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Pigeon Forge has a reputation for offering some of the most exciting and innovative attractions in the country. If you love to experience wild attractions and leave with stories and memories that you’ll remember and share forever, then you have to check out the increasingly popular Outdoor Gravity Park! You may have heard of Zorb in Pigeon Forge before, but they have dramatically improved the zorb experience by lengthening the track, adding more tracks, and more! Even if you’ve experienced Zorb in Pigeon Forge years ago, you need to see the updated Outdoor Gravity Park…and we’ve got an Outdoor Gravity Park coupon to save you $3 on each ticket!

Outdoor Gravity Park Coupon for Pigeon Forge

Many people have asked for an Outdoor Gravity Park Coupon or a Pigeon Forge zorb coupon, and we’re pleased to offer a whopping $3 off on each ticket! Simply click the link below to be taken to our discount ticket page where you can purchase these Outdoor Gravity Park discount tickets.


What is the Outdoor Gravity Park?

pigeon forge outdoor gravity park discountImagine a huge, clear plastic ball taller than you…with a hole in it big enough to crawl into. Then you actually crawl into the ball…and roll down a hill! Seriously, it’s as crazy as it sounds…and more fun than you can imagine! The large balls are called OGO (some use to know them as zorb). During warmer months, they offer H2OGO where they add water inside the ball with you to create the craziest water ride you’ve ever ridden!

We can’t possibly explain how fun riding in an OGO at Outdoor Gravity Park in Pigeon Forge is, so check out the video below to get a better idea of the insane amount of unique fun it is!

Video of Outdoor Gravity Park

Check out the fun you can have at the Outdoor Gravity Park in Pigeon Forge, TN in the video below!

Outdoor Gravity Park featured on The Travel Channel!

travel channel at outdoor gravity parkOn the August 9, 2016 episode of Bert the Conqueror on The Travel Channel, the Outdoor Gravity Park was featured in a segment called “Running of the Balls”! This was a spoof of the famous “Running of the Bulls”, but instead of bulls, people were chased by large balls rolling downhill!

Here is a link to this special episode of Bert the Conqueror on The Travel Channel:

Outdoor Gravity Park

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