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margaritaville pigeon forge tnJimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville is coming soon to Pigeon Forge, TN! The new Pigeon Forge Margaritaville is planned to open with a special ceremony at 9:30am on June 16, 2014. It is located at The Island in Pigeon Forge, which is a large new entertainment complex featuring the 200ft Great Smoky Mountain Wheel as the centerpiece. It’s surrounded by shops, restaurants, and all sorts of fun things to do. Margaritaville in Pigeon Forge is sure to be a popular new restaurant as soon as it opens!

Exclusive Photos of Margaritaville Pigeon Forge!

Get a sneak peak of what Margaritaville Pigeon Forge is looking like leading up to the grand opening! The decor and finishing touches are going up, which include an airplane, massive blender, palm trees, signs, pictures, and more. The Margaritaville store inside the restaurant is all setup and being stocked with t-shirts and merchandise as well! We got early access to see the inside, try some food, and shop a little so we wanted to share some pictures to give you the inside tour as well!

Margaritaville Pigeon Forge Menu

Below are pictures of the Pigeon Forge Margaritaville menu showing drinks, appetizers, salads, sides, and entrée items and prices. Entrée items that we saw on the menu range from $16.99 to $25.99 with fish, shrimp, chicken, steak, and more. Click the pictures below to see the Margaritaville Pigeon Forge menu items.

Margaritaville had originally planned to open their location in Gatlinburg due to Pigeon Forge not allowing liquor by the drink in previous years. In 2013, Pigeon Forge voters passed legislation allowing liquor by the drink, which has opened the door to numerous new restaurants flocking to Pigeon Forge…including Margaritaville. Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville pulled their Gatlinburg proposal and decided to open their newest restaurant in Pigeon Forge at The Island. The Pigeon Forge Margaritaville features casual dining, a bar, live entertainment, and a retail store.

The Island in Pigeon Forge was originally being built as “Belle Island” until that project came to a halt. New developers came in and revitalized the project which will bring restaurants, attractions, shopping, entertainment, and more in a prime location in Pigeon Forge.

Margaritaville Hotel at The Island in Pigeon Forge

Also opening October 1, 2014 will be the brand new Margaritaville Island Hotel! It will be a 4 star hotel featuring 132 rooms and a rooftop pool. The Margaritaville Hotel in Pigeon Forge, TN will be one of the few Margaritaville hotels in the world! They are now taking reservations by calling them directly at 1-844-4FINSUP (1-844-434-6787).

What are your thoughts about getting a Margaritaville in Pigeon Forge, TN? We’d love to see your thoughts in the comment area below!


  1. Gena says

    I am bummed about this. Gatlinburg would be the perfect place. It is nice to be able to go to dinner, have a few drinks, and walk back to your hotel. Pigeon Forge is just to spread out.

    • Daniel Irvine says

      I totally agree with you, Pigeon Forge is just too spread out and you have to drive any place you go. it’s just like Branson Mo. and we hated Branson! Its too bad about Margaritaville not being built in my favorite town, Gatlinburg!

      • D.P. says

        Gatlinburg is a great place but it is way to crowded. It was so bad just this past Saturday 2-22-14 , It took hours just to get into town. Pigeon Forge is bigger and has more highways to accommodate the traffic.

        • Tana says

          The location for Margaritaville is a great place with plenty of free parking and also a free shuttle to take you over to “The Island” where all the fun and activities are……The dancing fountains are great and the Wheel is beautiful…. Feels great too air conditioned ride glassed in with 90 degrees outside, it is an added bonus with cold air and then heated in the winter….

          The food at the Pigeon Forge Margaritaville is great…. I have tried many of their chains and this is the best i have had……..

      • Becky says

        Guess you guys have never rode the trolley while in pigeon forge. For 50 cents it will get you almost anywhere you want to go

        • Tana says

          I use to go to Dollywood and it drops you off right at the gate… saves $10.00 parking fee and waiting for their trolley to come and pick u up.. You can also catch the trolley to Gatlinburg, and i think it is $1.00 each way… There is an all day pass they now sell for the Pigeon Forge Trolleys for $2.50 per person, and you can get on and off all day….you buy it at the main trolley station near the Old Mill….

    • boilerpete says

      Been coming to the area 2-4 times a year since 1964. I think it’s a great idea! In Gatlinburg, parking is at a minimum. At the Island they will have all the foot traffic of people going to the Island plus the people at the Convention Center and the new conventer center at the former Grand Hotel. Gatlinburg lost most of my business when all the T-shirt shops and tattoo parlors replaced the mom and pop stores where you had actual items made in the Smokies.. Pigeon Forge is what it is-an entertainment center. I say the more the merrier. I’m still bummed that the DIck Clark venue was chased out!

      • Carol Power says

        I have going to Gatlinburg since the early 80’s and you’re right about the changes. I miss the old shops Gatlinburg used to be a quaint place I loved just to go the shops and spend my time and money there. Iasked the lady that had the Acorn .Shop and she said they raised the rent so high that she or any of the other small shops couls afford it. The t-shirt shops are willing and able to pay the rent I guess. The thing that broke my heart the most is when I first saw the giant Texas Road house sign I was standing there thinking how gaudy and tacky that it was and how the Gatlinburg I knew was gone.

        • Karen says

          I agree, even though I love Gatlinburg, it has lost the charm it once had. I hear that statement over and over again by so many that visit. I understand times change, but the “charm’ and “quaintness” that was so Gatlinburg, is no more. We have been visiting both Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge for about 30 years now. Both have different personalities. Enjoy them both !!!

      • Barbara says

        Agree with you, Gatlinburg has changed so much. I miss the old Gatlinburg, hope the Gatlinburg leader of proud of themselves. Stay in Pigeon Forge.

    • tina sistrunk says

      I can’t wait for it to get here. I would much rather have it in pigeon forge. The traffic is already bad enough in Gatlinburg. For those worried about driving they do have the trolley that runs. Margaritaville is a nice place to eat. It is not some dark seady bar. There are already places that are already serving.

  2. Cindy says

    Great News, both for Margaritaville in Pigeon Forge and the new liquor changes. Although, I would love to see Margaritaville in Gatlinburg also.

  3. Shannon Hebert says

    Very disapointed! We visit Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg every year in October and have done so once or twice a year for the last 20 somewhat years. One of the reasons we like the area so much is the strong Christian, family oriented and “party” free atmosphere that is evident in Pigeon Forge. This new proposal, if finalized, “will not” be an improvement in our opinion.
    It is not necessary. You have a great thing going now. Please don’t ruin it by allowing these type of establishments to flourish. This first step will only open the door to more. Your whole culture of vacationers will change and it will not be the same. Keep it “family” oriented!

    • Daniel Irvine says

      Why do people like you always try to force your opinions on other people? If you don’t like these types of places then go eat at Cracker Barrel and mind your own business! GOD hates a Hypocrite!!!

      • vj says

        I agree with you on your response to the “Christian lady” above your comment. I couldn’t have said it better myself!!!

      • Jan says

        It has NOTHING to do with being a hypocrite…that’s so the favorite liberal term. I totally agree with OP… PF has always been family/Christian oriented & it’s apparently working…it’s always crowded. Once these type of establishments start coming to town, a lot of PF’s loyal tourist will stay away. Now I’m Christian/family oriented, & it really doesn’t bother me much, as long as bar type places stay nice…however I do have a concern with people drinking at these places & getting behind a wheele of a car…I agree with others, keep these style restaurants in Gatlinburg where you can walk back to your hotel. But don’t call someone a hypocrite ..that’s just stupid & typical.

        • Yvonne says

          It’s too bad that some people will blame a legitimate business on people’s personal lack of responsibility. Just because you permit businesses to sell drinks does not mean they are responsible for the individual’s actions.

          Please don’t be so foolish to state that people visiting PF have NOT gotten drunk (in their hotel rooms) and gone out on the road.

          I’ve been to Margaritaville restaurants in Orlando, Key West, New Orleans, & Las Vegas. I can assure you they will stop serving someone if they appear to be too intoxicated. They run a respectable, family friendly place to eat.

    • Mary says

      Do you not realize that Pigeon Forge restaurants have been selling beer and wine all along? I have yet to see anyone appearing to be drunk anywhere and I live here. Just because someone can have a cocktail at a restaurant does not make the place non family friendly.

      • vj says

        well said, Mary. I, too, live in Pigeon Forge. Just because an establishment serves alcohol doesn’t mean people are getting trashed and destroying the “family”atmosphere.

    • Cheryll says

      Mary, I agree. I hate that there are now places selling liquor when PF has been a FAMILY locale. I hate having to monitor who is running their filthy mouth because they’ve had too much to drink. I’m sad about the change as well. All in the name of more $$. If people want to drink while out they should go to bar.

      • vj says

        why do you have to monitor anyone’s mouth? your comment is unjust. i’ve heard plenty of “sober” people who could make a sailor blush!

    • citcat says

      Huh ? I’m a Christian and a Parrothead, they are NOT exclusive to one another. Good music and good food will be there. I’ve been to Margaritavilles in Cincinnati, Key West, New Orleans, Nashville, Panama City, etc. and I’ve never seen any bad activity. It might get loud and busy if Jimmy is in that town performing, but that’s all. And families go there all the time.

    • valerie bartley says

      Apparently you have never been to a margaritaville hotel before. The pensacola one is the most kid friendly atmosphere hotel i have ever been too, They had a differnt craft every day in the lobby for all ages to do for free. do your homework before making an assumption of it name that it is all about partying!

    • David says

      I completely agree. There are plenty of places for liquor. The family non-alcohol atmosphere WAS a great draw. Places like Margaritaville will take away from that. People already could get alcohol easy enough without making it easier now. The new law is only a negative.

      • Mike says

        I have to disagree. My family just visited Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg the weekend of July 12th. We were a group of twelve including my five grandkids ages 2, 5, 7, 13, and 14. The Island is beautiful and very family oriented. The Margaritaville restaurant is beautiful, bright, and colorful keeping in step with everything else in Pigeon Forge. We never saw any drunks outside cussing and slobbering on the ground. My grandkids loved The Island. They rode the Giant Wheel and played in the arcade. Everyone had a great time. It’s not always necessary to assume the worst and promote negativity. That is why we have politicians.

  4. Jim Black says

    I think its a great idea, I am not a fan of Gatlinburg but I really enjoy Pigeon Forge. I have been to the one in Myrtle Beach and just loved it. I am from Johnson City, TN but come to Pigeon Forge many times a year, so go for it Pigeon Forge!!!

    • sherry parsons says

      yes i think pigeon forge would be a whole lot better.. a person can get in and out a hell of alot better in pigeon forge than in gatlinburg.. ;)

  5. Ted crawford says

    Sounds like a sign of the times. We love coming to pigeon forge, I hate to see it begin to go the way of the world . I understand it takes revenue , people, and something to bring people to want to come, but when things get their foot in the door such as this, it only leads to larger problems down the road. We love the family oriented history of your city, and hope it stays a place people can come and enjoy family values. Progress is a necessity. Staying in business is a struggle, giving people what they want is a life line, and doing right and letting the Lord lead is an absolute necessity. We appreciate your city, and all it has to offer. Our prayer is you will pray on this matter.

  6. Charles Vannoy says

    WE have been to Margaritaville in Myrtle Beach and we Loved it, We don’t drink but it is a great place to eat and lots of fun watching the large wine glass and etc.
    This would be a very good attraction to the area and it would be to your benefit.

  7. Sharon says

    I think it’s a great idea. I think Margaitaville would do a lot more business in Pigeon Forge than Gatlinburg. It’s so much more to do there and lots more people. Hope this happens. Good luck with the project!

  8. Denise says

    I love the Margaritaville restaurants! Parking is so limited in Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge is a much better choice!! As for the new law passed, doesn’t mean you have to order a drink but if someone wants to….it can now be an option for them. Pigeon Forge has been caught between Sevierville & Gatlinbug for years due to that law. Life is full of choices…..this just enables them to offer more choices to visitors.

  9. S Blevins says

    I am very grateful this will not invade Gatlinburg! I have been going to Gatlinburg since early childhood and have watched as the ‘family’ recreation spot is disappearing! I would hate to see it invade Pigeon Forge, but would like to see Gatlinburg not include such a place downtown – they have enough!

  10. VBrophy says

    Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg are find just like they are without the liquor!! That takes them our of the family-oriented places of entertainment!!

  11. Joel Wates says

    Travel to Pigeon Forge annually for shades of the past car show. Not familiar with the location (the island at Pigeon Forge). Possible location of Margaritaville restaurant.

  12. Phyllis says

    Would love Margaritaville to come to Pigeon Forge. I would like the option to have a drink with my meal, I visit yearly with my adult family and friends,

  13. Bud says

    Pigeon Forge is a better choice than Gatlinburg due to parking being such a hassle in Gatlinburg, I do hate to see the family atmosphere lessened in Pigeon Forge however. When I think of Margaritaville I prefer it to be in Key West, FL.

  14. Lou Z says

    Big mistake for Jimmy. There is a lot more foot traffic in Gatlinburg than Pigeon Forge. This is especially true during the slower Winter season when shops close down for a few months and tourists are scarce. Gatlinburg will continue to draw the Winter Sport Fans. Both athletes and spectator will show up to Gatlinburg and The Great Smoky Mountains who will also spent money in the nearby restaurants. Hopefully Jimmy will reconsider their decision.

  15. Laura Layfield says

    I am so disappointed that the city of Pigeon Forge received enough votes to approve liquor-by-the-drink. This town is amazing the way it is with the family oriented atmosphere. I certainly hoped the the new LeConte Center would generate enough revenue that the liquor-by-the-drink would not be an issue.

  16. Stacy Titans says

    Yes! We can’t wait for this to go thru ! Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge either place will be great!
    As for all the people that think this will be bad your wrong! Our family (adults & kids) love Margaritaville.
    Its the atmosphere it’s FUN!!! Just because drinks are served doesn’t mean the place is bad. They have great food & entertainment. We go to the one in Panama City everytime we are in town and have never had a bad time.. All the haters need to go to a Margaritaville somewhere and just sit down in a booth made from a fishing boat and ENJOY dinner!!!!!! And Music!!!!!!!

    • Yvonne says

      AMEN! You took the words right out of my mouth!

      Just because drinks can be served doesn’t mean everyone will choose to drink. There is wonderful entertainment and FUN for everyone. My grandkids love it!

  17. Sharon Anderson says

    Do not wish to see Margaritaville in Pigeion Forge or Gatlinburg. This is a family resort area and would like to keep it for familes. I have seen what comes out of Margaritaville and this is not what I want my children to see.

    • Daniel Irvine says

      You need take your children to Chuckie Cheese and not concern yourself with what other people want! why do people like you always want to shove their beliefs on others?

      • David says

        Daniel, I think that is exactly what you are trying to do…. Shove your beliefs on others. Sharon’s point is she doesn’t want to see it. I don’t either. But at this point it is there so we will see how it changes the family atmosphere of PF.

  18. Sonya says

    When I first heard of MARGARITAVILLE coming to Gatlinburg, I was so excited.I was in Gatlinburg in June and again in August. I had been counting down until it opened.Sad to say that there is a very large possibility that I will not be visiting MARGARITAVILLE in Pigeon Forge.Pigeon Forge is entirely too busy and I try to avoid it when I do visit.Its definitely a vacation to me when I stay in Gatlinburg and can leave my vehicle parked and walk to the shops as well as the restaurants.I still will keep my fingers crossed that they change their mind on the Pigeon Forge location. :)

    • Yvonne says

      It’s easier to get in & out in Pigeon Forge. Parking has ben, always will be a MAJOR problem for Gatlinburg.

      I live in Seymour & DREAD when I want to go to the Great Smoky Mountains because I have to deal with Gatlinburg BACK-UPS….even with the bypass.

  19. Steve Fansler says

    I think parking would be a problem in Gatlinburg, where as in Pigeon Forge they should have a large lot for customer parking. I also think selling liquior by the drink is not going to corrupt the area. It will bring more business to the area and should bring more revenue to the area.

    • Tana says

      Everyone will happy to see all the free parking available at the Margaritaville location at the new “Island”….. It is a great family atmosphere with kid rides, dancing water fountains with synchronized music, and a wonderful glassed in a/c Ferris Wheel to ride…. i have seen the restaurant and it is beautiful and is scheduled to open June 16…………The Island offers a special rate of $19.99 plus tax for a 24 hour pass for unlimited rides on the Wheel and all the other rides….such a great deal, since the Wheel by itself cost around $15 pp with tax……

      • Tracy says

        myself and 5 other family members visit once a year for Shades of the past & Grand Rod Run. we rather visit Pigeon Forge & Gatlinburg than the Carribean. think it’s a great addition to Pigeon Forge. I have to agree about parking in Gatlinburg has very limited parking , we usually take the trolly. Looking forward to seeing and have supper at Margaritaville, it’s nice to have a new addition an option to visit.

  20. Margaret says

    Do ‘not’ want this in Pigeon Forge. This is a family oriented area and would only bring more problems there. We go to Pigeon Forge about 2-3 times a year and would hate to see this kind of establishment there. Lets keep Pigeon Forge clean from this kind of ‘businesses’.

    • Crystal says

      Um…it’s a margaritaville…a Jimmy Buffett inspired restaurant…as a True PARROTHEAD, I’ll let you people in on a secret…Jimmy Buffett is actually VERY FAMILY oriented…it’s not all booze and partying. Sad you so called “Christains” want to bash something you know nothing about. Super excited to see a Margaritaville coming to my town!

      • Heidi says

        “Sad you so called Christians want to bash everything you know nothing about”

        Sounds to me like you are the one doing the bashing. Use of the term “so called Christians” is what is giving me that opinion. You say “want to bash everything you know nothing about’. The conversation is about one subject, answering how you feel about Margaritaville opening in PF. Your stating that Christians bash everything is markedly hostile. I’m wondering if you realize that Dolly Parton’s center attraction, Dollywood, as well as the rest of the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area are openly influenced by their owners Christianity. Hence the large number of Christian tourists.

      • Yvonne says

        Unfortunately, too many “so-called” Christians are NOT!

        Many people leave churches because a select few make decisions for the entire congregation. There is NO democracy….it’s about who has the MONEY! So, why is it that many of the “Christians” comments are about having to permit Margaritaville to bring in more money.

        Pastors will go along with whatever the person with the biggest bank balance/checkbook wants. There is also more gossip and mean-spirited people in a church pew than on the streets of Pigeon Forge.

        “Judge not lest ye be judged…” It is NOT your place to judge anyone or determine what should be available to everyone. God gives us free will for a reason. And….only He has the right to judge me or anyone else!

  21. tamra franklin says

    i hate the idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please keep pigeon forge free of this mess leave it all in gatlinburg where people who drink can stay off the roads and walk to their hotels and all my family and hundreds of my friends and fans say keep it out of pigeon forge

  22. Debi says

    Been to Margaritaville in Orlando and it should stay in that type of atmosphere, not in a family oriented area like the Smoky Mountains. Went in to see what it was like and never went back. Looks like the comments are split, some want the drinking and party life, while others like myself go to the Smokies to enjoy God’s handiwork. Just another sign of the times. Americans want anything but God. Wholesome, pure family entertainment is too boring. Keep Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge intact and do not sway to these chains that could care less about the simple, country values we cherish. Where are you Dolly Parton? You are doing a great job at Dollywood in keeping with tradition and values. We come to the Smokies several times a year and spend a lot of money. I don’t want to have to go somewhere else if it gets to worldly.

  23. Heide says

    One side of me likes the idea because it will bring a different kind of food and atmosphere to the area. The other side worries that the family and Christian atmosphere will suffer. I’m glad it won’t be located in Gatlinburg. Gatlinburg is my favorite place to stay. It has scenic beauty beyond compare. Pigeon Forge is more touristy and spread out. So if it must be, let it be there.

  24. Craig says

    Margaritaville will probley do O.K. whether in Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg. Being able to walk to it in G-burg would be nice but wont be a good option in Pigeon Forge. Belle Island sits off the parkway a little bit whereas in G-burg it would be in the middle of town. Either place I’ll definently check it out. You will be able to get drinks in either place now so that does’nt matter. Been to the one in Myrtle Beach and food was good with a fun atmosphere. Did’nt see any drunks staggering around pukin. Hope they can find a comparable replacement for G-burg.

  25. Gena65 says

    HATE THE IDEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This will be a mistake we vist pigeon forge two – three times a year as a family and one reason we love pigeon forge is that there is no alcohol it needs to be in Gatlinburg that would be a better choice!

  26. Marcia Kush says

    NOT!! It would be so out of place!! That type of restaurant/bar will not be welcomed or supported by families and the Christian and youth conference clientel, and these folks have invested much time and monies to these cities for many, many years because of the clean living and family reputation of the area. I personally don’t like the idea of it being in Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg. Why not put it in Sevierville or Knoxville where they have the revenue and the police force to deal with the crime these liquor places will produce?

  27. chuck says

    gatlinburg is a great place for family .i pray that yall will keep it that way so the magic of real america can be enjoyed

  28. Arnies says

    I can’t wait to see Margaritaville in the area! It is a great family restaurant and our family loves to eat there every time we’re in Orlando, Myrtle Beach, New Orleans, or Nashville. We’ve had a great time and great food regardless of the location. This restaurant will be a great addition to the area!

  29. nifty_fifty2000 says

    Although, I would like to see it in Gatlinburg-Pigeon Forge is much more accessible-especially for the convenience of parking and getting around. Parking in Gatlinburg sucks. We have been going to Gatlinburg for 5 years -camping- and Gatlinburg is quaint but a nightmare to get around in and too small of a town to take on a Magaritaville and I love Margaritas. Oh well time will tell which city wins out.

  30. Tammy says

    We go to Pigeon Forge every year and we love the family atmosphere. It has been that way for many years and that is the main reason we love it so much. Our whole family gets together and will rent a cabin in Pigeon Forge for a week, we have ages from little children to seniors and this would definately change things for us. We also love to go to the car shows (Shades of the Past). Please leave things as they are it has work just fine for many years. Don’t change a GOOD thing.

  31. Frank says

    I will pray for the souls of the people who voted for liquor by the drink in Pigeon Forge. Another wholesome vacation spot gone.

  32. Janice says

    Bad idea! People can’t live without yet another chain restaurant in the Smokies? Really? There are plenty of good local places to eat. When we come to the Smokies, we come to enjoy the park and we belive in supporting local restaurants and craft shops. Margaritaville will just create more traffic between Gatlinburg to Pigeon Forge. Pigeon Forge is becoming another Gatlinburg with the urban sprawl. When we visit the Smokies, We avoid Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge like the plague with all the tourist traps. Keep the restaurant in Gatlinburg or Knoxville if you just can’t live without it.. If you look at the locations of the Margaritaville chain, it’s in huge metropolitan areas. Pigeon Forge is not Orlando, Las Vegas or New Orleans! In terms of liquor, I don’t care either way. I’m sure there’s lots of drinking and driving and parties going on already. You can get drunk at a party with free alcohol a lot faster than at a restaurant. Drinks by the glass are expensive and self limiting unless you have a bottomless pocket.

  33. Stephen Verran says

    I think a cafe or hotel and cafe in either location will be good. I also dob’t think it would turn either into “Sin City”.

  34. Debbie says

    Everything changes… I remember going to the smokies with my family when there was only a couple of hotels and the amusement park! People can still get close to God’s beauty in the park as long as they have Him in their heart in the first place! As far as the liqueur people have been bringing their own for years so people need to wake up … It’s in your back yard anyway so why fight just for the sake of fighting !!! Disney is family oriented and they have liqueur at Epcot !

  35. Charley says

    As a responsible adult who either IS the DD or has a DD in tow, I say BRING IT! It’s about time Pigeon Forge grew up!! If you don’t want to go – DON’T!! It’s that simple.
    I am SO ready to have a Margaritaville close enough to enjoy it often! And I am 1.5 hours away, which means when I go to Margaritaville, I will most likely be dropping a lot of dough in the local economy with rooming, other eateries, cab/van fare and shopping over weekend trips!

  36. Lois says

    That is perfect for that city! Whether you drink or don’t drink, Margarittaville is such a fun enviroment that usually draws a large crowd. Parking would be the issue in Gatlinburg.. I despise wanting to go somewhere to eat and having to search for parking or having to pay to park. Gatlinburg has Hard Rock and Dicks. Its time for Pigeion Forge to have something exciting

  37. Kathy says

    We live between Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg and are so excited about Margaritaville Cafe coming here. What a great place to take friends and family and meet with co-workers(so much better than the brewery.). As far as Gatlinburg vs. Pigeon Forge, we would go to either place, but Pigeon Forge is much easier to get in and out of. At least you don’t have to worry about dazed tourists stepping out into traffic with no warning. Also, the parking will be free. I hate that locals can’t even find a free place to park in Gatlinburg most times of the year just to get a meal. Loved Margaritaville cafe in Key West (when we lived in Miami) and will love it here!!! Looking forward to another place with live music.

  38. Tina Griego says

    Wow! I love the Margaritaville in Orlando and have been to the original one in the Keys. They have great food & atmosphere. I wished it would of stayed in Gatlinburg, but time makes things change and to all the christian remarks I agree with some other people, if you don’t like that they serve alcohol go somewhere else there are a lot of options. Lets not forget that some christians do drink contrary to your beliefs!

  39. Melissa says

    As far as it being spread out and possibly wanting to have a drink without driving through pigeon forge, you can always ride the trolley. That would be safer and you could still enjoy your favorite adult beverage. :)

  40. Janis Allspaw says

    It seems everyone concerned about the margaritas but what about the “Cheeseburger in Paradise”!!?? Fun place to go!

  41. Paul says

    Not sure what the drinking problem is in Pigeon Forge, last time I was there I had alcohol at The Dixie Stampede. I don’t recall seeing anyone drunk leaving the place or causing problems. Jesus turned water into wine, not the other way around so I doubt he had a problem with the odd drink.

    • vj says

      there is NO alcohol sales at Dixie Stampede. They have never sold alcohol. I know, because i work there!

    • hereforfunthatsall says

      Paul were u already drunk when u went to the Dixie stampede ? I didn’t see any alcohol there when I went …..maybe u thought u had a alcolholic drink

  42. Jinean says

    I am sooo excited they are opening close to me! I think the forge is a great place. Parking will be so much better and it will be easier to get to. I have lived in Seymour my whole life and going to Gatlinburg is such a headache. So I say whooo! To you Margaritaville! Can not wait to visit you!!!!! <3

  43. Sonya Smith says

    I’m soooo excited to see it coming to this area. Loving Jimmy and Margaritaville. Have stayed at the Hotel in Pensacola. The place is awesome. My question is, when are they going to start taking reservations? I want to be one of the first to stay there. Hoping Jimmy comes to visit at the Grand Opening. Let’s go Parrottheads!!

  44. Chad Benner says

    I’m a Christian. I love the Smokies. AND…wait for it…I LOVE MARGARITAVILLE! If you’re worried about family, obviously you’ve never been to one of these awesome restaurants. If you don’t like or drink alcohol, do what I do, DON’T BUY ANY! I’m fired up about this place. Can’t wait!

  45. Willie from Cincy says

    I think Margaritaville in Pigeon Forge will be a tremendous addition to the local area. I must admit i had sworn off revisiting the local area due to repeated traffic nightmares i’ve encountered. I am considering changing my mind and not only visiting but booking a room at the Margaritaville Hotel for a few nights.

    I cannot fathom anyone opposing establishments that serve adult beverages in a town that sells such explicit items in its gift shops. I understand the family values argument but i don’t feel it holds water in this instance. I’ve taken my three teenaged children to multiple Margaritaville locations and they’ve managed to grow to be responsible and well adjusted young adults.

    Note to the masses: be sure to bring your Fun Tickets! MV is a wonderful place for those who are looking to kick back, relax and flip flop out. I freely admit the franchise is not for everyone, especially Funsuckers. But if you like a tropical state of mind and having fun this is a place i would most certainly recommend to you and your loved ones. No need to worry about the Landsharks swimming on the land, most of them are toothless!


  46. Elaine Tiller says

    I don’t think the developers did enough research to justify their location change. They should have polled the local business people and customers. Gatlinburg is the more appropriate place for this type of business. PF is a drive through town, with 10000 stops along the way. I actually looked forward to going there I thought it would be in G’burg – but PF – doesn’t appeal to me at all. When I was a kid, PF had little more to see than Goldrush Junction, Fairyland and The Dog ‘n Suds drive-in. How things have changed. The Old Mill area is nice, but that’s about it.

  47. stacy says

    dont really matter which town it comes to been to the one in myrtle beach and it is very overated. it brings people in with the name and once your in there you will find out its just an over priced sandwich shop.

  48. TNFANINNC says

    I dont understand what the big deal is?!? PF has always served beer and wine. What is the difference now that someone can order a margarita instead of a glass of a wine?? They are both alochol. I’m a Christian and I dont believe drinking is a sin, it’s all in moderation. You have the same likely-hood of someone walking out of Calhouns, Smoky Mountain Brewery or any of the winerys currently in PF drunk as you do if they went to Margaritaville. We are all entitled to our beliefs and you have a choice not to take your family to those type of establishments. As much as PF is a family oriented area there is just as many couples that come to the area to vacation without childern and would like a mixed drink or a bottle of wine with dinner. Doesnt mean they are going to get drunk and cause a ruckus!

  49. TNFANINNC says

    In addition to my previous post…For the record, I’m extremely excited about Margarittaville coming to PF. If we are not vactioning in the Mountains we are vactioning in the Islands and/or Cruises so now we get a little piece of the island life that we love in the mountains that we love. I think its a great addition to PF. A refreshing welcome from all of the go-kart and mini-golf places that are on every corner!!

  50. Debbie says

    Some people need a life and need to not be so judgmental. They ask opinions on the vacation spot in PF. Not about the drinking. Jimmy Buffets is not such a family place for small children. Went to one in Jamaica. Not to many little ones. We travel to PF a couple times a year. We try to stay away from chain restaurants. We do have a lot of local places we love to dine when we come to the Smokey’s. We have a few drinks with dinner and retire to our cabin where we have a lot of drinks. And enjoy each other’s company and our vacation. What we planned. Not what some turn their snoot up to.

  51. Kelly says

    Thankfully it’s not going into Gatlinburg. Most people like the small town atmosphere of Gatlinburg. Plus there isn’t any parking. It’s more suited in Pugeon Forge. And people if you’re worried about drinking and driving, take the Trolley or a taxi.

  52. marc says

    To all these people whinning about the Liquor Law Change you need to be a proprietor to even know what you are talking about. Most young drinkers drink beer because it is what they can afford which was available before the law change. Very few drink hard liquor because of the cost. This will have no effect on Pigeon Forge whatsoever except that the responsbile adults will be able to have a glass of wine now. Bite your tongue before you ramble about what you know not.

  53. G. Field says

    My family and I can’t wait to booking for reservation for our family vacation. We we there a couple of weeks ago and think our grandchildren will love it and we won’t have to leave the Island. I think its great

  54. melissa says

    Hip hip hooray! I’m so excited about the new Margaritaville in Pigeon Forge! As a loyal parrothead, parent, and Christian I think it will be a great addition! If you’ve never been to a Buffett themed site then maybe you will be surprised. My kids have grown up visiting his establishments all over and have always had a great time. I am not a drinker but its nice to be able to get that tropical state of mind. Cheers to Jimmy and we can’t wait to adorn our grass skirts there and kick up our flip flops. :-)

  55. Tim S says

    Going to pigeon Forge last week of August 2014.
    Does anyone know a confirmed opening of the Hotel
    I called the Island at Pigeon Forge and they said later this year like they weren’t going to make late summer

    • Shane Eubanks says

      Hey Tim,

      I heard from them this morning and they’re still not comfortable giving a date yet and sticking to the “late summer 2014” timeframe. They’ve mentioned they are planning to start accepting reservations in late April, so my assumption is they’ll have some sort of date by that point, which we will post as soon as we hear.

  56. Donna says

    My husband and I went to Piegon Forge over valentines day weekend this year. We went to the Island for the first time and rode the Wheel! We had a geat time. I am glad that you can purchase drinks in Pigeon Forge and enjoy your vacation stay. I too love Gatlinburg but it’s too crowded and not enough parking! The Island is the best thing that could have happened to Pigeon Forge! Can’t wait to bring the kids this summer!

  57. cindy lee says

    so happy to see margaritaville come to pigeon forge tn Iwish they would bring bubba gump shrimp resterant also see you in pigeon forge june 19.

  58. Carol says

    Hmm, spent last week-end in Pigeon Forge and if I’m not mistaken, there is a place right next door to the Old Mill Restaurant that is going to make and sell moonshine. I guess the only difference between the moonshine place and the Margaritaville venue is that they won’t sell the moonshine by the drink but by the quart jar.

  59. Nic says

    After reading the comments, I wanted to share my thoughts on Margaritaville opening in Summer 2014. If the food is good, the staff is genuine and friendly, the atmosphere is inviting then so be it. I’m all for diverse businesses. I say bravo to East TN for adding more major attractions. After all, that’s what “attracts” visitors, thus improving business and revenue.
    For those deeply rooted in their faith and focus on “Family” (which there’s nothing wrong with your faith and belief) as the reason for disagreeing with the addition of the restaurant and hotel – just understand that it IS a family atmosphere and if you don’t like restaurants that serve alcohol (pretty much all establishment serve alcohol ) or want your family seeing people get drunk (which most visitors don’t go to PF to get wasted – they are there for the attractions) then you might want to narrow your search on where to find a “family-friendly” environment….
    Another note, what about single tourists who come to visit? They may not be the nuclear “family”, but family comprises much more than mother, father, child.
    Finally, on a lighter note, the first and original bartender was Jesus. It makes sense if you think about it. He did turn water into wine at the wedding feast, when all of the wine ran out. Don’t you think they had a grand time at the celebration? Food and drink.

  60. jack says

    I am tired of hearing about the new Margaretville coming to Pigeon Forge. It will be here ,If you don’t like it don’t go. You should be more concerned about the Hard Rock Café coming to Pigeon Forge that was in Gatlinburg. Went there one time and could not here my wife it was so load., and the people that worked there had more crap hanging from there ears ,nose, lips you name it they had it. So tell me were do you want to take your kids ??? Margaretville has my vote.

  61. Barbara says

    So excited to get a Margaritaville close to Knoxville! Been to the one in Nashville, Las Vegas and Cabo San Lucas (my favorite)…GREAT food….GREAT atmosphere…..GREAT music……and GREAT margaritas!!!!

  62. Libby says

    I watched excitedly as Margaritaville Restaurant and Hotel were being built over the last year. Paula Deen’s new restaurant at The Island is exciting, too, especially since Harrah’s Casino jumped on the bandwagon and abruptly closed her restaurant in Cherokee. I hope these new attractions actually help the whole Gatlinburg-Pigeon Forge area. After experiencing Dollywood and The Island, folks can bring the kids over to Gatlinburg, truly a walking town. The trolley runs between the two towns all day and late into the night, and new parking lots are under construction. Gatlinburg has a little something for everyone. Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre is a fun and unique place for all ages, but especially adults. However, it’s clean enough for the kids and edgy enough for teens. The granddaddy eatery of them all (and there are a great many) is Bubba Gump’s in the heart of Gatlinburg. I wish all the new businesses at The Island the best of luck. I believe The Island will be an asset to the entire region!



  64. Diane Renfroe says

    Our 2nd time here…There for Opening and had less of a wait & lots more people being served inside & out.
    I was not satisfied with the wait, as there were countless tables open and we had over 2 1/2 hour wait.
    HOWEVER, ONCE IN…..We were seated with Stephen Shelly who was ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL…..WE FELT LIKE WE WERE BACK IN JAMAICA’S Margaritaville.
    We’ve done NOLA, KeyWest, Jamaica, Pensacola & Cancun (LEAST FAVORITE)…Key West & Pensacola have become TOO TOURIST TRAP…jAMAICA STILL HAS THE FEEL OF JIMMY & LULU ON THE COAST….Hopefully you will be able to do that here!!
    Stephen must have been to a bunch of your Margaritaville, he carried himself as ISLAND MAN…
    He knew the menu, was attentive, glasses never 1/2 empty; he eventually covered approx 5 other tables, we never felt neglected, nor seemed like anyone else was either. When asked, he offered suggestions and explanations of food and alcoholic beverages. — He could run your training..He’s.personable, knowldgable and POLITE! IF YOU HAVEN’T MET HIM …YOU SHOULD…WE WILL REQUEST HIM NEXT TIME IN.
    Also met Mika & Lila in gift shop, knew mdse and were very helpful
    Hostess Delia….needs a little Island Mojo!

  65. bobby hutchens says

    just ate supper tonite 12/26/2014 at the Jimmy Buffet restaurant in Pigon Forge,,meal was ok,but not worth 100 dollars for 2 and a baby.also never heard 1 Buffet song,very disappointed,love to hear him and you would think they would be playing at a few,we ask to hear a song,but never did,maybe will get better in time,and need to add some food to the menue..just my opinion,,bob

  66. Tammy Cull says

    We were just in Pigeon Forge yesterday. The Margaritaville restaurant is excellent – great food, fun, clean, service was awesome….BUT the second you walk out the door you are accosted by Time Share salespeople trying to get you to buy into the Wyndham Resorts. You say no, they keep talking. You walk away, they keep talking. I finally had to just get rude with the guy. Yes we could have made a whole $100 if we had gone and listened to their 1:20 schpiel about how great it is to belong to a Time Share – but it is my vacation and I’m not sitting for an 1:20 to do anything that I don’t truly want to do. So beware!! You WILL be approached!! Kinda put a sour twist on the great experience with the restaurant.

  67. Mary says

    Not much driving difference between Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge to attend Margaritaville. Greater concern for a family oriented place allowing liquor into the mix and creating another orientation where families have to be concerned for lives and health of thier children due to irrresponsible drinkers.

  68. Paul says

    Most drinkers drink responsibly. Yes, there are unfortunately a few that don’t, (and any serial offenders behind a wheel should be banned from driving for life) but one is always at risk from an irresponsible person (driving or not). More accidents are probably caused by people texting or on the phone whilst driving, so if you think you don’t have to be concerned if there’s no alcohol around you are living in a dream world. Phone and texting when driving is the thing to worry about. It’s happening all day long. I see people pulling into and backing out of store car parks all the time with one hand on the wheel and the other with a phone in it, and texting while driving. Far more widespread than drinking and driving. Then there’s people on drugs, illegal or otherwise while driving.

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