The Island in Pigeon Forge

The Ferris wheel at The Island in Pigeon Forge.
The Island in Pigeon Forge TN is a large entertainment complex located in the heart of Pigeon Forge featuring shops, restaurants such as Margaritaville and Timberwood Grill, attractions such as The Great Smoky Mountain Wheel, a hotel, and more. Originally, it was being developed as Belle Island before those plans fell through and then the project switched directions to become The Island in Pigeon Forge. Below, we’ve listed everything we know about The Island in Pigeon Forge including the proposed restaurants, attractions, shops, and more. We’ll keep this guide updated as more info is revealed, so bookmark this page, share it on facebook, tweet it, pin it, and sign up for our email newsletter to get the latest details!

When Did The Island in Pigeon Forge Open?

The first phase of the Island in Pigeon Forge opened on June 21, 2013. Over the years, more restaurants, shops, and attractions have been added. If there are any more additions, we will let you know!

What Does it Cost to Visit The Island in Pigeon Forge?

There is no cost to get “on” The Island but there are individual tickets sold for the various attractions, such as the Great Smoky Mountain Wheel. There is free parking and a Pigeon Forge Trolley stop as well.

Restaurants at The Island in Pigeon Forge

The following restaurants and food vendors are available or planned to be at The Island Pigeon Forge. Restaurants may be added or even removed, so we’ll keep this guide updated as we get more confirmations regarding restaurants and food at the Pigeon Forge Island.

  • margaritaville pigeon forge tnJimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville – Margaritaville is a popular chain of restaurants that has locations in Panama City Beach, Key West, Myrtle Beach, Las Vegas, etc. It is popular for their “Cheeseburger in Paradise”, Caribbean food, and of course…the margaritas. Check out our guide for Margaritaville Pigeon Forge for more info.
  • paula deen pigeon forge restaurantPaula Deen’s Family Kitchen – Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen is a restaurant at The Island that features the delicious, southern cookin’ that has become Paula Deen’s trademark over the years. Click here to get more details about Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen in Pigeon Forge.
  • dicks last resort pigeon forge tnDick’s Last Resort – If you’ve ever been to a Dick’s Last Resort, you know what to expect from this unique place to eat…if not, you better have a broad sense of humor and like surprises! Dick’s Last Resort is a great place to eat and possibly be humiliated! Click here for more details.
  • mellow mushroom pigeon forgeMellow Mushroom – The Mellow Mushroom at The Island in Pigeon Forge is a smaller version of the popular chain restaurant. They’re calling it a “Quick Serve Mellow Mushroom” which has a menu with slightly fewer selections than their full restaurant, but still providing some of their most popular items.
  • dudes daiquirisDude’s Daiquiris – Attached to the Mellow Mushroom is Dude’s Daiquiris, which serves…well…daiquiris.
  • timberwood grill pigeon forge-tnTimberwood Grill – Timberwood Grill is a restaurant that has a mountain lodge decor with a unique menu of items such as Lumberjack Bison Chili, Loaded Potato Cracklins, Black Jack Wings dipped in Timberwood’s signature Bourbon Glaze, and more! Their menu has a lot of tasty items, but they are on the higher end of prices you’ll find in town.
  • cinnabon pigeon forge tnCinnabon – You are probably familiar with Cinnabon and the types of food they offer if you have visited any mall or airport. They are popular for their cinnamon rolls and frozen drinks, which is a nice addition to Pigeon Forge!
  • auntie annes pretzels pigeon forgeAuntie Anne’s Pretzels – Auntie Anne’s Pretzels is another popular chain of quick service food and is famous for their pretzels. This is the first Auntie Anne’s Pretzels in Pigeon Forge and Sevier County. If you love pretzels, then be sure to swing by Auntie Anne’s for a great snack in the middle of the day at The Island Pigeon Forge!
  • island yogurt pigeon forge tnIsland Yogurt – Island Yogurt at The Island provides the popular “self-serve” yogurt experience that has become popular over the past couple of years where you pick your yogurt, toppings, etc. It’s a great place to “chill out” on those hot summer days and is already getting lots of repeat customers and rave reviews!
  • fudgeryThe Fudgery – The Fudgery is the new fudge shop at The Island featuring all sorts of delicious treats.

Attractions at The Island in Pigeon Forge

  • great smoky mountain ferris wheelGreat Smoky Mountain Wheel – The biggest feature of The Island in Pigeon Forge is definitely the Great Smoky Mountain wheel which is a 200 foot tall ferris wheel in Pigeon Forge, making it one of the tallest attractions east of the Mississippi! It features 42 climate-controlled gondolas enclosed in glass, which can seat up to 8 people providing panoramic views of the Great Smoky Mountains. While most buildings in Pigeon Forge are no taller than 80ft, the 200ft high Great Smoky Mountain Wheel provides some of the best views available from Pigeon Forge. The giant sky wheel in Pigeon Forge is also be covered in LED lights to provide a 24,000 sqft light show that is visible throughout town! They also have VIP gondolas with 4 plush seats, a special glass floor (Whoa!), and the ride lasts twice as long. The Pigeon Forge ferris wheel has quickly become the most popular ride in town! Here’s the view from the top!
    pigeon forge ferris wheel
  • Island Fountain Show – They have a multi-million dollar water fountain show that takes place every 30 minutes that is similar to the fountains at Bellagio in Las Vegas coordinated with music. There are close to 100 nozzles shooting water up to 60ft high in the air and dancing around. There are 14 different pieces of music that the water shows are choreographed to and shows begin at 10am and run every 30 minutes. At night the fountains are lit up for a spectacular nighttime water show, which we highly recommend seeing! They have rocking adirondack chairs surrounding the fountain and it’s a great, free thing to do in Pigeon Forge for people of all ages.
  • Arcade City – Arcade City features all sorts of games, including ones where you can win tickets and exchange them for prizes. It is a great, air-conditioned place to take the kids to get a break from the heat and have some fun.
  • flying horse carouselThe Flying Horse Carousel – This is said to be the same carousel that was in the former Flying Horse Grill, which became Mellow Mushroom near Bullfish Grill. It’s a custom, Itlalian-made carousel with 17 classic horses, 2 rocking horses, a rocking chariot and a spinning teacup. It’s a classic attraction that will stir memories of parents & grandparents while giving new ones to children!
  • euro bungy dome pigeon forge tnThunderDome – The ThunderDome is a large dome that covers various bungees and trampolines for people to jump on. It should be a lot of fun for people of all ages…just don’t go to Dude’s Daiquiris before jumping up and down in the ThunderDome!

Shops at The Island in Pigeon Forge

There are numerous retail shops on The Island Pigeon Forge. As we get confirmations of other stores, we will update this guide with the names and descriptions of each retail shop as there are planned to be many more.

  • tervis pigeon forgeTervis – The popular Tervis tumbler store is now open at The Island in Pigeon Forge offering their fantastic cups and mugs in a variety of styles and sizes. If you have never seen one, you should check them out as they are fantastic for hot OR cold drinks and great for picnics in the Smokies!
  • Great Smoky Mountain Wheel Gift ShopThe Great Smoky Mountain Wheel Gift Shop – Provides a variety of souvenirs and goods to purchase on The Island in Pigeon Forge.
  • island trading postThe Island Trading Post – We have little information as to what will be offered at The Island Trading Post, but we will update this guide as we get more details on this new store.
  • miners gemsMiner’s Gems – The Island in Pigeon Forge has a jewelry shop called Miner’s Gems, which offers fine jewelry and exotic gems.

Hotel at The Island in Pigeon Forge

margaritaville hotelMargaritaville Island Hotel is a 4 star hotel featuring 132 rooms and a rooftop pool. The Margaritaville Hotel in Pigeon Forge, TN is one of the few Margaritaville hotels in the world! See our Margaritaville Hotel Pigeon Forge guide for more details and updates.


Map of The Island in Pigeon Forge

the island pigeon forge mapYou can see the latest map of The Island in Pigeon Forge by clicking the image to the right. It illustrates what The Island looks like from above with the giant ferris wheel, water show (similar to Bellagio’s water show in Las Vegas), restaurants, shops, hotel, and more.

The Island in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee is located at 250 Island Dr, Pigeon Forge, TN, 37868 which is located between James Manor and The Comedy Barn on the Parkway in Pigeon Forge. Below is a Google Map showing the exact location of The Island at Pigeon Forge.

View Larger Map

More Info about The Island in Pigeon Forge Tennessee

The official website for The Island in Pigeon Forge can be found at which has all kinds of information, from special events to more information on shops and attractions. They also have a facebook page where they provide updates of their events, photos, and other info about The Island in Pigeon Forge, TN.

Final Thoughts about the Pigeon Forge Island

The Island in Pigeon Forge is the second largest entertainment complex in Pigeon Forge with Dollywood being the largest. The mixture of shops, attractions, restaurants, etc makes The Island an enjoyable part of any visit to Pigeon Forge. Be sure to visit The Island while you’re in Pigeon Forge!

The Island in Pigeon Forge, TN

131 The Island Dr
Pigeon Forge, TN37863

Phone: 865-286-0119