Terms & Conditions Page for Timber Tops

This cabin rental is provided by Timber Tops Rental, which has the following terms & conditions

AGE REQUIREMENT: You must be 21 years old to rent a cabin, chalet, or condo and 25 years or older to rent a four bedroom or larger cabin.

Making A Reservation: All reservations require a deposit by credit/debit card. First nights rent plus tax is required at time of booking with the remaining balance due 14 days prior to your arrival on 1-4 bedrooms and 30 days prior to arrival on 5+ bedrooms. The card on file will be automatically charged the balance on that date. Reservations cannot be held without payment. Once payment is received, we will email a confirmation/rental agreement verifying the dates of your stay, the number of people in your party and your remaining balance.

CHECK-IN: Check-in begins at 4pm. We will make every effort to see that your cabin is ready however during busy periods it is possible to have some delays. Check-out is at 10 am. Our office hours: 9am-7pm EST Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm Saturday and 10am-6pm EST on Sunday. We encourage you to arrive before the office closes in order to review a map to your cabin, chalet or condo with a member of our staff. Moreover, it will be easier for you to navigate unfamiliar roads for the first time during the day. A valid driver’s license is required upon arrival. Also, we must have a signed confirmation on file before we can grant access to any of the units. Please call us prior to your arrival date if you plan to arrive after the office has closed and we will give you the late check-in procedures. Your balance must be paid in full & we must have your signed confirmation letter. Guests assume all responsibility for finding the units after 8pm; refunds or discounts will not be given for failure to do so. If you make arrangements for a late arrival and decide to come earlier, please notify us of your change in plans so that we can have your cabin or chalet ready for you.

PAYMENT: No personal checks are accepted at check-in. We accept Visa, MasterCard, & Discover. We cannot grant access to the units unless balances are paid in full.

Pursuant to the provisions of the Tennessee Code Annotated, Title 47, Chapter 18 and Title 62, Chapter 13, Section 62- 13-104(b)(3), Subdivision (D)(i), Timber Tops discloses the following as policy:

“All advance rent deposits, damage fees, taxes, and balance of rent due are deposited into a bank rental operating account. These deposits are considered earned income to Timber Tops upon receipt and may be used immediately. Any refunds are disbursed from the general fund of Timber Tops and are on a case by case basis.”

CANCELLATION: We have a 60-day cancellation policy. There are NO REFUNDS on cancellations within 60 days of your arrival date. If you cancel prior to 60 days, your deposit, less a $75 cancellation fee plus tax will be refunded. There are NO REFUNDS FOR EARLY DEPARTURES. If you have ANY concerns regarding cancellations or early departures for any reason, we strongly encourage you to purchase travel insurance to protect against an event or an act of nature where you would need to cancel. Cancellations without a signed confirmation cannot be processed.

***********ROAD CONDITIONS: Mountain roads can be tough at times. We do not guarantee any road surface conditions. Most roads are well maintained but can be winding, steep, and bumpy. Some units may have gravel drives or roads and it is very common to have some washed out areas, especially after rain or snow. Passenger vans, motorcycles, and trailers may not be able to access every home. Winter road conditions and maintenance are not guaranteed. You are responsible for transportation. We cannot provide any transportation for guests. Please remember you will be staying in the mountains. Weather conditions can be very unpredictable, and it is your responsibility to come fully prepared. We do not refund due to road conditions so we strongly recommend that you purchase the travel insurance.***********

SMOKING: Our cabins are all NON SMOKING. A minimum of $100.00 will be charged for additional cleaning and fumigation in the event that evidence of smoking is found in a property.

HOUSEKEEPING: Our Housekeeping Department’s goal is to provide you with the cleanest accommodations and we will do everything to make sure your rental is ready for your stay. Please call our office immediately if the cabin is not cleaned to your satisfaction upon check-in. Our housekeeping department will correct the problem in a timely and professional manner. We cannot be held accountable for problems we are not aware of. Problems will not be addressed at check-out or after departure.

MAINTENANCE ISSUES: If a maintenance problem occurs during your stay or if you have questions when you arrive at your cabin or chalet, notify the office immediately. Every attempt will be made to resolve the problem. No refunds or discounts will be given. Likewise, refunds or discounts will not be given for problems beyond our control such as public utilities, satellite signals, cable service, hot tubs, septic tanks, well water, appliances or heating & air conditioning, and due to acts of God. Timber Tops nor the owners of the individual homes contracted with shall be held responsible for accident, injury or for stolen or damaged items while you are staying with our company. However, if you or anyone in your party damages or removes property from the premises, you will be held responsible. Your signature on this form gives us permission to charge your credit card a minimum of $100 for such damage. If the repair or replacement costs exceed $100, you will be held responsible for the higher amount.

LOST & FOUND: We will not be held responsible for articles left behind upon your departure. If you leave something behind, please call our office and we will try to find it. Items will be returned by C.O.D.Property unclaimed for more than 14 days will be disposed of or given to charity.

HOT TUBS: Hot tubs are drained, cleaned, serviced and sanitized prior to each reservation. There are certain health risks associated with using the hot tub. Pregnant women, guests with certain medical conditions, heart conditions, high blood pressure, diabetes and children should not use the hot tub. Please shower prior to getting into the hot tub, as bacteria on your body can transfer into the hot tub. There are certain risks associated with the use of hot tubs and it is up to the registered guest to notify his or her party of these risks. Also, some body lotions, perfumes, etc. mixed with the chemicals could cause a rash. Do not wear jewelry in the hot tub. Do wear a bathing suit. Please shower after getting out of the hot tub. Use of bubble bath, shampoos and bath oil in the outdoor hot tubs is strictly prohibited. Please do not sit or stand on the hot tub cover. They are made of foam and will break. You will be charged a minimum of $300 for any damage to the cover. Upon departure, if any foreign items such as, but not limited to, food, alcohol, beer cans, bath products, etc. are found in the hot tub, you will be charged a minimum $100.00 cleaning fee. We do not refund for malfunctioning hot tubs. We cannot be responsible for the opening and closing of subdivision pools and amenities. These dates are made by the individual subdivision.

PETS: If your cabin DOES NOT allow pets, there will be no exceptions. Any guest found with a pet will be evicted immediately and NO REFUND given. If we find evidence after the fact that you had a pet with you, your credit card will be charged a minimum of $250.00. If you did not use a credit card to pay for your stay, your signature on this form indicates your agreement to accept financial responsibility for all charges. “Evidence” is defined as but not limited to pet hair, carpet stains and other damages to carpet, furniture and wood work which indicates the presence of an animal. If your cabin DOES allow pets, Timber Tops Cabin Rentals MUST be notified PRIOR to check-in that a pet will be in the cabin. The pet fee is non-refundable fee of 50.00. This is NOT a damage deposit. Having a pet friendly cabin is a rarity, so please abide by the rules. We ask that all of our guests be considerate of the next guest that will be enjoying the cabin after you. Please make sure that grooming and parasite treatment are done prior to your stay.

Please do NOT leave your pet at the home alone unless it is kept in a kennel. Upon your departure, if we find evidence that the cabin has fleas or there is damage from your pet, you will be charged for all repairs. In addition, if a guest has a dog that has long hair or sheds excessively, a minimum $100.00 fee will be charged. The City of Gatlinburg does have a leash law.

INSECTS: Each property is treated by a licensed pest control company on a regular basis. It is not uncommon to find bees, lady bugs, spiders, and other insects in and around the cabins, as they seek the warmth inside. Please understand you are in the mountains, and you may occasionally have “uninvited guests”. Refunds will not be given for visits from these “uninvited guests”.

OCCUPANCY: Your reservation covers the number of people indicated at the top of this agreement. There will be a $50 charge per person, per night for breach of this contract. No parties, no exceptions. You must be 21 years old to rent a cabin or chalet and 25 or older to rent a four bedroom or larger cabin.

WHAT TO BRING: We will provide towels and bed linens, a starter set of toilet paper, dishwasher detergent, paper towels, garbage bags and bar soap. Our fully equipped kitchens include basic appliances and basic pots and pans. Items you need to bring include but are not limited to your toiletries, hair dryer, bottled water, cooking spices, coffee filters, extra blankets, laundry detergent and a flashlight. Not all cabins include washers and dryers or irons and ironing boards. If your cabin contains these items, they will be noted on the website. Sofa Sleepers are intended for children, not adults. No refunds or discounts will be given due to sofa sleepers. A minimum $100 fee applies for units and hot tubs that require excessive cleaning, as will dishes that are left unwashed upon final departure.

FIREPLACE: Fireplaces are closed from April 1st through September 30th. You will be charged an excessive cleaning fee if you use it during that time. Please do not touch the logs in gas fireplaces as you will be held responsible for the cost of resetting them. Do not burn anything in a gas fireplace as you will subject to the $100 excessive cleaning fee and the cost of repairs. We want you to enjoy your vacation, but please respect the fact that you are staying in someone else’s home. Firewood, Kindling, and starter logs are not provided. DO NOT DISPOSE OF HOT ASHES IN THE TRASH OR ANYWHERE ON THE GROUND. Please do not leave the property with a fire still burning or with hot embers in the fire place. Doing so is an extreme fire hazard.

DISCLAIMER: Timber Tops Cabin Rentals and our property owners make every effort to ensure that all descriptions and representations from our staff, in our brochure, and on our internet site are accurate. However, we are not responsible for printing errors or changes made by owners in the furnishings or amenities. Prices, amenities, specials, seasons, and/or minimums are subject to change with or without notice.

DEPARTURES: All good things must come to an end! Check-out is at 10AM, NO EXCEPTIONS, unless a Late Check-out has been scheduled. You will be charged $50.00 if you are not out of the property at 10AM. Before you leave, please read and follow the check-out procedures given to you at check-in, if these procedures are not followed you will be charged. It is very important to ensure all doors and windows to the home are locked.


Don’t forget to make reservations for next year, and have a safe trip home! Timber Tops is a privately owned & managed company. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. If you have any questions or concerns about this agreement, contact our office immediately.