over the next few years I sure hope you guys haven’t screwed it all up over a few dollers (Like you need the taxes)

  22. Sherry says

    I have been going on vacation there for year’s. It just don’t seem right, I mean it’s not a Nascar Race where you would exspect drinking. This is a Family place where Children and Elderly are every where. I am sure that there will be alot more car accident’s especially in the Mtns. There will be beer can’s and bottle’s tossed along the road’s. Argument’s over any minor thing, temper’s flairing. I just don’t know if it will be worth it to make the trip. It just don’t sound as fun as it used to be.
    Nothing ever stay’s the same, thing’s change all the time, but not alway’s for the good. Time will tell I guess. God Bless and
    protect The Great Smoky Mtns.

  23. Denise Butler says

    This vote was a reflection on the idea that this will bring more revenue to Pigeon Forge. (As if they don’t already have good money coming in!). The almighty dollar wins again. If people want to drink they can go to Las Vegas. That’s not why most people come to the Smokies. We need more family friendly places to take our kids. I hope this decision will not change the atmosphere of Pigeon Forge, but I’m afraid it could.

  24. TERRY says

    We vacation in pigeon forge because its a friendly family respectful city. Im not happy to think that my favorite city will turn into a unsafe dinking town. I have seen the city recovering the last year there are less vacant buildings, I hope this will not cause the fall of pigeon forge as a safe vacation place. God bless the people that live and work there, Drinking and driving doesnt mix.

  25. cdyer says

    I was very disappointed to hear that LBD passed in Pigeon Forge, TN. I always enjoy my visits to this lovely town. I am very saddened that leaders and citizens obviously didn’t care how tourists feel about the issue. I am sure it will be a decision that is regretful in the future. Drinking never leads to good things; only pain and suffering. I am very saddened tonight.

  26. donna says

    we come there 2 to 3 times a year and I am very saddened to hear this. It will a diferent place .I personally dont like to be around a bunch of drunks,with their vulgar talk around all the kids and families there.I hope alot of places we visit will not allow drinking in their businesses .Hope it dont ruin the family comedy shows.

  27. Sharon Jeanguenat says

    As a resident of Sevier County, I am highly disappointed. This will kill tourist business. Why do you think Gatlinburg isn’t half the attraction anymore that Pigeon Forge has become? Partly because of no parking, but also because of the obnoxious drunks who used to come all the time for the car shows. Gatlinburg ended up running them off, so they started coming to Pigeon Forge. Some of the shows go fine, but others, there’s nothing but disturbance after disturbance. And, personally, I wouldn’t want my child or grandchild to see a drunken idiot in a restaurant where I was eating a meal. Money is not everything, & that’s the ONLY reason they got this passed. The tourist industry, the FAMILY part anyway, will be seriously damaged, & I guarantee crime rates will triple.

    • Tim Lonas says

      Yeah I agree pigeon forge has had the car shows for sometime. I’ve never seen any drunks because we didn’t serve liquor. Are you kidding!!! The car shows have alot of drunks on the roads. I know, I work with them but you know what, gatlinburg gets alot if youth conventions. Yep you’re right liquor in gatlinburg stopped the church groups from coming. I’m not trying to disrespect you but please. I don’t care if there is alcohol in any town in Sevier county. But don’t make statements that are not true. I took my two little girls to Orlando to see Disney world, Epcot , etc. they just loved it!!! Thank God Orlando did not ever vote in alcohol because I wouldn’t have taken them because growing up southern baptist I was taught drinking is a sin. Oh wait I’m sorry let me check, sorry, Orlando does serve alcoh, even the theme parks. Magic kingdom I think only had one restraunt that did serve beer I think. Do u agree that Jesus did not sin? When he turned water into wine was that a sin? I THINK NOT.

    • Tim Lonas says

      And one more thing. In pigeon forge fast food places don’t serve alcohol. Also Cracker Barrel and one more I can think of. Oh oh the western sizzlin wood grill buffet, I think I seen the gentlemen in that owns it in the newspaper boasting about fasting. Check out Matthew six where Christ talks about fasting. Oh oh and I do believe that that same man used to host one of the car shows on his big property on river divide, but that show moved to splash country. Now I find it very odd that this man is the leader against liquor by the drink. Wonder If all that’s about money? Just really wondering because I don’t recall western sizzlin franchised restraunts serving alcohol. Just strange. I’m just saying. And working with the public and I hate to make this comment because I have Christ in my heart, but having worked with the public my whole adult life, the car shows bring alot of business if you asked me who would I rather have stay in my hotel or cabin? Church groups or a big party with alcohol, I have to say from experience one of my cabins I rented to a church group for half price large cabin too, they destroyed my cabin, threw pillows off the mountain and broke 2000$ worth of furniture. And the preacher of the church actually wanted all there money back. WOW. Same cabin car show 500 per night. 7 cars alcohol everywhere. You know what these so called “drunks” took care of my cabin, my livelihood, cleaned up after themselves and yes you guessed it PAYED ME. Thank God for the car shows, the revenue, that I can tithe on and oh yeah something Paul said in the Bible to witness and “preach Christ and him crucified” give me the witnessing opportunities and the revenue to tithe to give to my church to help prolong the kingdom. Don’t bring me some preachers not all please understand that expect me to give them everything. In the bible when did Jesus get angry? Was it with the tax collectors. Etc… Nope he was in the temple!!!

  28. Jan says

    My husband and I have been looking in P.F. for a vacation home because it is such a wonderfully family friendly town. We may now have to reconsider were we do our vacationing.

  29. Sylvia Sims says

    I really don’t like it! I am planning a trip to PF in Sept with family that has never been there. I think it is a shame since PF is a family place for a great time. Now we have to watch the drinkers or drunks and hope we don’t get hit while driving. This is a BIG mistake!!!! What were the voters thinking!! I hhave second thoughts now!!

  30. KF says

    Thank you all who have stated your opinions. Personally I will continue to enjoy Pigeon Forge more than before as I have that margarita with my Mexican dinner where before I had to drive a bit further over to Sevierville. I don’t think my few drinks have been a nuisance and most people who visit, like myself, will be responsible because they are that way in their every day lives. You all must know that we have been able to drink beer and wine at most places in PF so it doesn’t make sense to restrict ‘alcohol’. People who say they won’t come anymore – I’m really sad for them. It’s a great place, will remain a wonderful place because the environement is safe and full of good family entertainment.

  31. Mildred George says

    We have not been to Pigeon Forge for several years. We were thinking of coming this
    year. My concern is about people driving up to their cabins after drinking, n Also,
    how do we know we would not get a place where there is going to have drunks?
    Give an inch and they’ take a mile. Who is going to be responsible to police
    all the areas around? Seems to me the law has enough to do. Probably no one will agree
    with this but I am at the age I speak my mind.

  32. DeWayne says

    I am in shock! Our ministry has been bringing our conferences (youth, children, singles, seniors, men, and women), which represents thousands of people from lots of states, to Pigeon Forge for years. We were waiting to hear the outcome before booking our venues for this fall and 2014. Looks like we’ll be moving our conferences somewhere else. It was a great place for events like this, but it will be marred by the party scene and less than family friendly activities soon. Good-bye, Pigeon Forge! It’s been great for over 20 years now. My family has always gone to PF about once a month for several days to spend money and enjoy our time together, I guess all good things must come to an end. :(

  33. Kenny says

    I am from out of state (KY) but visit the pigeon forge area frequent….I always choice to stay in Pigeon Forge vs the other surrounding areas, because I have always loved the feel of Pigeon Forge…I will have to say this will impact my visiting the area…Now I am not saying I will never visit again, but will probably not visit as frequently and may also began looking for other areas to frequent….pigeon forge was such a nice area that was very family oriented and had a very quant feel…plus is was also a nice place for couples….this will probably lessen my future visits.

    • Kenny says

      I forgot to mention, also just think of all the schools , church groups, elderly,etc that also has always visited PF…I am betting there is less incentive for them to visit now as well…..to me PF was always one of those special places … Not many like them around … It was like a big star on the US map , the capital of family, friendly places to go…..now I suspect the big star will shrink and blend with all the other typical vacation spots…maybe many of the business will recognize their major customer base and not open there doors to it, but still as they say one bad apple can spoil the bunch.

  34. jerry says

    I spend alot of money at Pf and Gatlingburg several times a year, I will be looking for another place to vacation after this event. Now watch all of you voters for LBTD to pay higher taxes.

  35. Susan Killian says

    My husband and I have been coming to the Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area for many years, usually more than once a year. We like to have a drink with dinner when we go somewhere nice. It’s not a necessity, but it’s what we like. We drink responsibly. I don’t think that Pigeon Forge will automatically become the drunk capital of America just because liquor is sold. Gatlinburg has served drinks for as long as I can remember, and I just haven’t seen that many drunks stumbling down the sidewalks. Actually, I have seen NONE. When my child was young we didn’t drink at all if he was with us. It’s a choice. If you are so afraid of your children seeing someone drink an alcholic drink, you’re really going to have problems when they get older. You can’t shelter them from everything. If you don’t want to drink, don’t. If you have a problem with establishments that service liquor, go to McDonalds. All the other places we vacation serve liquor…Daytona, Myrtle Beach, etc. and it’s never been an issue at any of those spots. They are family oriented places too. I really can’t see how it’s going to impact the area that much. Gatlinburg has some clubs downtown, and it’s still the same as it’s always been. I just don’t see Pigeon Forge being taken over by the “party scene” any time soon.

  36. Mary says

    Beer is already being served, so why does everyone think there will be a big change? Let people spend their money on what they want and let the schools reap the benefits. People are making a mountain out so a mole hill.

  37. Patricia V. says

    I have had the most fun visiting Gatlinburg. When going there we must drive thru Pigeon Forge, it’s a great town. I hope this vote doesn’t hurt it BUT remember the vote can always be revoted on and the next time it might go the right way. It’s better to have fun sober and remember the next day all the fun than to be drunk, have a hangover and not remember a thing that you may or may not have done. I personally have had family members hit by drunk driver more than once and the worse part about it no insurance and in the state of Calif. everyone must carry insurnace. I hope this vote won’t hurt the town. I only get to visit once a year until I move there in 2016. Maybe by then people will realize what a mistake they made in 2013 and reverse there decision. PF has been a dry town for all these years why change a good thing. There was still plenty of revenue then and still would be you don’t need the booze.
    As you probably have guessed I’m from Calif. I really like PF, Gatlinburg and surrounding areas and am looking forward to moving to Bradley county so I could visit PF and Gatlinburg more often. GO BACK AND RETHINK THIS DECISION. IT’S ALL WRONG!!!!!!!!!!

  38. dennis says

    I really hate to hear the news of liquor by drink for thats what seperated Pigeon Forge from the rest,nice peaceful town ,with lots to offer families and being a ex deputy sheriff it will bring nothing but trouble to the shows and eateries,as for me ,I wont bring my grandsons ,I have had it with drunks and their low life attitudes,so Pigeon Forge you probably have sealed your doom with families,so now prepare to bring law and order to town,I got to have 33 great years there ,but since I have reservations for this year 2013 ,this will be my last visit. You have all been fun and enjoyable,lots good friends made and lot money spent ,but you dont know what you voted yourselves into. God bless everyone of you,your Ohio friend.

  39. says

    My family and I travelled from Glasgow. Scotland, UK back in October 2011 and we absolutely loved PF and Gatlinburg! Stayed in a cabin for a few days and it was definitely one of our best vacations ever! Coming from a city that is renowned for drinking way over the legal required limit of alcohol on a daily/weekly basis I will say the level of crime, drunk driving etc is significantly higher than if no alcohol was served. Guess only time will tell how this change will shape PF. I loved PF and have so many happy memories! We will definitely visit again and we hope the new rule doesn’t impinge on its very unique blueprint for families! We felt very welcomed and at home, we hope to visit again soon x

  40. Carol says

    I will continue to visit Pigeon Forge as long as the welcoming atmosphere is still prevalent. If working down the sidewalk becomes a hassle with people being drunk and obnoxious, then that would deter my coming and visiting this wonderful place.

  41. Roger says

    Now visitors will not be driving to Sevierville or Gatlinburg to the resturants where they can have a drink. It puts Pigeon Forge businesses on a level playing field with Sevierville and Gatlinburg. This will make Pigeon Forge a desirable place of invest and grow. Visitors are not required to drink liquor but gives everyone an option. It’s is about freedom to choose and not be dictated to by the few. The schools should benefit greatly from the addiitional revenue. Thanks to the positive majority.

    • Tonya Brown says

      You are right about people’s right to choose but what about the innocent in the other vehicle that is killed because someone chose to drink and then get behind the wheel and drive?

  42. says

    My husband will likely come up and a few times to check it out. We will not be bringing our grandchildren at first. Every time we come to your city, we bring them. Now i don’t know. Have to see what happens in the near future. Was planning on retiring there, now thinking. Our family goes up there at least every other year for 1 to 2 weeks. Now it might be just for the week-end. i really hate to see this family place go to waste because of booze. All it does is cause problems. If you want to drink, STAY HOME.

  43. deanna sollers says

    I agree with most of those who have commented on the liquor ? for Pigeon Forge, TN. My family and I have visited the Pigeon Forge area for the past 25 years and have had VERY ENJOYABLE experiences WITHOUT the need for a drink of liquor. It has been very satisfying for us to know if we want to enjoy a stroll late evening, we have no fear from “DRUNKS” threatening us. There are so many families who enjoy visiting I do believe it’s NOT necessary to partake of alcoholic drinks to have a fun time.
    I sincerely hope this vote is overturned.

  44. Don says

    Really people!! You think that nobody in the past havent been drinking in Pigeon Forge before. Have you ever heard of BYOB ? I am not a drinker and have owned a cabin and been going to Pigeon Forge for many years. Dont remember seeing any drunks running up and down the road. What I am tired of are people trying to tell others what the can and cannot do. Get a life!!! To many stupid laws already. Wake up America!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Giki says

    Is this not the way it is in the majority of the tourist cities? Do you not ever take your kids on vacation or to a restaurant because they serve alcohol? There are temptations and bad influences everywhere. You have to teach your kids right from wrong. Just by going to an establishment that serves liquor that is going to change??? As Mary said, they have already served beer, if they want to get drunk, they are going to regardless of the liquor. It is not all about getting drunk anyway. There are people who can have a drink with dinner & are responsible. We are heading to this area in 1 1/2 weeks. I can’t wait. This will not have an impact on my vacation at all.

  46. Gigggy says

    I have always felt that Gatlinburg was geared more towards adults and Pigeon Forge more for families.
    My husband and I always stay in Gatlinburg because we love to have a few drinks and we do not believe in drinking and driving and everything in Gatlinburg is walking distance from about any hotel you stay in. The biggest problem I see is that Pigeon Forge is so spread out that there could be problems drinking and driving. The police need to start by making it clear they will not put up with this.

  47. Christine says

    My family and I have been coming to PF for many years, some years we would visit 4 – 5 times. I enjoy coming and NOT having to gaze at bars and be fearful of drunks pulling out on the already busy Parkway. Not so sure that it is focused on the family anymore and how does this effect the status of PF being “Gods country”. Yes Jesus created and drank wine but we are talking about a bar where people go in and get plastered then get in their vehicles to go home or run out in front of an innocent family trying to get from one end of the parkway to another. Wow, I am disappointed in PF right now, bad decision on the town people.

  48. anita vance says

    Well it wont be long you will start hearing about child abduction, drunk drivers, wrecks, fights and all other bad things that a family holiday spot dont need, we live 4 hours away and this is where we go for our vacation every year but like everything else i am sure that will soon be a thing of the past, why the people of pigeon forge want drinking allowed with so many tourist i cant imagine, but ohh well wait n see they will be sorry, may take a few years but id about bet they will vote it back out.

  49. Ruth says

    I like having the option of ordering a drink before or after dinner if i feel like it. Now we can enjoy the restaurants in Pigeon Forge if we don’t want to drive to Sevierville or Gatlinburg. Thank You

  50. Tonya Brown says

    I am disappointed to hear that. It will affect my family’s decision about visiting. Pigeon Forge was one of the few places left that we felt confident to bring our grandchildren to without worrying about drunk people on the road driving. It looks like the citizens of PF want to see less visitors come to their town because of the traffic congestion.

  51. Trisha says

    Ok to the people that are so disappointed and do not want to take their children/grandchildren to Pigeon forge anymore because of Liquer by the drink was passed. I am guessing you do not take your children/grandchildren out to any restaraunt anywhere in the United States ever? Come on now. People are just ridiculous on saying oh it was a family place now I can’t take my children. Really??? If it was that big of deal to you then you must stay in your house all the time. If you parent your children with morals and your values then them seeing a drink on a table is not going to make them a drunk!

    • SHIRL says

      outta space thinking some parents,i guess if you dont drink orange juice but its in the frig for another family member if your child see it they’ll want some ,cause this is way out there not seeing another person having a drink in your enviroment.then go to a restaurant where there is families on one side and couples on the other!now think how many of those do piegon forge have?

  52. Kay Pitman says

    It’s too bad that money and greed seem to change people so quickly. I think that there are plenty of bars that people could go to if they wanted to drink. Or here’s an idea, why don’t they just buy it at a store and drink it at home so they can be safe and not put others at risk by drinking and driving. We used to enjoy Pigeon Forge years ago but it’s gotten so commercialized and the traffic is so congested that it’s just not the same anymore. Nothing is the same in this country anymore…. change isn’t always a good thing

  53. Ron says

    I will always come back to Pigeon Forge and would have no problem bringing children. It might mean having more meals in Pigeon Forge because I do like to have a nice craft beer with my evening meal when I eat out.

  54. Tammy & John says

    This decision definitely changes my plans of returning to Pigeon Forge. We liked coming there to get AWAY from the trappings of most vacation spots/resorts, like bars, drunk driving, adults behaving badly, etc. It is the peaceful, clean, natural purity and serenity that make Pigeon Forge so special and what has drawn the increased popularity and tourism to it. I’m afraid that like many of the other cities and towns that have travelled down this path, greed has taken hold and what is a beautiful thing will become tainted. I hope the good people of Pigeon Forge will see that this is a slippery slope before it is too late! Hold tight to the wonderful magic of Pigeon Forge as it IS :)

  55. Bonnie Russ says

    So sadden that they past this. My husband and I came to PF and then brought our children, their children and now it is time to bring their, childrens children. The fourth generation will miss out on so much. Please rethink this and go/stay the way you were. If would be so nice to have a place that did not think you had to have alcohol to enjoy life.

  56. says

    I am very disappointed! We come to The Smokies every year because we loved being able to bring our children and grandchildren and not having people drinking at the restaurants when we all go out to eat and then driving their vehicles! I know a lot of people that will rethink their decision about coming to The Smokies now.

  57. jGeorge says

    As a responsible citizen, I feel that I have the right to have a drink or two. It will bring more business to the area. Of the 41 states voting, how many actually visited Pigeon Forge??? What about neighborhood bars–don’t families patronize them for food and drink? I see nothing wrong with a drink now and then–I don’t drink often, and I would welcome a drink while vacationing in the Smokies.
    Thank you citizens of Pigeon Forge–I hope to visit this summer, and it is nice to know about the option of having a drink or having a beer (which I really don’t care for)–I’d rather have a pepsi or a class of cold milk with my pizza, etc. Enough said–thanks for listening–now if Pigeon Forge would ban smoking :-) that would be great–no second hand smoke for families to inhale.

  58. Larry Houston says

    No more Pigeon Forge for my family. Going to really miss it. Been visiting for over 20 years. Don’t want to spend my vacation trying to dodge a bunch of drunks.

  59. donna says

    welcome to the 21st Century!! Now if you can sell wine in grocery stores we can all be treated like adults finally.

  60. GENE D says

    What part of “NO” do the voters not understand. My wife & I vacationed in Pigeon Forge 5 times in 2012, staying for 3 to 5 days each time. Was planning on being there more this year, but voters have spoken LOUD & CLEAR: “NO VISITORS WANTED”. We will go elsewhere unless this changes.

    • Richard says

      Where do you live in remote Alaska? There has always been beer and wine in the restaurants in PF. Every major restaurant chain you can name serves beer, wine and LBD. Are there drunks everywhere where you live now? This is not the 1950’s people, grow up and act responsibly. Sheltering your kids, grandkids or great grandkids (of which I have all three) from someone having a drink is irresponsible on your part. You may not like it but it’s part of life. Did it upset you when you were in PF and someone was drinking a beer? Did you storm out of the restaurant in anger and vow never to come back? By the way Gene D, it’s not going to change, and you threatening to go elsewhere unless it changes is ludicrous. Have a nice day!

  61. Patricia Crain says

    Totally against it !!!!!!!! I don’t understand why they would vote this in!!!!!!!!!
    Apparently they don’t see the news or care to watch it and find out what happens when people drink.
    I don’t think God would want his people to drink liquor no matter where they were.

  62. Debby says

    My family and I have been coming to Pigeon Forge 2-3 times a year for the past 20 years. I see no problem with LBD. If someone wants to get drunk, they need just go to Gatlinburg, Seiverville, or bring their own to the hotel. Mixed drinks in a restaurant will not make Pigeon Forge any less family friendly. If you want to do away with something that does cause an issue, then close Cupid’s Outlet which is a PORN SHOP. I personally feel that having a store like this in Pigeon Forge is far more devistating than allowing a responsible adult to have a drink.

  63. Diane says

    I am very sorry to hear this. I feel that a big part of visiting your area is because of the Christian standards that are maintained there. I think approving this will change the entire atmosphere. People want good clean family entertainment and relaxation. You can get drunk and party almost anywhere; it is not easy to find good clean entertainment for your family.

  64. Doug J says

    Liquor by the drink was already allowed in neighboring Gatlinburg, if anyone wanted to have an alcoholic drink with their meal, they simply had to drive there. It is a shame that the last family friendly
    vacation destination is no longer family friendly. I will think long and hard before I plan another trip to Pigeon Forge. It truly is a shame that the Church folks did not get out and vote in greater numbers and perhaps this would not have passed. But then again, maybe the “Church folks” did vote!!

  65. Linda says

    I think its about time….it is a tourist area, and with every tourist area you usually can get a drink if you feel like it, and kids have seen their parents drinking for years everywhere else, and that doesnt lead to drinking problems. Get your heads out of the sand residence.

  66. James says

    This decision makes no difference to me. I don’t drink, but have nothing against those who do. I will continue to enjoy going to Pigeon Forge as I have for years!

  67. says

    The approval of liquor by the drink does not affect my visits to Pigeon Forge at all. The choice to imbibe there or the few miles in Gatlinburg is mute. Public ntoxication is still against the law therefore I do not think it will affect the ‘family oriented’ venues as much as feared.

  68. Barbara & Frank says

    We visit Pigeon Forge regularly, and we are pleased that, after running around all day, we can now enjoy a nice dinner with a glass of wine, beer or other “adult beverage”. We don’t think that serving liquor by the drink will change the atmosphere of Pigeon Forge … after all, Gatlinburg and Sevierville, where liquor has always been readily available, and where anyone who wanted a cocktail would go, are right up/down the street from Pigeon Forge and there has never been, and is not now, any increase in crime or drunk driving. As for families with children, is it really to be expected that the adults in the party would drink any less prudently than when traveling anywhere else with their children … or at home, for that matter?

  69. Anita says

    I am less likely to visit now. My family came there because it was family friendly. I hate seeing kids at a table and their parents are drinking. It’s not a good example for the kids. You might as well take down that big cross that overlooks town. Evidently, alcohol is more important than Jesus.

  70. Howard says

    This is sad to here about drinking in the forge. Most people come here because of the no drink rule.i
    I beleave this will cost pigeon forge business
    .i know my wife and I are looking at other places to go.

  71. says

    It is sad to here about drinking in Pigeon Forge, I don’t why is has to be passed I have seen where it’s been passed and it has caused alot of trouble, fights has started, and their been alot of trouble and accidents. And it a shame this has pass. I come down every year and I wanted it to be a place to cone and vist more often when I retire. So that might not happen now. Why dose things have to change? This was a place for familes and children to visit. I hope you all will reconsider to do away with alcohol. I think it will cause you to loose business.

  72. Janet says

    Much ado about nothing ‘specially since this was the second time the citizens of Pigeon Forge voted on the same subject and it still passed.

  73. brenda says

    My family come to Pigeon Forge quite often. I remember coming to Pigeon Forge with my parents and we have had great memories . Now I take my grandbaby. I hope we will continue to have good memories. I hope I never have to witness anyone getting hit by a drunk driver, and there will be drunken drivers. We also come to the major car shows and I cannot imagine someone who has been out drinking trying to navigate through all of the pedestrians and children. I hope I never witness child being run over by someone who been drinking and I am sure the good residents off Pigeon Forge would not llike that either. My toen recently went wet and there are many more accidents.

  74. Cliff Willis says

    Why ruin a great place for vacation and a good family atmosphere for something like liquor.Better be careful it will be bad for business. Especially Christian families.

    • shannon says

      it makes me a bit upset as we CHRISTians have came there spent our money, have seen things that are fitting for us, as there are not many anymore to be put to the wayside. This is personal to me because there are not many places i can take my family and they had to be aware that this would impact our decision on coming there…. i mean it has been fine how it is …my question for the decision makers is this, were we not good enough for you. Having said that it will really all change now… maybe branson wont make the same mistake and we will just make the trip there:(

  75. Debi says

    Another sad sign of our times when the good outweighs the bad. God against Satan.
    Good against evil, right against wrong…Morality means nothing anymore. Whatever feels good
    do it, no matter the consequences. Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg will eventually be tarnished and corupted like everything else. Our family will then stop coming. Shame.

  76. Tammy says

    VERY DISAPPOINTED! This news definitely affects the vacation plans for our family…we usually visited at least 3 times a year… will have to find a new favorite spot now :(

  77. wendy says

    I and my family vacation every year in Pigeon Forge, this vote doesn’t affect us at all. When ADULT’S ACT LIKE ADULT’S! There should not be a problem. Families come to Pigeon Forge for the quality, enjoy the scenery, and have something for the whole family. My husband and I have 8 grand kids and this is going to be the family vacation hot spot for us!

  78. phil says

    Why do drinkers think they have the right to go anywhere and get a drink? I loved the fact Pigeon Forge was a family destination where we didn’t have to be exposed to drinking. Like smoking, drinking is very unhealthy and I want someplace to go to without having to put up with it. Somebody is going to get drunk and cause a ruckus or car wreak.

  79. Norma says

    Very sad to hear this. We vacationed with our children and now our grandchildren for 25 years.We have enjoyed the family
    friendly atmosphere that PF has offered. This is the main reason we have continued to come. I hope enough people voice their objection and get this reversed.

  80. says

    very disapointed that it passed i am from the steel city there r bars everywhere here pf was a nice change we visit in may and novmber i hope the law gets reversed….

  81. Linda says

    I am so disappointed in the people of Pigeon Forge. We have been coming there for many years because it had a true “family” atmosphere! Alcohol does nothing but cause problems…my husband is a police officer & deals with it all the time. Drunk drivers kill innocent people….truly sad :(

  82. John says

    I have read most of the comments. They suggest folks “get over it” and where have you been living, under a rock?, This is another sign of our times when Christians are looked upon as idiots, radicals and worry mongers just because they want to vacation in a somewhat wholesome environment with their families. Shame on anyone remotely making fun of them. God is saddened by America and its spiraling downfall. Anything goes! If you are against anything that corrupts the body or spirit, you are the odd man out. For those of you making these comments, think twice. God is listening.

  83. Joan Maxwell says

    I am very disappointed that this passed. We have been coming to Pigeon Forge and Dollywood for many years. Many times I have my grandchildren with me and this will become an issue. Hopefully, McDonalds, Hardees., and other stores will not sell alcohol in their business. The eating places that do not sell alcohol will be the ones that get my business!!

  84. Jim Reeves says

    It will not bother me one way or the other, people have always gone to the stores and gotten it and taken it back to their cabins or motel rooms !! I think it will not hurt PF at all , sometimes I will get a drank and sometimes I will not !! Pigeon Forge always has been and always will be a Family Oriented Area !!! Everyone has the right to go or not to go , The amount of alcohol that my wife and I consume in a year would not fill a small water glass but we do like a drank now and then !!!

  85. James Ford says

    Pigeon Forge got my favorite getaway myself and family I hope this does not change my favorite place.

  86. Bobbie says

    I think it is great. If people do not want to drink, they don’t have to and do not have to go to the places serving alcohol. There is always someone to gripe about something going on. If they don’t like it, stay home. It is not a sin to drink a beer. I know a lot of “Christian” people who do a lot worse than drink!

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