Pirates Voyage Coupons and Discounts

pirates voyage coupons discounts
Pirates Voyage is the newest & most popular dinner show in Pigeon Forge with numerous shows selling out. Because of this, it is difficult to find coupons & discounts, but fortunately we have the best way to save money and get an extra perk, which we reveal in detail below! Ready to save money on Pigeon Forge pirate show tickets? Great! Here are the details.

How to Get Pirates Voyage Discount Tickets

First of all, if you purchase tickets directly through the Pirates Voyage website at https://piratesvoyage.com/pigeon-forge/ you will have to pay full price and some silly convenience fees, which in 2019 continue to baffle us as to why “convenience fees” exist when buying something online. Even worse than that, though, is that in their fine print they say that “All sales are final. There are no refunds or exchanges.” Crazy! So no discounts…and no refunds or exchanges on this pirate show. Shiver me timbers!

Perhaps they are taking the “pirate” thing a bit too literally, but we’ll show you how to swashbuckle your way around that to save money and be guaranteed a refund or exchange up to 2 days before your show…because life happens! And we’re not pirates.

To get the absolute best deal on Pirates Voyage Pigeon Forge tickets by avoiding fees, simply click here to purchase your tickets and get FREE order cancellation up to 2 days before your selected show date!

Check out the screenshots below to see a sample savings. We did a test booking for a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 children) for the exact same Pigeon Forge pirate show date & time. On the left is the price when booking the tickets directly through the Pirates Voyage website and on the right is the price when purchasing the tickets through our ticket provider. They are the same tickets for the same show with the same food. Ours are simply cheaper and have a refund guarantee!

As you can see, their Pirates Voyage tickets total $210.02 while our total comes to $196.12! Savings ahoy! Their “Taxes & Fees” for these 4 tickets are $33.86 while ours are just $22.16, giving a savings of over $11, and also do not charge the $2.20 “Order Processing” fee that they charge! So with the taxes and fees reduced to something fair & reasonable, a family of 4 saves $13.90! Don’t forget that this also includes the FREE cancellation up to 2 days before your show! Same exact show & food…for less money and a refund guarantee. It’s a no-brainer!

pirates voyage pigeon forge ticket prices

Pigeon Forge Pirate Show Coupons & More!

But wait! There’s more! When purchasing Pirates Voyage tickets through us, you also have the opportunity to add on tickets to Comedy Barn, Smoky Mountain Opry, or Magic Beyond Belief at a discounted rate! If you don’t need these tickets, no problem. Simply purchase the Pirates Voyage tickets and you’ll be good to go!

Pirates Voyage is just one of the many shows and attractions that we offer at a discounted rate. So to get the savings on taxes & fees, and get the fantastic FREE cancellation, click here to select your show date & this time!