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dollywood splash country
Dollywood’s Splash Country water park in Pigeon Forge, TN opens for the 2024 season on May 11th and is scheduled to operate through September 15th! Below, we’ve got details on the best Splash Country rides, a video of the River Rush water coaster, the 2024 Splash Country calendar and operating schedule of hours and dates, tips on finding Splash Country coupons, and more!

List of Dollywood’s Splash Country Rides

Dollywood’s Splash Country rides offer some of the best water slides, pools, float trips, and play areas around! There are literally rides for just about every age and level of bravery from short, easy drops for little ones up to 70ft steep drops for the adrenaline junkies! You can get your heart racing at Fire Tower Falls and then slow it back down on the Downbound Float Trip. We’ve got details on all of the Dollywood Splash Country rides below.

Water Slides at Splash Country

  • tailspin racerTailSpin Racer – This $2 million dollar waterslide is 5 stories tall and longer than a football field. It features 6 slides where people can race to the bottom…starting with high-speed enclosed AquaTubes and then ending with a heart-pumping drop and splash at the end. This is sure to be one of the most exciting, and most competitive waterslides at Splash Country!
  • river rush water coaster splash countryRiverRush – One of the most popular rides at Splash Country is RiverRush, which is an exciting water coaster with multiple hills, drops, tunnels, and turns that brings the thrills of a roller coaster to a waterpark! It’s a favorite among visitors as it’s a unique type of water ride that is rarely found at other waterparks.
    (minimum height requirement = 42″)
  • splash country rides big bear plungeBig Bear Plunge – Big Bear Plunge is a great ride to do with family or friends…especially if there are younger or more timid riders since multiple people ride together in a raft as it twists through turns and tunnels before taking a plunge at the end.
    (minimum height requirement = 36″ Guests under 48 inches must be accompanied by an adult at least 16 years old.)
  • splash country rides fire tower fallsFire Tower Falls – If you like the biggest and fastest rides, then head to Fire Tower Falls for a 70ft tall slide that is literally breathtaking! Make sure your swimsuit is well-secured to avoid losing it or getting a wedgie as you speed down this screamer!
    (minimum height requirement = 48″)
  • splash country rides mountain screamMountain Scream – Mountain Scream offers a variety of slides with as you can choose among corkscrew tunnels for a wild ride in the dark or opt for a straight, quadruple-drop slide which provides a completely different, yet just-as-fun, experience! It’s one of those rides where you want to ride each water slide as they’re all different!
    (minimum height requirement = 48″)
  • dollywood water slides mountain twistMountain Twist – Mountain Twist consists of 3 slides where you carry a mat up with you and ride it down face-first. It’s got lots of twists and turns and is a fun one to race as it lets 3 people race at a time. Each slide is different so this is another one to ride multiple times for different experiences.
    (minimum height requirement = 36″)
  • dollywood water rides raging river rapidsRaging River Rapids – Similar to Big Bear Plunge, the Raging River Rapids is a great ride to do with family and friends (especially those that may be timid to ride) as it lets multiple people ride together in a raft down the drops, twists, and turns. Many children who aren’t sure about riding end up begging to ride again when they get to the bottom!
    (minimum height requirement = 36″ Guests under 48 inches must be accompanied by an adult at least 16 years old.)
  • splash country slides slick rock racerSlick Rock Racer – Slick Rock Racer is one of the fastest and most fun water slides for many people at Splash Country as you get to race a mat face-first down a triple-drop slide. The line moves fairly fast on this slide making it a great water slide to ride multiple times. When the lines are long at the other rides, this is fantastic option.
    (minimum height requirement = 42″)
  • splash country slides swift water runSwiftWater Run – Swift Water Run allows riders to ride in a single tube or in a double raft (for 2 people) as it sends you spinning through a corkscrew bowl before plunging down a chute into a pool below. Lines to ride can get long, so be sure to catch this one early in the day when you arrive!
    (minimum height requirement = 48″)
  • splash country slides the butterflyThe Butterfly – The Butterfly is sort of a mini Fire Tower Falls as it is a fairly steep drop, but not as steep, long, or fast. It’s a good water slide to try before deciding to ride Fire Tower Falls to give you an idea of what to expect. The lines aren’t usually long and move fast making this a good water slide to take when lines are longer elsewhere. This slide may seem small and easy, but the height requirement is exactly the same as Fire Tower Falls.
    (minimum height requirement = 48″)
  • splash country slides wild river fallsWild River Falls – Wild River Falls is another Splash Country water slide that allows you to ride in a single-rider tube or a two-person tube down the twists and turns. It’s a smooth ride and the two-person tube is great for parents and children to ride together. Children under 48 inches tall must ride with an adult 16 years or older.
    (minimum height requirement = 36″ Children under 48 inches tall must ride with an adult 16 years or older)

Pools and Play Areas at Splash Country

  • splash country bear mountain fire towerBear Mountain Fire Tower – Bear Mountain Fire Tower is a great play area for kids with numerous water features, small slides, and a massive bucket that dumps 1,000 gallons of water! There are numerous places to sit and layout around the play area making it easy to keep an eye on the children while getting some sun.
  • splash country lazy riverDownbound Float Trip – This is Splash Country’s version of a lazy river, which is a 1,500 foot “river” that you can lazily float along as it drifts throughout Splash Country around turns, under bridges, and along a cascading 200 foot waterfall that you can drift under to cool off or steer around! This is another great option if lines are long at all of the slides.
  • splash country little creek fallsLittle Creek Falls – Little Creek Falls is another fantastic area for children with a children’s pool, slides, and all sorts of activities in the water. There is a shaded area for adults to sit and keep an eye on the children as well making this a popular area for families…especially on the hottest days!
  • splash country wave poolMountain Waves – What water park would be complete without a wave pool? Mountain Waves is Splash Country’s wave pool featuring 25,000 square feet of water! There are numerous tubes and life jackets available around the wave pool making this a great place to cool off and then soak up the sun in the surrounding chairs. This is one of the few places where you can find chairs under cover, which is great for those rainy days when you need to keep clothes, shoes, etc as dry as possible.
  • splash country cascadesThe Cascades – This 8,000 square foot lagoon-style pool features waterfalls, slides, geysers, and more while surrounded by a 24,000ft deck space. The various slides, jets, bubblers, geysers, etc make it a great place for kids to explore and adults to hang out. It’s a popular play area and once you see it, you’ll know why!

Dollywood Splash Country Ride Height Requirements

Listed below are the Splash Country ride height requirements as provided by Dollywood Splash Country to show the minimum heights for each ride as well as any requirements for adults to ride with children if they are below a certain height on some of the slides and play areas.

  • TailSpin Racer – minimum height requirement = 42″
  • RiverRush – minimum height requirement = 42″
  • Big Bear Plunge – minimum height requirement = 36″ (Guests under 48 inches must be accompanied by an adult at least 16 years old.)
  • Fire Tower Falls – minimum height requirement = 48″
  • Mountain Scream – minimum height requirement = 48″
  • Mountain Twist – minimum height requirement = 36″
  • Raging River Rapids – minimum height requirement = 36″ (Guests under 48 inches must be accompanied by an adult at least 16 years old.)
  • Slick Rock Racer – minimum height requirement = 42″
  • SwiftWater Run – minimum height requirement = 48″
  • The Butterfly – minimum height requirement = 48″
  • Wild River Falls – minimum height requirement = 36″ (Children under 48 inches tall must ride with an adult 16 years or older)
  • Bear Mountain Fire Tower – minimum height requirement = none (Must be seven years old or supervised by someone age 16 or over.)
  • Downbound Float Trip – minimum height requirement = none (All Guests measuring less than 36 inches must wear a lifejacket and be accompanied by an adult 16 years or older.)
  • Little Creek Falls – minimum height requirement = none (Guests over 48 inches must be accompanied by a child less than 48 inches.)
  • Mountain Waves – minimum height requirement = none
  • The Cascades – minimum height requirement = none

2024 Splash Country Hours & Calendar of Open Dates

Below is the 2024 Splash Country schedule showing the hours and days that they are open throughout the summer. Keep in mind that the Splash Country hours can change (especially due to weather), so we recommend double-checking with their official Splash Country calendar at for any changes to their calendar of operating dates and hours.

splash country calendar 2024 with open days and hours

Dollywood’s Splash Country Map

Below is a link to the plash Country Map of rides and water slides that gives you an overview of where each ride is located within Dollywood Splash Country. You can click on the Splash Country map to see a larger version that can also be printed out for easy reference to plan out your visit and take with you. As new rides are added, we will keep this Splash Country map updated as well.

Interactive Map:

Download and Print Map:

Dollywood’s Splash Country Tickets and Season Passes

There are a variety of ways to purchase Splash Country tickets from one-day admissions, group packages, combo deals, season passes, and more. To see all of the ways to purchase Splash Country tickets and Splash Country season passes, visit the official Dollywood tickets page at the following link.

Click the link below to see the current prices for Dolly’s Splash Country tickets and season passes.

Splash Country Coupons and Discounts

There are so many ways to save money when you plan to visit Splash Country that we created a completely separate guide for Splash Country coupons and discounts. Be sure to check it out for numerous ways to save money on admission, parking, vacation packages, and more!

Final Tips about Dollywood’s Splash Country Water Park

Dollywood’s Splash Country is one of the most popular summer attractions in the Smokies. Because of this, it tends to be busiest on the weekends and then lightens up at the beginning of each week.

Splash Country does not allow guests to bring in food, but you can get your hand stamped to go out to your vehicle for lunch, snacks, etc and then go back into the park (just don’t forget to get your hand stamped when you walk out of the exit the first time).

Official Dollywood Splash Country website:

Directions to Dollywood’s Splash Country Water Park

Dollywood Splash Country

1198 McCarter Hollow Rd
Pigeon Forge, TN37862

Phone: 865-365-5996

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