Timberwood Grill Pigeon Forge TN Reviews and Menu

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timberwood grill pigeon forge tnTimberwood Grill is a brand new restaurant in Pigeon Forge, TN located at The Island in Pigeon Forge, which opened June 2013. Timberwood Grill Pigeon Forge has jumped off to buzz-worthy start with numerous customers raving about their food, drinks, menu, and atmosphere. This mountain lodge themed restaurant provides an extremely unique dining experience in Pigeon Forge featuring chandeliers made of antlers, beer taps that come out of logs, and all sorts of nifty mountain touches!

timberwood grill pigeon forgeTimberwood Grill stands out on The Island in Pigeon Forge with its rock and wood decor right next to the 200ft Great Smoky Mountain Wheel. The opening day saw people lined up out the door and wrapping around the building! Once you see the Timberwood Grill menu items below, you’ll quickly understand why!

Timberwood Grill Pigeon Forge Menu

timberwood grill pigeon forge menuThe Timberwood Grill menu is full of all sorts of unique appetizers, salads, entrees, desserts, and mixed drinks. Even the names are unique with appetizers called Rockytop Pork Nachos, Deep Mine Cheddar Pop’ems, Corn Dodgers, Timber Spears and more! They have 6 different salads, ten delicious burgers, 11 sandwiches and tacos, and loads of entrees including Gunpowder Ribeye, Twin Forks Honey-Glazed Fried Chicken, Double-Barrel Bourbon Chicken, Blackjack Salmon, and so much more! They have plenty of steak, chicken, ribs, seafood, etc which provides something for everyone of any taste! Check out the full Timberwood Grill menu to see the descriptions and prices of everything they have to offer!
Click here to see the Timberwood Grill menu.

pecan crusted chicken saladJust to give you an idea of what some of these tasty menu items look like, check out this picture of Timberwood Grill’s Pecan Crusted Chicken Salad! They describe it as “The best salad you can get from our crumb boss! Pecan-crusted chicken served atop a bed of shredded Romaine, dried cranberries, crisp celery and caramelized pecans tossed in our housemade balsamic vinaigrette dressing for 10.49.” This has been an extremely popular salad since they have opened and it’s easy to see why!

timberwood grill meatloafNext, check out Timberwood’s Peyco Pete’s Grilled Meatloaf which they describe as “A hearty protion of our homestyle meatloaf next to mashed taters & gravy topped with fried onions. Served with freshly steamed broccoli for 10.99.” Again, the variety of delicious items on the Timberwood Grill Pigeon Forge menu is incredible and has resulted in loads of customers raving about this fantastic new restaurant in Pigeon Forge!

Timberwood Grill Pigeon Forge Reviews

Since the day that Timberwood opened, we’ve heard from visitors as well as locals that just about every meal has been delicious and provides numerous new dishes that you won’t find anywhere else in Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg! We’re actually working on squeezing Timberwood Grill into our list of best restaurants in Pigeon Forge! As we evaluate more menu items, servers, and overall experience along with gathering more Timberwood Grill reviews we will post a full review and announce their placement in the list of best Pigeon Forge restaurants. We can easily say, though, that Timberwood Grill should definitely be on list of restaurants to eat at during your next trip to Pigeon Forge!

Timberwood Grill Coupons and Discounts

If you are looking for discounts or coupons for Timberwood Grill in Pigeon Forge, TN then a great place to find them is at many hotels, motels, and other lodging options in Pigeon Forge. Many of them have a coupon for $5 off a $25 or more purchase at Timberwood Grill. The coupon is also good at their affiliated restaurants of Bullfish Grill, Mellow Mushroom, Carino’s Italian, and Blue Moose. Below is a photo of the Timberwood Grill Pigeon Forge coupon that is available around town.
timberwood grill coupon

Final Thoughts

If you have eaten at Timberwood Grill at The Island in Pigeon Forge, TN we would love for you to share your review with others in the comment area below! Also, if you are looking for some Timberwood Grill Pigeon Forge coupons, then be sure to sign up for our free newsletter at the bottom of this page to be notified when discounts or coupons for Timberwood Grill become available.


  1. Lottie Mowen says

    sure wish they could get the web-cam back to working for the pigeon forge area love to see that area that we’ve loved to visit for almost 50 years now.. sure do miss it

  2. Michael Spano says

    Found their food to be typical tourist joint fare at premium restaurant prices. How can you serve all that stuff full of jalapenos and other peppers and avocados and call it mountain food. My family never ate any of this stuff

  3. Fred says

    We ate at the Timberwood Grill on July 5 2013.It was wonderful,I had the ribs & shrimp both were huge portions,couldnt eat it all,had leftovers for lunch the next day,wife had meatloaf and same deal.for what you pay you can get two meals out of the food,so I would say the price is reasonable,will be on my list of places to eat everytime I go to Pigeon Forge at least twicw a year.
    Everyone needs to eat hear and give them a great review so they will do well.

  4. Larry Payte says

    We ate here for the first time tonight and the food was great!! I had the 12 oz ribeye with blue cheese butter and it was fantastic!! Quite a lot to choose from on the menu too…

  5. Terah Webster says

    We stopped in at the Timberwood Grill, Monday, August 12; ordered a couple of appetizers, one being the Corn Dodgers! They are incredibly delishous, so much so that we placed another order.
    Would so love to know how these are made. Great atmosphere, had a great waitress and the food was great! We will definitely add Timberwood Grill to our “favoriite” places to eat and eat here when in the area.

  6. j cagle says

    we ate there last week the food was ok they seasoned it with too much black pepper that i cant eat wish they would leave off some of that pepper seasoning otherwise it was good …my husband had ribs and he said they were really good ….

  7. Shannon Miller says

    My family came down tax free weekend, in Aug. after eating there Friday night we came back sat. Night after we left Dollywood. My husband ate the fish tacos both nights, I had the barbq burger then the jalapeƱo burger, my teenage daughter had the chicken tenders. I normally don’t eat burgers at sit down restaurants but these burgers were awesome. We loved it! We are fortunate enough to live within a couple hours and cannot wait to get back there to eat. Our favorite place to eat by far.

  8. I. Grant says

    My wife and I ate at the restaurant on 11/7/2013. The service was very slow (almost 1 hour) and our waitress did not come by to refill our drinks once. It did not appear to be a busy night at all and most of the diners appeared to have been already served. The kitchen overcooked my burger (it tasted like charcoal) and when they recooked the burger instead of re-doing my whole order they gave me back my same plate with cold fries 45 minutes later, and the burger was placed on the same bun with the same toppings as before. On the plus side the appetizer we ordered was very good. I would not recommend this restaurant.

  9. Linda says

    I brought my daughter and granddaughter there last week for dinner , the food was good , a little high but my worse complaint is our waiter. When he brought our ticket he stayed at our table way to long and gave a sad story on how he need money and had to go to church for help for help to have somewhere to sleep . We felt very uncomfortable . Very bad service but felt intimated to give good tip. He kept standing at our table. Very bad way for a place to alow this to happen

  10. Ben says

    Our family ate at Timberwood Grill last evening. The mushroom appetizers were awesome.. My ribeye was one of the best I’ve ever had. The blue cheese butter melting on top of the steak was to die for. For sides I had the corn medley and the baked bourbon beans all was delicious. We will be back !!!!!

  11. Bonnie browning says

    On sept 13 2014 we ate there the waiter took order 830 all we had was house salad baked pot meatloaf dinner it took 1hr for food when brought back the meatloaf plate was dirty gave us a nasty dirty plate baked pot was hard in middle the guy that help bring food out was rude he make comments then we ask for manager she wasn’t any better she didn’t even make any thing good she left never came back.e come to rod. Run car show every fall we went back to hotel told all our friends about the food there there not going to eat there .its sad when manager won’t even come around but once now the waiter was good it’s not his fault the other guy was a jerk .

  12. Judi Handorf says

    9-13-14 . Have to say I agree with Mrs Browning since we were in the same party. Food took way to long to get to the table, the plate was dirty, food was under cooked, the server was rude, the manager wasn’t interested in our concernes, the waiter seemed to be the only person to apologize for service, but no other steps were taken. Oh, we were given a clean plate, so the person got to eat their food after everyone else had finished.. Nice going Timberwood…….Nice. Ate there once,…… Nuff said!

  13. Gary says

    My wife & I also ate there on the 20th of Nov. 2014
    I had the Black Jack Ribs way over cooked no seasoning at all the signature bourbon sauce was very light on flavor.. {Cooked on What Grill!!} They were so over done the bone’s were gray in color.. Yuck ..Come on people learn how to Grill rib’s it’s not rocket science!! Done in 4 to 5 hours not 10.. :( The wife had Chicken pot pie, it wasn’t the greatest either as a mater of fact it didn’t even look real appetizing.. Though the wait staff was good the service was good, Though they were not bussy at the time of our visit, Not a good first impression for me…To bad……..looked to be a great place to eat..

  14. Kimberly Meadows says

    My family & myself ate on 3/21/15 and the service was horrible & the waiter wasn’t the friendliest. We waited for over an hour for our food to be served. With small children that was very hungry. We had waited for an hour before being seated inside. We had heard great reviews so was excited to try the food, unfortunately it was a disappointment. After waiting over an hour for our food you would expect the food the be hot & ready to enjoy.. Then my daughters both got salads which should of been cold but was warm & nasty not to mention while pouring the salad dressing on they was a black hair that was in it. Very gross but the waiter said oh sorry like no big deal. So my daughter got grossed out along with the rest of us. The waiter brought another cup of ranch dressing but still was gross just thinking about it. So we all just didn’t want to eat our food which was around $68 a total waste. So we paid even though we was very disappointed in the whole experience. So to sum it up I wanted my receipt to leave a review but the waiter said I threw it away so I wanted to talk to the manager to tell him about the receipt to get a copy & he finally got a copy but noticed after we got back to our room that the trans number wasn’t on it that was needed. But I will not recommend this place at all the manager didn’t even care about the bad service & the hair in our food. Very bad management.

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