Pigeon Forge Car Show Schedule

Pigeon Forge Car Shows
Pigeon Forge car shows are among the most popular events in the Smoky Mountains drawing in visitors from all over the world to see incredible hot rods, trucks, classic cars, and other vehicles. The number of cars and people is simply mind-boggling and it’s definitely something to experience…especially if you love cars! The car shows in Pigeon Forge are among the largest in the United States each year with the biggest being the Spring Rod Run, Shades of the Past, and the Fall Rod Run. There are many more car shows, truck shows, bike rallies, etc in Pigeon Forge but those three are the major car shows. Below, we break down various tips and info for attending a car show in Pigeon Forge and also provide a full 2023 Pigeon Forge car show schedule to help you figure out the best time to visit Pigeon Forge, TN!

2023 Pigeon Forge Car Show Schedule

Below you will find the list of every “official” car show and rod run in Pigeon Forge for 2023. We say “official” because we only list the ones that we can verify and provide contact information for whether it is a phone number or website. Dates, locations, and even cancellations can change at any moment so be sure to check with the official website/contact before making plans to attend any Pigeon Forge car show or rod run.

Car Shows in March 2023

Mar 24-25
Chevelles in the Smokies
Description: See some of the finest Chevelles in the entire country at this popular car show in the Smokies!
Location: LeConte Center

Mar 24-25
Corvette Expo
Description: Corvette Expo Established in 1977 is presented by Cooper Events, LLC and held each March at the LeConte Center in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.
Location: LeConte Center
More info: https://corvetteexpo.com/

Car Shows in April 2023

Apr 13-15

Pigeon Forge Spring Rod Run
Description: The Pigeon Forge Spring Rod Run is one of the biggest car shows in the country featuring thousands of classic cars and trucks.
Location: LeConte Center Pigeon Forge
Phone: 865-687-3976

Car Shows in May 2023

May 18-20
Grand National F-100 Show
Location: LeConte Center
Website: https://gnf100show.com/

Car Shows in June 2023

Jun 2-4
Pontiacs in Pigeon Forge Classic Car Show
Location: LeConte Center
Website: http://www.pontiacsinpigeonforge.com/

Car Shows in August 2023

August 24-26
Great Smoky Mountain Jeep Invasion
Description: Open to ALL Jeep enthusiasts and Jeep Clubs throughout the nation, the Smoky Mountain Jeep Invasion is an Expo for all leading Jeep parts and their accessory vendors, including a Jeep Show where several trophies are awarded.
Location: LeConte Center
Click for more info

Car Shows in September 2023

September 14-16

Pigeon Forge Fall Rod Run
Description: The Pigeon Forge Fall Rod Run is one of the biggest car shows in the country featuring thousands of classic cars and trucks.
Location: LeConte Center Pigeon Forge
Phone: 865-687-3976

Pigeon Forge Car Show Traffic

We won’t sugarcoat this…Pigeon Forge car shows bring lots of cars…therefore lots of traffic. Lots of traffic. Locals often refer to it as “gridlock” and visitors who roll into town not knowing a car show was going on end up leaving and saying they will never be back. Simply put, make sure you know the dates of Pigeon Forge car shows! We even provide “traffic alerts” on our Pigeon Forge Calendar of Events to help people plan their visit accordingly. Pigeon Forge rod runs and car shows can be a ton of fun if you just know what to expect and come prepared.


During car shows and rod runs in Pigeon Forge, it’s common to see fold-up chairs lined up and down the parkway with people packed shoulder-to-shoulder with coolers, cameras, and friends. While there are official “locations” of the actual “car shows” (where they judge, award prizes, set up vendors, etc) the majority of visitors just sit on the sidewalks, parking lots, and hotel balconies as all of the action takes place up and down the parkway. Numerous cars park in spots lining the parkway making it easy to walk up and down the sidewalks checking out all of the rides and speaking to their owners. Just remember what your mom use to say when you were a child going into a fancy store…look but don’t touch!

Pigeon Forge Car Show Video

Here is a video that a visitor posted to Youtube of the Spring Rod Run to give you an idea of the cars, people, sidewalks, parking lots, and everything else to expect if you were driving through Pigeon Forge during a car show.

Final Thoughts about Car Shows in Pigeon Forge

If you know of any other car shows or rod runs in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee that we may have missed then please let us know using the comments section below! Also, let us know if you hear about changes or cancellations in any of the above-mentioned car shows.

If you plan on visiting Pigeon Forge during a car show, then be sure to check out our ultimate guide of Pigeon Forge coupons and discount tickets to save some money during your visit!