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paula deen restaurant pigeon forge tnPigeon Forge is about to be home to a brand new restaurant that is sure to quickly become one of the most popular places to eat in the Smokies! Paula Deen is coming to “butter people up” in the Smokies by opening a restaurant at The Island in Pigeon Forge. The original opening date was scheduled to be in late summer 2014, but they revised their plan to add more seating and kitchen space which pushed the opening date back and it will open April 27, 2015! The name will be Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen and is said to have a budget of $20 million to get it up and running, which makes it one of the highest-funded restaurants in Pigeon Forge! On their official website there is a question as to if Paula Deen will be at the Restaurant and it says, “Yes, the whole family will be here and are extensively involved in every aspect of the operation, menu, and design.” Neat! As to when they will be there and how often, that’s a bit unknown as of now, but it sounds like they will at least be there for the grand opening!

Paula Deen Pigeon Forge Restaurant Opening Date:

We originally shared an inside tip that we received stating that Paula Deen’s restaurant would do a “soft open” for VIP invites April 21-27 and then open to the public after that, and it sounds like that’s true! We finally have an officially announced opening date! They will open to everyone on April 27 and the hours are 7:30am to 10:00pm Sunday through Thursday and 7:30am to 11:00pm Friday and Saturday. They will be serving Breakfast from 7:30 until 10:30, lunch from 11 until 4, and dinner from 4 until 10 Sunday through Thursday, and 4 until 11 Fridays and Saturdays.

They are accepting walk-in guests, but you can definitely expect long lines and wait times, so be prepared and don’t be in a hurry if you plan to eat at Paula Deen’s! They are also accepting call-ahead seating as well up until an hour before you arrive, which we HIGHLY recommend. It’s just call ahead seating a not reservation, so they haven’t published a phone number yet to call. If you have to wait, they’ll give a pager, which has a range that will reach all throughout The Island so you can watch the water fountain show, shop, enjoy the rides, etc until your table is ready.

For group reservations, contact You can also visit their official site at for more info.

About Paula Deen’s Pigeon Forge Restaurant

The building is about 20,000 square feet and can seat up to 300 guests, which is great because Paula Deen’s Pigeon Forge restaurant will undoubtedly attract large crowds eager to enjoy her southern-style cookin’! The bottom level of the building is a 4,000 square foot store offering all sorts of Paula Deen goods, and you’ll feel like you’ve walked into Deen’s home, complete with a replica of her kitchen for special events, samplings and personal appearances! Paula Deen said, “We are going to serve our meals family style, with big ol’ bowls on the table, heaping full of fried chicken, collards, fried okra, corn and sweet potatoes.”

The Visit My Smokies website reported the following:

Everything on their menu is served family style with a twist, and the portions cannot be beaten. The way the staff described it is that the portions are big enough that you think it is all-you-can-eat, but you only get one plate.

To get an idea of how to order at Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen, here is a guide of what each meal comes with:

  • Breakfast: 3 entrees/meats and 2 sides
  • Lunch: 3 entrees/meats and 4 sides
  • Dinner: 4 entrees/meats and 5 sides

Paula Deen Pigeon Forge Menu

Want to know what Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen offers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Check out the each menu for Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen in Pigeon Forge below! The meals are served family style (loads of food brought directly to your table) and the prices are per person. For example, for 2 people to have breakfast and coffee it is $14.99 for each person, and then $2.99 per coffee so the total for 2 people to have breakfast would be $35.96.

Breakfast Menu

Click on the Paula Deen Pigeon Forge breakfast menu below to see a larger version.
paula deen pigeon forge breakfast menu

Lunch Menu

Click on the Paula Deen Pigeon Forge lunch menu below to see a larger version.
paula deen pigeon forge lunch menu

Dinner Menu

Click on the Paula Deen Pigeon Forge dinner menu below to see a larger version.
paula deen pigeon forge dinner menu

Paula Deen’s restaurant will join the popular Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville restaurant and Ole Smoky Moonshine at The Island.

We want to hear from you! What are your thoughts about Paula Deen opening a restaurant in Pigeon Forge? Let us know in the comments section below and be sure to like and share this with your friends on facebook, twitter, etc!


    • dorothy paruso says


    • Susan. Coody says

      Fantastic !!!!!! This will become my favorite restaurant in The Smokies !!!! We have been to a Paula Deen’s Resturant in Tunica Mississippi. And it was the best Resturant I have ever been to !!!! We are going to Pigeon Forge in April. !!!!! Wsh it was already there !!!! See ya soon !!!!!

    • christie buttrick says

      I totally agree. She was definitely done wrong and Im glad she is determined to not let things get her down and to find the backing she needs to start again. Way to go Paula Deen

    • voncile Fullwood says

      way to go !!!! so glad you did not let these nasty comments get you down,Yes,all the stores did you wrong and people also .I went to your place in Savannah,was hoping to see you but were not there at the time,Good Luck and May God Bless

    • Rita Buckner says excited…we are in Pigeon Forge at least 3 times a year and when we go down there from Michigan we stay 3 to 4 weeks at a time..the Island is one of our fun spots now we have Paulas new restaurant to look forward to…good luck with this new project and God Bless …Can’t wait for those southern cooked meals!!

    • Lisa says

      Hope her food isn’t as greasy as it was in Cherokee Harrah’s Casino… which didn’t make it by the way. Good luck Paula. Hope you have some healthy items and not all cooked in grease, butter and mayo! Southern cooking can be healthy as well!!!

      • CA Norryce says

        If it is anything like Cherokee, NC, it will be half-cooked chicken (that makes you sick) and priced so high you can’t afford to eat there. I can think of a lot better restaurants that could be coming to Pigeon Forge Island.

    • Sheila Weaver says

      I cannot wait for the restaurant to open! Have waited a long time for this. I love Paula Deen..She was my favorite cook on Food Network..I have most of her cookbooks.

    • Jayne Ziesel says

      May 20th my husband and I waited an hour and 15 minutes to sit for lunch, I ordered fried chicken and a good thing because my husband ordered the chicken pot pie. There was NOT one piece of chicken in the pot pie. A white sauce with peas and carrots. I got 2 fried thighs, and cut up the meat and put it into his pot pie. I then requested a breast and was told that requests are not taken. But the waitress brought me 1 breast. The sides were good. We will not return to the restaurant live in NJ.

  1. Carol says

    I think that is the best news I have heard in a long time!
    Cant wait to be able to visit there! I love Tn. and Pigeon Forge!

  2. Larry says

    This will be a great addition to the Island. Will be looking forward to visiting later in the year and enjoying a great meal.

  3. T. Pickens says

    Good Idea ! I would eat there when I come to Pigeon Forge as long as it’s pricing isn’t as high as her Savannah restaurant.

  4. Polly says

    This is the best new restaurant idea for Pigeon Forge. Can’t wait for her to open. Pigeon Forge is an ideal location for her style of food and hospitality.

  5. verna says

    I am glad to see Paula is making a come back since she is one of my favorite cooking stars. I have eaten at her restaurant in Charleston SC and was somewhat disappointed, especially after so much talk about it and how long the lines were. The food itself was somewhat bland and not much of it. Some of my party had the buffet and some ordered from the menu. I would have to say the best part was the fried green tomatoes we had for appetizers. Hopefully, the restaurant in Piegon Forge will be better. However, we all know it is not the name that makes a good restaurant it is how it is managed and the food preparation. Good Luck!

  6. Ron Pirkle says

    I Love this woman and i think it will be a great addition to Pigeon Forge . I cant wait to check it out ,only about an hour from me, always wanted to go to Savannah to her restaurant but never made it.. Good Luck Paula!!!!

  7. verna says

    I am glad to see Paula is making a come back since she is one of my favorite cooking stars. I have eaten at her restaurant in Savannah SC and was somewhat disappointed, especially after so much talk about it and how long the lines were. The food itself was somewhat bland and not much of it. Some of my party had the buffet and some ordered from the menu. I would have to say the best part was the fried green tomatoes we had for appetizers. Hopefully, the restaurant in Piegon Forge will be better. However, we all know it is not the name that makes a good restaurant it is how it is managed and the food preparation. Good Luck!

  8. Nonnie Slaton says

    I am so excited to see this coming to Pigeon Forge. Met her at the savannah “Lady and Sons’ and she is so down to earth. I did not think her prices were that high. Can’t wait to go to the restraunt.

  9. irene moore says

    i want eat there, a friend of mine was at a book signing, couldnt afford to buy the hard cover book and bought one of her magazines and she wouldnt sign it.

    • Regina Harnett says

      Now that is a sad one to hear!! Was it Paula directly, or was it her staff person who made the refusal? If this is the case, is Paula aware that this happened??

  10. Paula says

    So excited for Paula Deen. Glad she is making such a strong comeback. I look forward to going to the Pigeon Forge restaurant as I go there once or twice every year.

  11. Fran King says

    Exciting !! Visited her restaurant in Savannah and loved it, plus we visit the Smokies at least once a year, so this is GREAT news for us!!!

  12. Brandy says

    Love the idea of Paula coming to Pigeon Forge!!! She is a wonderful woman with a great style of cooking!!! We can’t wait to eat there this winter when we visit for the annual Chirstmas Parade. :)

  13. Darlene says

    I am so excited to hear that her restaurant will be coming to a place I visit every year. This will be on our to do list, for sure. We loved visiting the island and this will only make the place a definite stop for us! Good luck and God Bless…

  14. Rick says

    Great, another fine dining experience in my favorite relaxation spot. Can’t wait to try it and the other new and old favorites in Pigeon Forge!

  15. Rita says

    Awesome! Can’t wait to go.. Expect there to be waiting lines to get in and reservations needed just like in Savannah–worth it!

  16. Kywana says

    What…o my goodness really…stop it. My family and I can’t wait to eat there. I have so many of her cookbooks. Regardless of what she may have said in the past,Im still going to support her.Go head Paula Deen do your thing girl.

  17. Lisa Stevens says

    So glad to hear. We were so disappointed when Harrah’s dropped Paula. We loved to go to Cherokee, Tunica, and Southern Indiana. I feel this was a dent in their millions. lol But it has hurt their regulars frequenting there establishments as often. Can’t wait hope it is family and budget friendly. We have also enjoyed the Savannah location.

  18. nhp says

    Glad to know a good southern place to eat is coming to Pigeon Forge. Like Paula Dean and sure will try that place when we go there this year.

  19. Helen says

    So excited for her. This is terrific.
    We are very lucky to have her new resturant here.
    I hope she will open twice as many as before so everyone can enjoy, not just a few.
    God bless you Dear.

  20. Vicki says

    That’s great, Y’all! I hope the lines aren’t too long in September when we come for the Shades of the Past Car Show for us to dine there. We’ll plan to eat early! I’m looking forward to it even more now, if that’s possible.

  21. giggy says

    I too miss the Paula Deans buffet at Horseshoe Southern Indiana. This is the best buffet they ever had. Their new buffet does not compare at all. Horrible. We usually stick to Gatlinburg, but this will definitely bring us to Pigeon Forge for at least one meal. What a perfect fit for Pigeon Forge. Just wish it were open before we go next month. (March).

  22. Debbie in Kentucky says

    Great! Looking forward to eating at Paula’s. She has been done so wrong by the media. We love her and her food.

  23. Sandy says

    We were in Savannah 2 years ago and the friends we were with couldn’t wait to eat at her restaurant there. They stood in line for two hours to get lunch reservations for us for mid-afternoon that day. It didn’t take long to realize the long lines and hype are because of her name, not because of the food. The food was good, but definitely not worth the 2-hour wait for reservations and definitely not worth the price…far from outstanding, as we had been led to believe. Our friends said that her buffet in Tunica was much better than the Savannah restaurant. We MIGHT try this new restaurant but it won’t be high on our priority list…and if it comes down to eating there or at The Old Mill, we will definitely go to The Old Mill.

    • jo says

      go to the Old Mill and take all your friends. It will make the lines shorter. If you like Old Mill, Paula Dean would be wasted on you anyhow.

  24. rytar says

    This is great news. I’m sure it will be one of my new favorites when I visit for the car shows every spring and fall. My friend is always raving about her place in we are so looking forward to this one.

  25. Pam says

    Ya’ll, Jimmy Buffet belongs on the beach, like Gulf shores and Paula Dean belongs on the S.C. coast. Mama’s , Log cabin, and Old mill belong in Pigeon Forge. Don,t mess up a good thing !!! Love Ya’ll. By the way, I am from the south.

  26. Barbara says

    Great news for Paula is a great southern lady. We all need to support her for she did no wrong in what happened years ago.

    • Brandi says

      She did no wrong in what she said? So calling people derogatory names based upon their race is not wrong? In what world? Oh, that’s right: the south.

      • Elizabeth says

        That was so long ago. Let it go already! I plan to eat there in October. I have eaten at the Savannah location twice. Food is great. Looking forward to taking my children to this one. Way to make a comeback Paula!!!

      • Linda says

        Praise the Lord we do live in the SOUTH, and are doggone proud of it! And will be doggone proud if you stay up there!

  27. Vanessa says

    I’m so excited that a new restaurant is coming to Pigeon Forge. Glad Paula has hung in there through everything she has been through. Glad she is the one opening a restaurant there. Can’t wait to try her food. I bet the food will be EXCELLENT!! Way to go Paula. .

  28. Rose Rains says

    AWESOME!!!!! We can’t wait!!! we live a couple hours away in Kentucky… we go over quite often!!!! SUPER EXCITED….PAULA IS AWESOME :)

  29. Beverly says

    Good for Paula! She was completely done wrong with what happened years ago, and did not deserve such treatment! So proud that she is coming to Pigeon Forge! Wish her the best!

  30. Dottie says

    Looking forward to it, we live in New Market, TN about 30 drive to it. Just hope it won’t be over priced for us to go.

  31. Ed walton says

    Great news for Pigeon Forge,we loved her restaurant In Savannan Ga and in Cherokee NC,that will be good for area and her.

      • Tammy S says

        There is not one in Cherokee any longer they closed it down when Paula had all those things happen to her!!!!! My family and I can’t wait to eat at the new location on the Island!!!!!

  32. gaynell says


  33. Neana says

    I think that’s great!! I’ll be there in the fall and look forward to dining there. Hope the hospitality and the food is as great as the Apple Barn … I wish only the best for Paula , i know she’ll be great at whatever she does!
    Gods Blessings Upon You Paula!!!

  34. Gail Epps says

    Awesome! She got a raw deal before and so glad she is making her way back to the top where she belongs. I am a fan and I will support her and her restaurant!

  35. Teresa Bryant says

    Enjoyed your cooking show, always wanted to taste, excited that I finally can- WOW. My husband and I frequent Pideon Forge regularly and often look for good home cooking, with the exception of Aunt Granny’s at Dollywood, it’s hard to find. My husband and I with antipaction. Best of Luck to you.

  36. Shawa says

    Can’t wait! So proud of her! They knocked her down but she got right back up, stronger than ever! Love Love Love her, y’all!!

  37. Katherine Langley says

    It’s Great!!! We were just there two weekends ago!!! We’re planning a warm weather trip to there. Can’t wait!!! Hope Paula may be there ! Exciting! Maybe there will be book signings there.

  38. allan l eaves says


  39. Bea Terry says

    Fantastic! Nothing like good old Southern Cookin’. And, when you add someone like Paula to that you sure have a winning combination! I mean “Sugar, she’s gonna’ do real well. Bless Her Lil’ Heart!’
    And, we wish her all the best.

  40. Brenda says

    Love, Love, Love Paula Deen!!! Just one more reason to visit Pigeon Forge. You go Paula! Can’t keep a good girl down. Absolutely LOVE Tennessee. I have been visiting every year for the last 40 years.

  41. Charlotte Chadwell says

    Great news, My husband and I ate at the one in Horseshoe Casino in Indiana and it was teriffic! We thought the food was the best thing that the casino had to offer. We own a condo in Pigeon a Forge and are there really often. Bet your boots we will be eating there often ! Do not like the sound of a 2 hour wait like some of the comments state happens in Savannah! We are older and not able to stand around for 2 hours.

  42. cindy clark says

    Alright,I am so Happy to here this.,we love Pigeon Forge and LOVE Paula as well.She got a rotten deal.Can’t wait to come to her Restraunt and enjoy a great meal.Go Paula.

  43. Kimmie g says

    So excited! We love our home away from home and are thrilled that Paula Deen is opening a restaurant in PF! She’s an amazing person & was crucified for something that happened years ago…very hypocritical considering statements by other celebrities! Looking forward to doing a taste-test! Best wishes, Paula!

  44. Sue Cox Francis says

    Sooooooo Happy!! We vacation in the Smokies 5-6 times a year – this is such a “Added Bonus” to look forward to.
    I always remember my Daddy telling me as I was growing up- “Yesterday is History – Tomorrow a Mystery – But TODAY IS A GIFT & IT IS UP TO ME HOW I USE IT”!!! We are “Mov’n on YA'”ALL”!!

  45. Susie says

    My family is so excited! We can’t wait to eat there. We have all said things in life that we wish we hadn’t, so we need to not be so judgemental of others! I love Paula Deen!

  46. Joan says

    I think it is absolutely wonderful. She is lots of fun and the audiences enjoy her Southern ways and it was a tragedy that what happened did happen. She is a food artist that most all enjoyed and I for one am so glad she’s coming back.

  47. Jenny T. from Tennessee says

    I cannot wait!!!! I believe that Paula will be so surprised to see what a Tennessee Welcome is when she brings her restaurant to East Tennessee!!! We love you Paula!!
    Thanks for the good news!!!

  48. Vickie C. says

    WONDERFUL! I think this is great. I am sure there will be a lot of good food. Hopefully, it won’t be over-priced. If the price is reasonable so many more people could eat there than if it is too pricey.
    It would be awesome if it were to be a buffet.

  49. Ricky And Shirleen says

    Cant Wait To Try The Food.So Many Good Places To Eat In Pigeon Forge.Glad Paulas Restaurant Is Coming.We Own Two Cabins There And We Go 8 Or 9 Times A Year.

  50. Peggy Buhalo says

    So excited…. My family all love Paula. This is so awesome and I can’t wait. Will there be coupons available and if so where does this tourist pick them up?

  51. Sandy New says

    Am glad that there will be a Paula Deen Restaurant in Pigeon Forge. I look forward to trying it when we are there the next time. We love Paula, and hope that maybe she would add some Senior items on the menu for us retired folks on a budget!!

  52. June says

    Great Thinking by Paula your right up there with Dolly , you Southern Girls are Terrific
    Can’t wait till you open your restaurant , looking forward to eating there , on our next trip to pigeon Forge I have been letting Michigan folks know about this , I’m a southern Girl who Moved to Mich.
    when I got Married , but I’m still a true Southerner , I don’t think you ever loose that , Thank Goodness
    God Bless you & yours

  53. Debra Tuchscherer says

    I hope it is better than the one she had a Horseshoe Indiana. The price was higher and the food wasn’t really that great. Don’t get me wrong I love her other establishments. But you can believe that we will be eating here when we go to the Smokies.

  54. Debbie May says

    We live about an hour away and come to Pigeon Forge very often. I am really excited about Paula’s restaurant coming to Pigeon Forge! Hope she has a gluten free menu!

  55. Kim & Mellanie Denton says

    Paula, my wife and I have followed you for several years on the Food Network,( the show we miss very much.) We were talking yesterday about a trip we took to your cooking show that took place in Cherokee N.C . Living only 80 miles away from Pigeon Forge, you bet we will be visiting your new restaurant. BEST OF LUCK in your new adventure. God Bless.

  56. Kim & Mellanie Denton says

    Thank you for inspiring me to start a Cake Home Business!!! Welcome back and can’t wait to eat at your new restaurant.

  57. Claudia Rose says

    Thats woonderful Pray it will be a great success. Pigeon Forge & Paula Dean great combination sounds good together

  58. Donna eichhron says

    I hope you are so happy. with your new life paula deen go for it. love Donna eichhorn fromCommerce twp mich

  59. pat and jean barberio - florida says

    we ate at the Tunica restaurant while visiting Graceland and the food {buffet] was great – a big variety and delicious – will definitely try this new location – hope it’s open when we are in Pigeon Forge this July for our 50th Ann. looking forward to dining there with our family .

  60. Judi & Gary Kane Anderson, SC says

    WAY TO GO PAULA!!!! We are thrilled to hear you are coming o Pigeon Forge. We used to go to your restaurant at Harrah’s in Cherokee & we were so disappointed & mad they closed your restaurant. Had the best Thanksgiving meal we ever had there. FYI we no longer go to Harrah’s since your restaurant is not there anymore. Shame on them for what they did to you. I hope it hits them in their pockets real good. Good Luck in Pigeon Forge I’m sure it will be a big success.

  61. Jackie burdette says

    I am so glad that Paula is opening a restuant there… We go to tn. every year in the fall….can’t wait to try it out….I love Paula Deen…..

  62. jw says

    my husband and I visit pigeon forge about 4 times a year can’t wait to eat at Paula’s restaurant. Paula, Dollywood and all of Pigeon Forge what more can you ask for!!!!!

  63. Darren Warren says

    I would rather support local restaurants being run by Mom & Pop types, then this bigot who stops by her restaurants a few times a year. Her restaurant at Harrah’s in Cherokee was a disgrace. I can’t understand why people would want to flock to her restaurant for sub par food, and her fake “Aw Shucks y’all” routine. Guess it’s a southern thing…No thanks, I’ll pass.

  64. Keith says

    Hopefully this one will be better than the one that closed in Cherokee. If you’re going to use Paula Deen’s name; she needs to support it instead of just showing her face from time to time. Now if her son ever opened a place in Pigeon Forge, that would be something to write home about.

  65. BARBARA H says


  66. christine says

    us & our friends are waiting for Paula to open her restaurant.were so happy to hear she was comeing to pigeon forge where we live.she was done so wrong.she will bounce back because she’s not a quitter.EVER BODY LOVES PUALA.

  67. patsy kennedy says

    we are so excited for this we love pigeon forge and Paula Deen so glad she chose this area and also the store in Gatlinburg TN can’t wait being Lords will ill be there

  68. Boots says

    Congratulations on the opening of your restaurant in Pigeon Forge TN.
    I hope you keep the prices down so families can enjoy the food…Set one price for adult entrees and one price for children under a certain age. God Bless and Good Luck.
    From Almost Heaven West Virginia.

  69. charles and linda says says

    we cannot wait till your restaurant opens, we will be there in july. we love your restaurant in savannah been there 3times delicious food..wish you and your family good luck hope to see you there .pigeon forge is a great vacation town and are blessed to have you there .

  70. Tammy Stachowski says

    I ate at your Restaurant in Cherokee for my 50th birthday…..went to Savannah this spring…..have tickets to your opening in Pigeon Forge….can’t wait !!!! Love, Love, Love your restaurants and receipes…….you are such a sweet lady in the truest meaning of the word…..See you in Pigeon Forge.

  71. Barbara Hardenburgh says

    So excited for you restaurant to open,can’t wait to try it,also the store plan to visit there this week.And your location is at the Island I just love it there.

  72. Peggy Rucker says

    Paula Deen and Pigeon Forge, can’t get much better than that. I so miss Paula’s cooking show. I have all her cookbooks and lots of cookware. Love them all. I feel like Paula is my kin folk. Love her..

  73. cindy says

    i have eaten at the Lady and Sons in savannah ga it was very good, i have seen Paula at the metropolitan cooking show , i went for five years in a row when they had it in Atlanta ,just to go to her show it was great .so glad shes on her way back , I just adore her . she is one of the many celebrities that i have met that is truly genuine and what you see is actually her .not some made up personality. hope to be in Pigeon Forge when the new restaurant opens . who knows maybe she will be there in person hope so LOVE YOU PAULA

  74. Flo says

    Excited that Paula Deen is coming to Pigeon Forge! Will the restaurant be open by August 21, 2014? Surely hope so!!
    Will reservations be needed?

  75. mary says

    way to go girl they cant keep a good woman down sorry about the raw deal you got but you go girl i m waiting for your opening so what the lines are long thanks for you coming to tennessee

  76. Pam says

    Well it’s almost fall and I’m ready to visit Paula’s restraint in Pigeon Forge if as good as Lady and sons it will be awesome.

  77. Cheryl says

    We are so excited for Paula and can’t wait to go to her new restaurant in Pigeon Forge. We were hoping it would be open when we go in Dec but it sounds like it might not be. Hopefully we can go next year.

  78. Brenda says

    I hope it is opened by Christmas Time, we will be down there over Christmas and was looking forward to coming to Paula’s place.

  79. Bob says

    It looks like they have completely stopped working on Paula Deens. Is the restaurant really scheduled to be finished in Winter? From where they are now there is no way they will make it by then. Maybe Summer 2015?

  80. Libby Renfroe says

    I would like to purchase gift card to eat at Paula’s restaurant, is this a possibility? How and where? Thanks. Libby Renfroe

  81. Danita Jadwin says

    Can’t wait to eat here. Got to go to the one in Savannah this spring and LOVED it. Everything was wonderful. Wish it would be open by Thanksgiving. :(

  82. Jerry Dowdy says

    Paula was wrongfully treated and I am SO glad she is making a come back. CAN”T WAIT FOR HER RESTAURANT TO OPEN AT THE ISLAND IN PIGEON FORGE. We love that place and LOVE Paula’s Restaurants.

  83. lisa Faye says

    No, I will not eat at Ms. Deen’s restaurant. Food was disappointing at last restaurant. Happy she is back for those who will enjoy her food..

  84. Ann Underwood says

    God Bless u Paula, i watch the boys shows, & love them Watched u every day when u were on got cookbooks & pots & pans. We are retired now & we are traveling a lot .We go to Pigeon Forge every year & have been for the last 45 years.We were there in Oct 2014 at the Island we will be there this year soon.
    We have keep a tab on your Opening that great Southern Cooking W/ butter HA !!
    See u soon,5 Hrs. away in Kentucky love the drive.

  85. Karla says

    We ate at the one in cherokee was a little disappointed, but I love her and will definitely try the new one !!! Way to go Miss Paula !!

  86. donna becker says

    So glad Pigeon Forge lifted its Victorian stance on alcohol! Now maybe this lovely town will attract more businesses than just miniature golf. Jimmy Buffet and Paula Dean are …hopefully.. the beginning of a long line of more fun restaurants. I try to visit the Smokies once a year and it was always a toss up where to stay…now PF will be on the top of my list. Paula Deans will be the first place I head for dinner now!

    • Teresa Jones says

      I recommend staying at the Christmas Inn if you stay in Pigeon Forge! The beds are THE best and the breakfast buffet is wonderful. Santa Claus tells stories to the kids every night, along with cookies and hot chocolate. (Not just during the Christmas season) Wonderful place!

  87. Chris Gallagher says

    So glad to hear that Paula’s resturant will soon be opening. She has come a long way and I am so glad that she has pulled thru. I am looking forward to trying out the resturant. When we went to Savannah. we called to see what her hours were and whether we needed reservations and they told us just cone on down. We waited in line on a rainy day for over an hour and got up to the door and then found out that a reservation was neede and because we didn’t have one wasn’t able to get in. Really PISSED us off highly
    So we will give it one more try, as we go to Pigeon Forge 3-4 times a year

  88. Greta Preece says

    Y’all Paula is one smart cookie! I know we will get buttered up on our next visit to the Smokies! I will pass the word around to all my friends and family! Yippy Skippy!

  89. Steve and Valerie says

    Very good news indeed. we liked tony romas a lot and they shut down. we will check this one out for sure. we will be there in Sept for the shades of the past car show along with other friends which I will bring along.

  90. Sue Anne Gustafson says

    We loved Paula Deen’s restaurant in the Horseshoe Casino in Indiana. It was a 7 hour drive round trip, but was well worth the drive. We visited her Lady and Sons restaurant in Savannah. We were so disappointed with the food. There wasn’t much food and it wasn’t anything special. I sure hope her new restaurant is base on the one that use to be in the Horseshoe Casino. I really like Paula Deen and her family. I’m so glad she is back !!!!! Wish she were still on TV.

  91. Teresa Jones says

    I can’t wait for this to open. We went to Pigeon Forge twice in 2014, just to eat at her new place, but it still wasn’t open. She was given a really raw deal so I am so happy to see her come back in a big, big way!!!! Her restaurant in Savannah is a major memory for my family and friends, so I am excited to enjoy her new place!

  92. Bill Taylor says

    We can’t wait! We had scheduled a 2-night cabin stay back in November, hoping the restaurant would have been open. But it wasn’t. So now, we have scheduled another stay at the cabin for May 4-7. We are keeping our fingers crossed that it will be open by then….cause we definitely plan to visit the restaurant at least once!

  93. Marilynn says

    We were just in Pigeon Forge and go with a group of people every February. Now we are going to Savannah, Ga. to visit her restaurant at the end of March. We didn’t know there was going to be one in Pigeon Forge but we will be sure to visit it in October when we return for the 2015 season.
    Hopefully we might get lucky and see Paula and her boys.

  94. Kathy Davis says

    I am eager too for Paula Deen to open. However, they sure have a long way to go on that building. I do not see how they could possibly open by the first part of April. I am betting more like late May … if they hurry!

  95. Michele Mone says

    I’m so excited I can’t stand it. I’m hoping the restaurant will not only have a menu, but a buffet, too. I’m not from the south, in fact, I moved to Knoxville from Los Angeles, but I loved the buffet at Lady & Son’s especially the fried chicken & mac & cheese. Looking forward to the opening.

  96. Evelyn says

    We are looking forward to eating there. Coming the last of May for the Gaither Family Fest and needing reservations?

  97. Linda Matney says

    Can’t wait would love to come and visit the . Wondering will you need a reservation for dinner? Will you post an opening date?

  98. Linda Key says

    Arriving in Pigeon Forge in June. Only downside of vacation is not getting the type of food that you are used to and that’s comfort food. No offense to gourmet and burgers but vacation is supposed to be relaxing and if I can get the kind of food that I cook and not have to be in the kitchen well ya’ll that’s the kind of vacation I need. Hope this restaurant kicks it out of the park because theres nothing like good friends, good atmosphere, and GOOD FOOD. So lets cheer her on for all the hard work and trials that Mrs. Deen has had to endure and support her in this endeavor.

    • tins says

      They aren’t offering to go boxes either. If I decide to eat at a pricey placebo like to b e able to take the restand get my money’s worth also.

  99. Toni Osborne says

    We will definitely eat there when we come!!! Just love her !!.. But I am even more excited for my daughter-in-law Kate, .I got a text from her with the news …. ” Paula Deen is opening a restaurant in Pigeon Forge this month!!!”…”then another one…” I’m so excited!!. For they, her and Stevie are in Pigeon Forge the week-end of April 17th. celebrating their First Year Wedding Anniversary !.Then I read it ..MIGHT be open that week-end !!!! So to Paula Deen ….Please open that week-end!! Our Kate and Stevie will be there celebrating !! And eating in your establishment would be the best !!!! (I must say, she is a good cook too!! )

  100. Libby Young, Charlotte, NC says

    Haven’t been back to the casino in Cherokee since they dumped Paula’s restaurant. Shame, shame, shame on you, Harrahs! It was the only reason we went there. Looking forward to having some crispy FRIED chicken and vegetables made the true Southern way! I eat “broiled and sautéed” the rest of the time, but give me something “down-home” good to eat at Paula Deen’s! Ooey Gooey Butter Cake, Paula’s Mac & Cheese, Real Southern Collard Greens! Etc! Etc! Can’t wait for her place to open at The Island!

  101. tins says

    Excited for her and was looking forward to the opening until I read NO TO GO BOXES. My husband and I don’t eat a lot at one time and so I’m sure it would be extremely pricey and wouldn’t be worth our value to eat there. Would love to try it if they ever offer TO GO BOXES though.

    • April says

      No to go boxes?? I was really looking forward to going next week when we stay at Margaritaville hotel. How can a restaurant not offer To Go boxes? If I pay for a meal and want to take left overs i should have the right to do so- Take left overs vs throwing it in the trash….I plan to call before I go there and if this is the case, they will lose my business before I ever get to even go there. :(

  102. joan says

    I have always been a fan of Paula’s. I am thrilled that she has a restaurant in Pigeon Forge, and we look forward to eating there. We’re sure it will be great! Thank you, Paula!

  103. Jane says

    Glad I took the time to read this entire article. After reviewing the Paula D restaurant menu the luster lost its shine. Thank you for the heads up, it is appreciated.

  104. Misty says

    Woohoo! Our family vacation is scheduled for August 2015 and I cannot wait to have some good old, down home cookin! The setup sounds fantastic! If only Paula and her family could be in the kitchen themselves…

  105. Pilot says

    We were down there (as we are about 6 times a year) and left on April 26th. It appeared that the restaurant was already open but only to invited guests. Monday the 27th was “open to the public day” and we missed it by one day. Glad we did. Although the menu looks really good I can’t afford to take a family of five in there and leave $130.00 later after a 15% tip. It looks yummy but they’ve priced us out before we ever got in. Would liked to have given it a shot though. Obviously a rich persons stop and not for the working class. I’m disappointed to see that.

  106. Eric says

    Ok we had to wait 3 hrs for some bad sweet tea that was not even close to sweet. Than we was told they r out of mashed potatoes. It was not the experience I was expecting. It was Paula Deens name on it but I thank she would not but happy with the food here

  107. Tim says

    My family and I went on the first day Paula Deen’s restaurant opened in Pigeon Forge , TN on April 27, 2015.. We had called ahead and put our name on a list. Wasn’t open for breakfast that day. Starting seating people at 10:30am for the 11:00am seating. The 4 of us ordered. Choice of 2 meats and 4 vegetables. We chose pot roast and fried chicken. Noone in our family eats dark meat chicken so we asked the waitress if we could get white meat chicken and she said there is no way to guarantee what pieces you get. We ordered for the vegetables, mashed potatoes(you get no gravy), green beans, corn casserole (like sweet cornbread with some corn pieces in it) and red rice(WAY TOO salty). Well, when the waitress brought our food, pot roast was good, but hardly any gravy. Asked if we could get some extra gravy and gravy for mashed potatoes and she said they couldn’t do that. Can’t give us a cup of gravy. The chicken came and of course, we got 4 pieces of DARK meat chicken, no white meat, so we didn’t eat any chicken so that was a waste.
    Overall, since you can’t get white meat chicken if you want and they don’t allow you to get any extra gravy with your meal, the rice was way too salty it definitely is not worth $16.99 per person for lunch. As a table we probably didn’t eat a total of $10.00 worth of food. Hopefully, we will find out the next time we visit Pigeon Forge that we can get extra gravy and they allow you to get white meat chicken since you are paying quite a bit for lunch. If not, we won’t ever come back to visit Paula Deen’s restaurant. The only thing that was nice was the inside of the restaurant is very nice..

  108. Debster says

    Thursday April 30th – Love Paula Deen but not the restaurant. The only hot entrée was the fried chicken. Sent the ribs and pork chops back because they were cold and the replacements were cold. The salad with poppy seed dressing had poppy seeds but no visible or tastable dressing. The squash casserole was good, We waited 1:40 to get in. Couldn’t get through on call ahead seating. Paid $48.27 without tip for 2 adults with just water to drink. NEVER AGAIN! We felt robbed. Waitress never sent the manager over. We didn’t push it. Just racked it up to lesson learned.

    • Debster says

      If you want good old, down home cooking you will not find it here. You’d be better off at Cracker Barrel. We ate there 4/30/15. Big mistake, Nice shopping though.

  109. wanda says

    Will be their for the car show this weekend going to give it a try hope the prices are not out of this world.

  110. Larry Troxel says

    Drove over from Bristol to show support and try out Paula Deans. Only a few comments. The coffee and food could have been a little hotter, and music down a little, hard to talk and hear each other. Other then this I must say breakfast was good and when you left, you left filling full. I hope to come back soon and try out the lunch or supper.

  111. Christina says

    The store and restaurant are beautifully designed. The staff were very friendly and attentive. Sadly, we were disappointed with the food. It was incredibly greasy and lacking in flavor. I am from the south and I have had better meals at Cracker Barrel. We were not impressed at all! We also felt terrible because you are not allowed to take home leftovers. We felt so wasteful and guilty knowing that our food was being thrown away even though we did not care for it. We will not return to the restaurant but we will return to her adorable store.
    I hope that others will have a better dinning experience.

  112. Leslie says

    I took my family there May 28, 2915 for breakfast, it was the worst we had had all week. The gravy was tooooo greasy and salty. The biscuits where flat and tough. The only part of the meal that eatable was the fruit. Over all there was way too much salt on everything.
    I wish I had read the comments about this restaurant before we went.

  113. joseph fahrney says

    not impressed We ate there in May the food was ok but over priced. You can get the same food other places in pigeon forge at half the price and don’t have the long wait to get it

  114. Carol Boehm says

    I took my husband to Paula Deans restaurant for father’s day. We waited over an hour to have dinner and when we finally got upstairs the hostess was very nice and seated us in a booth as requested. The server came promptly and answered questions about the menu. After realizing that most of the menu contained meat/pork in the vegetables we got up and left. I am a vegetarian and the server explained there were only 3 items available for vegetarians and one of them was a salad with mostly romaine lettuce, which I don’t like. I was told I could buy okra or fried green tomatoes. We wondered why the appetizers were an additional charge when dinner was so pricey. I was disappointed that we didn’t get to eat there for father’s day. I would like to see the menu change where green beans, lima beans, creamed corn and other vegetables could stand on their own without adding additional meat. There is already a whole list of meats on the menu, why add it to the vegetables and limit the restaurant to only meat eaters. There is a whole list of vegetarian clients out there. Disappointed!

  115. Gail Rogers says

    We ate at this wonderful restaurant late Sunday afternoon, June 21st.. The meal was wonderful, the service great BUT where we were sitting was NOT! The sun came storming in, and truly ruined my dinner! PLEASE put up some shades for late afternoon, early evening diners!

  116. debbie davis says

    I have waited a long time to eat at a Pula Dean’s restaurant disappointed!!! Why did a cup of coffee cost anything , should be included with your meal or maybe $1.00, but instead she charges over $3.oo.. For a woman that came from a humble beginning, she sure is cashing in. The coffee should be free, the meal is expensive enough. 2nd are you telling me all the food that is left over, because there is no way 2 people can eat all of those portions is thrown out!!! Why not get together with the farmers, especially pig farmers let them collect all those scraps for animals. Maybe Paula should go back to humble beginning!!!!!

  117. rob says

    Not worth it, run away! Southern food really if you like plain tasting food.
    The wait was an hour and fifty minutes and was told 1 hour, and then when we got up stairs they had our name wrong and tried to tell us to walk back down stairs. I know we should have walked away but it was 6:30 after our first hour and if we went someplace else we would have had to wait an hour someplace else. Plus the ladies at the front desk keep telling us 10 more minutes.
    When we finally got our table, the price is $22 PER PERSON $22 for food that should cost $12! And ages 10 and under is $11. Plus drinks
    More food is not better people; some people eat with their eyes and think more is better. Not true, I would been happy if the food was less but taste better. Should try taste first.
    The food was not good and you cannot take left overs and we had left overs. I understand they will not let you but it was our first serving, it’s not like we ordered seconds to take home. It was the first go around of food THAT I PAID FOR. Nothing really left was worth taking back to the cabin. It’s sad to think that there are people in this world starving and they are throwing away food. Save your money people, there are better places than this in pigeon forge.
    The meatloaf was like a brick, and dry.
    The pork chops had so much flour for the deep frying that I could not taste the meat from the chops.
    The chicken was good, I will give you that, but really chicken deep fryer. We asked for more since that was the only thing people at our table wanted to eat, told us it would take 20 minutes.
    The Mac-n-Cheese was just plain Nasty; it was so bad the 3 kids with us would not touch it. My 7 year old spit it out in her napkin.
    So everyone at our table had 1 piece of chicken and salad and mashed potatoes and a cheese biscuit for $22 each

    Also at $22 per person drinks should have been included. This meal was definitely not worth the price and I will not be back nor recommend it to others.

  118. John Lako says

    We just ate at the new Paula Dean restaurant July 15th 2015. We had a short wait which was great but when they texted us we went upstairs and then had to wait. We finally got seated and had a great view. We had a great waitress and ordered our food. We were filled with excitement, but that was short lived the food did not meet expectations. The chicken was ok the pot roast was different tasting and the chicken pot pie was all white sauce. The side items were ok, but served in small dishes,. We were both highly disappointed and will never go back. It is good to try once but only once.
    Not what we expected !!

  119. Anne says

    My husband and I vacationed in Pigeon Forge from July 20-24,2015 and we loved the Island of Pigeon Forge. We had dinner at Paula Deen’s Family Restaurant.. Yes, we did have a bit of a wait, but with anything new we realized that we would have a wait, but if gave us a chance to shop at her store which I enjoyed, When we were taken upstairs to our booth,, We loved the view. Our waitress,Becky took real good care of us. We enjoyed the meal, We ordered the fried chicken, the pot roast and the cheesy meatloaf, with squash casserole, Lima beans, creamed potatoes and Mac and cheese. Everything tasted great and hot. We had a great time,!


  120. Debra Edwards says

    We went to the Island in may and ate at Paula Deens.We loved it.The food was great and the prices very fair for all you got.We loved the store and bought several things.Prices were good.We will definitely be back again.If anyone is considering going we highly recommend it.You will be glad you did.I’m so happy for Paula.She got a raw deal and I hope she continues to be successful.

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