2015 Spring Grand Rod Run Pigeon Forge TN

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The Spring Grand Rod Run in Pigeon Forge, TN is one of the “big 3” car shows that takes place in Pigeon Forge each year….the other two being the Fall Grand Rod Run and Shades of the Past. This Pigeon Forge rod run is one of the largest in the nation as it draws thousands of visitors and classic hot rods for miles…literally! If you love muscle cars, you’ll need to pack a bib to catch all of your drool at the Pigeon Forge Spring Rod Run. Just about every make, model, and color of every muscle car made can be found at this Pigeon Forge car show. Vendors are also setup selling hard-to-find parts and accessories for classic hot rods as well. The bottom line is, the Pigeon Forge Spring Grand Rod Run is one of the biggest and best car shows to attend in all of the nation!

When is the 2015 Pigeon Forge Spring Rod Run?

Pigeon Forge Spring Grand Rod RunThe 2015 Spring Grand Rod Run Pigeon Forge is officially scheduled to take place April 17-18, which is a Friday and Saturday. Many participants and visitors to the rod run arrive up to a week early…especially if hoping to enjoy various attractions, restaurants, etc in Pigeon Forge because everything stays packed during the Spring Grand Rod Run.

Where is this Pigeon Forge car show located?

The Pigeon Forge Rod Run was formerly known as the Pigeon Forge Grand Rod Run because it had been held at the Grand Hotel in Pigeon Forge for numerous years. That hotel, however, has been sold and being renovated, so the Pigeon Forge Rod Run has a new location at the brand new LeConte Center. This new facility offers a lot more indoor space for vendors, vehicles, and entertainment while also providing ample, free parking for spectators.

The address for the Pigeon Forge LeConte Center is:
2986 Teaster Ln
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863

Here is a map where you can get directions:

How do I enter my hot rod in the Pigeon Forge Spring Rod Run?

If you plan to participate and register your vehicle in the Pigeon Forge Spring Rod Run, you can visit the links below to get to the official website and entry form for this Pigeon Forge car show. However, if you just want to cruise your car into town and get in the mix without winning prizes and such you can just ride on in. You can cruise the parkway or find parking spots along the street to park your ride so others can ooh and awe over it. You’ll find that many people do just this and even place “for sale” signs in their windshields… after all, there are thousands of potential buyers walking by each day!

Entry form for 2015 Pigeon Forge Rod Run:

Official website for the Spring Grand Rod Run:

Where should I sleep?

Sleep? What’s that? Okay, yes, sleep is good but you’ll find that many people at the Pigeon Forge Spring Rod Run seem to stay awake all weekend long! You’ll hear burnouts and roaring engines well into the wee hours of the morning…and I guarantee it’s not the local newspaper delivery guy. So if you want to catch some sleep during your visit, there are numerous hotels and motels along the parkway near the Leconte Center to choose from.

Another option is to stay off the parkway in a private cabin and enjoy things like hot tubs, fireplace, multiple rooms, etc. It’s a great option especially when with traveling with other people to split the cost for a great cabin rental! We have a guide on some of the best cabin rental companies in Pigeon Forge to help you pick the perfect place to stay.

A word of advice about lodging:
There are a couple of things to take into consideration when choosing lodging:

  1. Do you want to sleep right in the middle of the action and possibly hear squealing tires, roaring engines, people partying, music blaring, etc while you try to sleep? If so, the show’s partner hotels and motels will probably work just fine for you. It’ll at least allow you to wake up and walk out your door and be right in the mix each day without fighting traffic to get to the action.
  2. Would you rather get more peaceful sleep away from the parkway and all the noise? If so, we’d strongly consider other Pigeon Forge lodging options such as a cabin available from numerous cabin rental companies in the area. A cabin would mean you likely won’t have many people nearby, which would cut down on noisy neighbors and such. Besides, who knows…maybe you plan on being the noisy neighbor! Either way, it’s typically more “peaceful”.

There’s not really a right or wrong choice on whether to sleep in a hotel on the parkway or a cabin a couple miles away. It just comes down to personal tastes…and actually wanting sleep!

Does it cost anything to attend as a spectator

If you would like to visit the official show location at the LeConte Center to see the vehicles, vendors, etc there has normally been a $10 fee in the past that gives you access all weekend at the show location. We’ll confirm this as the show gets closer. This is your best opportunity to see the show cars that are typically towed and parked (not cruising the parkway). Parking will be available at the LeConte Center for free.

However, if you simply want to see the vehicles cruising during the Spring Rod Run in Pigeon Forge, you can simply sit or walk along the sidewalk on the parkway to see tons of action. Many people setup lawn chairs along the parkway and just watch hot rods cruise by all day and night. If you plan on doing that, we highly suggest not leaving your lawn chairs unattended. Yes, you may lose your spot, but you may also lose your chairs if you leave them…it’s been known to happen. If you want to take that chance, then we suggest taking chairs that you don’t car to lose!

Also, if you plan to sit along the parkway then be aware that you’ll be exposed to the sun…and it burns. So take whatever is necessary to avoid that. Whether it’s sunscreen, hat, umbrella, etc just be prepared.

What about food?

Many visitors of the Pigeon Forge Rod Run bring their own food and snacks…especially the repeat visitors, because they know how busy the restaurants can get. If you plan to eat out, either plan to get fast food or try to call ahead to a restaurant to see if their either take reservations or call-ahead seating. Wait times during lunch and dinner at many restaurants throughout the weekend average over an hour. Again, just be prepared.

How is the traffic?

The weekend of the 2015 Pigeon Forge Spring Rod Run (or any Pigeon Forge car show) is not a good time to “be in a hurry”. If you visit Pigeon Forge during a car show weekend, then do not plan to be anywhere at a certain time…unless you’re walking and know how fast you can walk. Seriously. Visitors call it a car show parade. Locals call it gridlock. A person in a motorized wheelchair with the batteries dying will probably beat a car from one end of the parkway to the other. Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but just know that the traffic flow…is…well…slow. But the scenery is spectacular..so relax and enjoy it!

What kind of vehicles will I see?

You can expect to see a wide variety of muscle cars at the Spring Grand Run in Pigeon Forge. If it has an engine and growls like a ticked-off grizzly, it’s probably cruising the strip during the Pigeon Forge Rod Run. Below is a video slideshow that a visitor created so you can get an idea of what types of vehicles roll into town.

Pigeon Forge Rod Run Video

Final Thoughts

The Pigeon Forge Spring Grand Rod Run is one of the largest events to take place in Pigeon Forge, TN all year long. It’s definitely something to witness if you have any interest in muscle cars. Just be sure to plan for travel time, lodging, eating, and weather to make your visit as enjoyable as possible. Also, charge those camera batteries as there are thousands of photo opportunities!

If there is any info that we haven’t covered, let us know in the comment section below. We want this to be the ultimate guide to the 2015 Spring Grand Rod Run in Pigeon Forge TN as we’ve covered the most asked questions that locals tend to get about this Pigeon Forge car show!


  1. melissa says

    It really does take a long time in traffic last week I was trying to find a hotel with rooms but they were all full except the grand hotel so ill see if they cleaned up their act and know I know not to wait till the last minute

    • Pigeon Forge TN Guide says

      Hi Melissa, I hope your stay and your visit goes well! Have fun and thanks for sharing a comment!

    • Dave says

      I just returned from a trip to pigeon forge and was informed that the Grand Resort was in foreclosure. Will the 2013 Spring Rod run be held at the new LeConte convention center?

      • Pigeon Forge TN Guide says

        The Grand Resort has actually been sold and the new owners are claiming to still host the Spring Grand Rod Run in 2013, but we’ll definitely update this post if that changes.

    • Larry Payte says

      The Grand hotel is currently under renovation (it is literally being torn apart as we speak) and will not be available for booking until the fall from what we are hearing here in Pigeon Forge….

      • Sherry says

        I was in Pigeon Forge this past weekend (04/20/13) and saw autos with beads around the outside mirrors – what does this mean? Thank you!

  2. Dwight says

    I was @ the rod run as we have for 13 years and was wondering if somebody could assist with an inquiry. I purchased some sandpaper from a vendor at the show that was located just inside the main room. I would like to order more paper but can’t find his card. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Pigeon Forge TN Guide says

      Hi Dwight,

      You may have some luck contacting the show promoters at the phone number listed on their flyer at: 865-687-3976. They may know exactly who the vendor was and how to contact them.

      Good luck!

  3. janice says

    It would sure help me out, and probably thousands of others, to know your dates a year in advance so we can make plans. There are so many things I need to put on my calender in April and September but want to make sure I have you down first. Can you get them out an earlier?

    • Pigeon Forge TN Guide says

      Hi Janice,

      We don’t operate these shows, so we just relay info from the official sites as we get them. Fortunately, they recently posted the 2013 dates, which are April 19-21 and we’ve now updated this article with the correct info.

      Have fun planning! :)

      • Carl Royer says

        Not in 2014…. I had booked the third week before double checking, and see that for 2014, it’s the second weekend, not the third (due to the way Easter falls this year I assume). Oh well, will catch it in 2015, and still enjoy Pigeon Forge while I’m there.

    • Pigeon Forge TN Guide says

      Great question! We’re being told that the new owners are planning to still have the 2013 Grand Rod Runs at the Grand Resort, but if that changes we will definitely update the information on our site as well as through our email newsletters that we send out.

  4. Barbara Shields says

    How can I get on the email newsletter so I can keep up to date on the events in Pigeon Forge? We come to Tennessee at least 3 times a year. Thanks , Barbara

    • Pigeon Forge TN Guide says

      Hi Barbara,

      You can sign up for our free email newsletter on the right side of this page where it says “Get our free e-newsletter”.


  5. Cecilia says

    This is an AWESOME event! We go to the Spring and Fall Rod Run. We always stay at the Music Road Hotel and I highly recommend it! It is off of the main drag but still close enough to walk anywhere you want to go. Always more cars than you will have time and energy to see but GREAT deals to be had!! Traffic is very heavy so bring a bike, scooter, golf cart or GOOD SHOES!

  6. jamie says

    We’re coming down for the Spring Rod Run. We want to park our new Camaro on the parkway for all to see. We are staying in a cabin, and will most likely not be in town all day. Where would you suggest we park that is close to Wears Valley Rd?

  7. Wendy says

    If you are not into this, DO NOT go to Pigeon Forge during a Rod Run. Traffic is horrendous. It took us over 3 hours to move a few miles. We headed into Gatlinburg for the evening and needed to get back to our cabin. Needless to say, we had to drive towards Cades Cove and go the round about way to get where we needed to go. Traffic is a nightmare and we found ourselves very frustrated. We had no idea it was going on and had planned a Spring Break Trip. We love the area, just not during a Rod Run. The warnings on traffic are not strong enough. Walk where you need to go and don’t drive. Its not worth the headache or the gas you will burn to sit in traffic.

  8. Lori says

    How far is it from the Holiday Inn Pigeon Forge ? Do they allow u to drink alcohol if u r sitting in a chair along the road ?

  9. maria says

    we r planning on coming to the rod run this spring. i want to stay in PF, but because we own a time share in gatlingburg my husband thinks we need to stay there. is it a wise thing to try to drive into PF or should he just listen to me and get a room in PF?

    • gary ratcliff says

      I stay in gatlinburg a lot of time for the rod run also so I can relax in peace after several hours of cruising. If you know the backroads back and forth that is the best way to go.

  10. sarah says

    i hate it when i make plans to come and see the cars at rod run and you change the dates and not tell us after we make the trip to see the cars i was mad and said i wouldn’t come back but my grandson love the cars so i’ll try one more time

  11. sharon west says

    we were at the “shades of the past” last fall..loved it!this year we will be at the spring rod run..is the econo lodge at 2440 parkway a good place to stay,,to be in the middle of the action?

  12. Shannon Smith says

    Is there a schedule of events? My husband and I are coming down for the event and have never been before.

  13. Rod H says

    We just came back from Pigeon Forge and the Grand Resort is in the midst of a full blown reconstruction. The outside facade is off the building and a lot of equipment in the parking lot and the entire area roped off. I was just wondering about any updates concerning events scheduled there. Thanks.

  14. John says

    Are there rules, regulations, laws etc on the use of electric golf carts on the public streets of Piegon Forge during the Rod Run.

  15. Teresa Jervis says

    My husband and I are planning on being there this year. This will be our first one and looking forward to it! My question is, are golf carts ok to ride around on in town? Also, what are the policies concerning alcohol consumption? Thanks, Teresa

  16. Hall says

    We just shelled out almost $500 for a room so we could take our car to the rod run. When are they going to clamp down on car dealers bringing 10-15 cars up there to sell and taking all the parking places

    • g rat says

      I agree with that it has turned into a junk car parking lot that’s why I switched to the shades of the past show in September

  17. CanMan Ventura says

    Will there be a shuttle bus running from the Belle Isle parking lot to the Convention Center for the Grand Rod Run? If not, will the trolly service be running to the N. River Road area? I know that parking is going to be limited due to the reconstruction of the hotel itself, but are there any suggestions for parking and just walking around or to the convention center?

  18. Unknown says

    Is this something you can bring children too? They are 4 and 5. I’ve heard good and bad things, just needed to know from someone who had the right info.

  19. Cynthia says

    Last year it was the weekend of the 19th-21st, i’ve noticed you guys changed the dates to the week before. How likely are you guys to move it back to the 19th-21st? We planned our vacation to Pigeon Forge so that we could see the car show.

  20. Charles says

    We have been attending the Spring and Fall Rod Runs for many years. We have stayed in several locations, and can honestly say that we have not had a bad experience with any of them. As for driving, do as little of it as possible. Find lodging close to the part of the strip where you want to be, park your car and walk where you want to go. The strip is about 6 miles long. It is a whole lot more fun to walk around, and you don’t spend all day idling in traffic in a hot car. There are lots of families there, and the crowd is pretty laid back. PF is a family oriented tourist trap type of vacation town, with all sorts of kid friendly activities. Not to say that there aren’t some people who are there to party down, but for the most part it is pretty civilized. You will see some poorly dressed folks who mostly embarrass themselves, however most of the group seem normal, We have attended events in other cities. We have had our vehicle broken into and vandalized at a couple of those other events in cities where the criminal element is much higher than it is in Pigeon Forge. We have never had any issues in Pigeon Forge. The city is unique since it is a tourist town that grew out of a farming community, PF is fairly safe compared to many other cities. Almost everyone there either works at one of the businesses that serve the public, or they are there for a vacation. There are not a lot of rough types hanging around the place looking to take advantage of anyone.

  21. Brandon Stephens says

    If anyone would like to get some pinstriping done I’ll be in town for this rod run as well as the other rod run and shades of the past please call me at 404 556-6843 I’m based out of Georgia but I will be in Tennessee for those events. if you’d like to see any of my work please feel free to look me up on Facebook

  22. ron says

    If you would like to visit the official show location at the LeConte Center to see the vehicles, vendors, etc there has normally been a $10 fee in the past that gives you access all weekend at the show location.

    We’ll confirm this as the show gets closer.

    Please confirm whether it will be Free or $ 10. Email: rpb1041@msn.com.


  23. Ray says

    is there any place to park a trailer with a truck on it to sell..or do you just find a place on the parkway. Thanks Ray

  24. Ralph R. says

    It may be beneficial for your website to add more current videos of these events. Posting a 2008 event video in 2015 does not look too appealing to some viewers. I have attended these shows since 2007 and are a blast. A great way to spend a week end in East Tennessee.

  25. Dawn says

    We want to come to the Spring Rod Run in Pigeon Forge in April 2015 We want to also get married while we are there. We want to cruise down the strip with cans on the bumber and “just Married” in the window.We will more than likely be hauling the 64 Malibu on a trailer. We would like to stay close in a cabin near the traffic light #6 but want to stay somewhere that is appropriate to get married, such as in a cabin? It cant be too steep to haul the car, such as up the mountain. We have looked and can have a minister meet us at the cabin or hotel. Can you please recommend accomodations so we can do both the rod run and get married? THANK YOU!

  26. Jan says

    Want to attend car show in April but don’t know where to stay any suggestions? Would like it sit on balcony and watch.

  27. Tiffany says

    We made reservations for our anniversary 2 years ago and accidentally stumbled upon the Rod Run as we were coming in to town to get to our cabin. My fiance and I were geekin out at all the hot rods around us as we tried to figure out what was going on! It literally took us 2 hours to get from one end of Pigeon Forge to the other and on up to our cabin in Gatlinburg LOL but we loved every minute of that traffic jam because of all the cars! This year we are staying much closer and absolutely can not wait to see all the hot rods again! The Rod Run has become an anniversary tradition for us and we fully intend on keeping it that way!

  28. Keith says

    Looks like Pigeon Forge is trying to do away with the Rod Runs.These people need to set back and look at the money they are going to loose. I think they need to elect some people that has some common sense before it is to late.

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